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Publication numberUS196979 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1877
Filing dateOct 12, 1877
Publication numberUS 196979 A, US 196979A, US-A-196979, US196979 A, US196979A
InventorsEgbert H. Kline
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Improvement in medicated ring-pessaries
US 196979 A
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' R. H. KLINE. Medicated Ring Pessary.

No. 196,979. Patented Nov. 13,1877.


'- pressing natural discharges.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 196,979, dated November 13, 1877; application filed October 12, 1877.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ROBERT E. KLINE, M.

i 1)., of the city of Philadelphia, in the State of 7 Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Medicated Ring Pessaries, which improvement is fully set forth in the following specification and" accompanying drawpessaries generally employed for such purposes.

It consists of a bag or sack made of linen, muslin, woolen, or other textile fabric, and filled with a medicinal compound, so as to form a compact but pliable ring, capable of supporting a falling womb and imparting strength and tone to the vaginal walls without sup- Ihe medicated ingredients with which said pessary is filled are so arranged as to supply the space lost by waste in their gradual absorption, thus keeping the original shape and compactness of the sachet fora considerable period.

In order to enable others skilled in the art to which my invention appertains to make and use the same, I will now proceed to describe lliS construction and operation, referring to the accompanying drawings.

Take o f mushn or linen a piece or pieces of proper dimensions, from which cut out, in circular or ring form, the two sides of a ringshaped pessary, or small bag, and fasten the edges together firmly by sewing, in such manner thatthe seams will be inside'the pessary, when filled, so as to leave no rough edges to plaguethe patient.

A plan view of my pessary so constructed is shown by Fig. 1, of which A A represent the circular pessary, and B a tape attachment thereto, which is securely fastened at one edge thereof, for the moreea-sy withdrawing of the pactness of the pessary in its hold upon thewalls of the vagina and its support of the uterus. A transverse horizontal section of my pessary, thus filled, is shown in Fig. 2, in which A is the pessary, and O O the contents, or

medicated compound filling the same.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of my pessary when filled and ready for use.

The advantages of my medicated pessary over the pessaries now generally used for the purpose it is intended to be applied to, are compressibility, which renders it much easier of introduction into the vagina, and less liable to exert undue pressure upon the neck of the bladder or upon the bowels; pliability, rendering itsadaptation to the parts more secure, while it avoids the irritation, pain, and, not unfrequently, inflammation, caused by the application of hard andjunyieldin g pessaries; medicinal action, caused by the outgiving of the medicinal virtues of the contents of the strength, and energy to debilitated parts noninterference with menstrual and other discharges, and greater ease of management, because of its general construction and tape attachment.

I am aware that medicated before been used by the medical profession; but, so far as I am aware, only as a temporary expedient, in the nature of a poultice, to allay irritation and act astringently upon the vagina after operations or the use of pessaries; but never, so far as I am aware, in form and substance like, or for the same objeet as, that I have hereinbefore described.

Made by female patients or their nurses, 1mder the physicians direction, these pessarie's,

without specific form, have only been capable of use during periods of repose, when they rrrcn.

pessary by f gradual dissolution, thereby imparting health,

pessaries have have been applied to heal the damage doneby A, ring-pessa1-y,. -made. of fibrous..material, other appliances, but have never been used, as filled with medically saturated sponge= and my invention is intended to be, as a substitute other medicaments, substantially as set forth for the pessary, as both a surgical and mediand described.

cal instrument. ROBERT H. KLINE.

Having thus described my invention, what Witnesses: I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters JOHN QUINCY HUNSIOKER,

- Patent, isv HENRY K. BOYER.

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