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Publication numberUS1970081 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1934
Filing dateApr 10, 1933
Priority dateApr 10, 1933
Publication numberUS 1970081 A, US 1970081A, US-A-1970081, US1970081 A, US1970081A
InventorsEisendrath Robert M
Original AssigneeEisendrath Robert M
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Heated hand-covering
US 1970081 A
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Allg 14, 1934- R. M. EISENDRATH 1,970,081

` HEATED HAND covERING Filed .April 1o, 1953 m @www5 'atented ug. 14.193;

iiimiafo js 'lfii'rasl rrsNfr Acaricia;

1310.081 'Haaren Hann-comma anbei-t M. manen. ni. Anuman april 1o, 193s, sei-ui No. 865.418

1 claim, (ci. e-iss) The invention relates to hand coverings as sideo of water-permeable material. Thus by mittens or gloves and has as an object the proremoval of the heating element 18 from the vision of such an article of apparel having means pocket, and application of. a small quantity of@ for heating the hand of the wearer. water to the side 20 of the casing thereof. the 5 It is a further object of the invention to proheating element may be brought into action and 60 vide an article of this class wherein the heating replaced in the pocket to warm the hand'of means may be carried indenitely infinoperative the user. condition but may bepromptly brought into operr By virtue of the factithat one -side of casing ation at any place even though remote frpm a of the heating element is formed of waterprooflO source of extraneous heat. Y material, this side may be placed upward in con'- 05 It is a further object of the invention to protact with` the shell 13 of the mitten and even vide an article of the class described that maybe though the device is worn in the rain so that Worn in positions exposed to rain, in condition the 'mitten becomes Wet, the heating element of inoperation of the heating means but by reverwill remain inoperative. However if it is desired l5 sal of the heating element'may be brought into to have the heating element become operative 10 action by the wetting of the apparel by rain. automatically when Worn ill-the rain. the Side It is a :further object of the invention to promay be turned outward in the pocket and the vide an article ofthe class described wherein the moisture seeping through the portion 13 of the degree of heat evolved may be controlled when mitten and the side 20 of the heating element 20. worn exposed to moisture. i 4 will automatically bring the element into action. 7,6

Further objects of the invention will appear So worn if the hand covering becomes too wet, from the following description when read in cohthe element particularly when new may .Cause nection with the accompanying drawing show- 1:00 high a degree of heat. In vsuch, a case the ing an illustrative embodiment of the invention, element may be withdrawn from the pocket to a5' and whereinz.- v i bring the waterproof side 19 to the exterior, 804

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a mitten embodying whereupon additional moisture is Jprevent'ed the invention; from entering the heating element and the lheat Fig. 2 is a side elevation partly broken away; can thereby be controlled. and '.lhe manner of forming the pocket limited by Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a, heating elestitching` 14, 15 as shown with the inner portion 85 'ment partly broken away. 11 extending entirely across the mitten from 'the As shown the invention is embodied in amitten` /seam 21 to the seam upon the opposite edge l0 although it will be understood that it is equally 0f the mitten makes the pocket unobtrusive applicable to any other type of hand covering. andthe appearance of the hand covering is not For purposes of the invention the mitten is damaged by the Presence 0f the Peeket 90 shown as formedqwith a lining 11 and an outer TheuSe of the fleece lining 11 has the eet layer 12 or leather or the like. Beneath the outer of tempering the heat of the heating element as layer 12, there is shown a layer 13 desirabiy applied to the skin of the wearer. formed of a waterproof material as a high grade By the combination of the chemical heating 4c of rubber to form a pocket, limited by the row of element with the hand Covering. it is possible 95 stitching 14, the pocket terminating adiacent'the vto Provide wearing apparel of this character wrist portion in a line of stitching 15. Any dewhich may be worn indeiinitely with the heatsirable means may be provided to form a closable ing element inoperative but ready at all times opening for the pocket. Asshow'ntheopening 18 to be brought into operation in the simplest is held closed by means of a zipper fastening havmanner. The heating element may be very 100 ing a slidable element 17. i cheaply and readily renewed when exhausted A heating element 18 of a well known chemical and in use will keep the hand of the wearer warm type may be placed in the pocket and may reside .for hoursat a time. therein indefinitely in inoperative condition but Minor changes may be made lin the physical l ready to be brought into action at any time and embodiment of the invention within the scope 105 at anyl place -without provisionof extraneous of the appended clain without departing from heat in a well knownmanner, as by wetting. the spirit ofthe invention.

The heating element 18v for purposes of the' lI claim: invention'is preferably formed/ upon one side 19 A device of the class described comprising, 0f Water-Proof m'lfil and upehthe remaining in combination: ahand covering; a pocket car- 110 ment comprising a casing formed on one side of water-impermeable material and of waterpermeable material upon at least a. pox-tion of the remaining side; whereby water seeping into the pocket through the hand-covering may be excluded from orr admitted to the chemical contents of the heater depending upon its position of reversall in the pocket.


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U.S. Classification126/204, 607/111, 2/158, 126/206, 2/20, 15/227
International ClassificationA41D19/015
Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/01535
European ClassificationA41D19/015D2