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Publication numberUS1970013 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1934
Filing dateNov 27, 1933
Priority dateNov 27, 1933
Publication numberUS 1970013 A, US 1970013A, US-A-1970013, US1970013 A, US1970013A
InventorsMahmourian Helen P
Original AssigneeMahmourian Helen P
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Appliance for facial treatment
US 1970013 A
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1934- H. P. MAHMOURIAN 1,970,013

APPLIANCE FOR FACIAL TREATMENT Filed NOV. 27, 1933 I" I i la E95 unnnn. I

s IIIIIIIIII I HELEN P. MAHMOUR/AN INVENTOR ATTORNEY Patented Aug. 14, 19345 earner orrica 2 Claims.

My invention relates to appliances for facial treatment and has particular reference to appliances for treating the face or other parts of the human body with a spray of water or other liquid.

The object of my invention is to provide a device of the character above indicated, which can be used for directing a spray of a lit; under pressure at the desired place.

Another object of my invention is to localize the spray to a particular area to which my device is applied and to prevent t liquid from reaching other places on the body.

Still another object of my invention is to provide means for introducing lotions or oti er coinipositions into the water spray.

I also provide means for regulating the temperature of the liquid used for the treatment, and for measuring its temperature.

According to my observations, a spray of wa- 20. lter, when directed on the face or its portion, has

a decided stirnulatin action, causing more vigorous blood circulation in the area under treatment. The eifect of the spray can be modulated by varying the temperature of water and its pressure. The increased blood circulation renders the skin healthier, more smooth and pliable, clearing the pores and improving the complexion.

My invention is more fully described in the accompanying specification and drawing in which- Fig. 1 is a sectional elevation of my device as applied to the lower portion of the human face, Fig. 2 is a top view of the same, Fig. 3 is an end view of the same, Fig. 4 is a top view of the thermometer well, and Fig. 5 is a pipe cap.

My spraying device consists of a box 1 open at the front end and tapering at the rear with a tubular extension 2. The end of the extension is threaded and screwed into a nipple 3 in the wall of a closed reservoir or well 4 into which a thermometer 5 is fitted. Another nipple 6 is fitted into the end of a rubber hose 7 connected with a T 8 with rubber connecting tubes 9. The latter are fitted to the ends of valves 10 for hot and cold water supply system. A perforated diaphragm l1 is placed in the rear of the box 1. The perforations are tapering toward the front in the shape of nozzles in order to form sharply defined sprays. A drain pipe 12 extends from the lower portion of the box and is connected with a rubber hose 13 leading to a waste sink (not shown). A pipe 14. is fitted into the tube 2 and is provided with a cock or valve 15. Its other end is connected by a rubber hose 16 with a tube 17 extending to the bottom of a closed vessel 18. The latter contains a lotion 19 and has an air pipe 20 connected with a rubber bulb 21. A nipple 22 is provided on the end of the tube 2. This nipple can be directly connected with the rubber hose '7 if the thermometer well 4 is removed. A rubber sleeve 23 is fitted over the front end of the box 1 and extends to a suficient length so that it can be placed over the portion of the patients face as shown in Fig. 1. The sleeve 23 is trimmed in a semicircle or curve as shown in Fig. 3 so that it partly extends over the cheeks when applied to the lower portion of the face. It may be provided with a straight edge, however, for use with other portions of the patients body. A handle 24 is attached to one side of the boX 1.

A cap 25 may be screwed on the end of the tube 2 if it is desired to use the lotion alone from the vessel 18. Instead of the vessel 18 a large rubber bulb 26 may be used for the lotion, connected by a pipe 27 with the cook 15.

The operation of my appliance is as follows.

The box 1 is held in the operators hands and placed with the sleeve 23 against the patients face with certain pressure so as to form watertight fit. The cook 15 is closed, and the valves 10 gradually opened. Sharp thin sprays of Water from the apertures or nozzles 28 are then permitted to play on the patients face, the used water being drained off through the pipe 13. The proper mixture of the hot and cold water is maintained according to the readings of the thermometer 5. The water sprays produce a certain stimulating and massaging effect on the skin and on the flesh directly under the skin. A lotion for softening the skin may be introduced into the stream of water by opening the valve 15 and squeezing the bulb 21 by hand. In certain cases it is desired to spray the face with a lotion before applying the water treatment. The thermometer well 4 may be removed and the hose '7 connected directly with the nipple 22, for instance, if cold water only is used. Or the nipple 22 may be closed with the cap 25 if lotion alone is used for spraying the face. The device can be applied to the chin, cheeks, forehead, etc., and it also can be used for other portions of the human body.

The box 1 can be made of aluminum or other light metal or alloy, and it can be coated with a non-corrodible metal or enamel.

The cylindrical portion of the box 1 can be made of glass or celluloid in order to facilitate the observation of the sprays or their action on the skin.

Important advantages of my appliance are that it can be conveniently handled and applied to different portions of the patients body, its operation can be easily controlled so as to produce sprays of different temperature and velocity, various lotions can be added to the Water sprays, or lotion alone may be used Without Water; also that the Water sprays are confined to the area enclosed by the rubber sleeve 23, no liquid being permitted to escape outside on the patients clothing.

I claim as my invention:

1. In an appliance for facial treatment, the combination with a cylindrical box open at one end, of a resilient tubular extension at the open end, the edges of said resilient extension being trimmed so as to fit a convex portion of the patients body, a perforated diaphragm closing the other end of said box and extending through its cross-sectional area, a tapering extension at the rear of said diaphragm adapted to be connected with a source of water under pressure and forming a chamber for said Water to be sprayed through said diaphragm, the edges of said tubular extension being adapted to be pressed against said patients body thereby sealing said box and preventing leakage of Water to the outside, the perforations in said diaphragm being adapted to direct sprays of Water in substantially parallel directions and of equal force throughout the section of said box on said body portion, and a drain pipe in said box.

2. In an appliance for facial treatment, the combination with a tubular box open at one end, of a resilient tubular extension at the open end adapted to be pressed against the patients body, a perforated diaphragm at the other end of said box, said box forming a chamber back of said diaphragm, a pipe connecting said chamber with a source of Water under pressure, said diaphragm being adapted to form a row of parallel sprays, a drain pipe in said box, a vessel for medicinal liquids, a pipe connecting said vessel with said chamber, and means to produce pressure in said vessel for forcing said liquid into said chamber.


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