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Publication numberUS1970636 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1934
Filing dateApr 4, 1931
Priority dateApr 4, 1931
Publication numberUS 1970636 A, US 1970636A, US-A-1970636, US1970636 A, US1970636A
InventorsTanner Arnold J
Original AssigneeCarton Dev Corp
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Folder or container
US 1970636 A
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1934- A. J. TANNER 1,970,636

FOLDER OR CONTAINER Filed April 4. i951 :H': I g" Afi'OffZZJ Patented Aug. 21, 1934 New Application April 4, 193 na a gsaw, f'i

2 Claims. (01. 229-33) The present invention consists of an improvement in containers for packing and displaying merchandise.

The chief purpose of the invention is to provide a folder or container which is particularly suitable for automatic machine assembling and gluing preferably employed when volume production is involved.

The improved container or folder is composed of a single blank having a flap extending from each end and for better identification hereinafter these flaps are called upper and lower flaps. Laterally extending portions at the side of the blank are provided which, when folded, form the side 1 1 walls of the container having inwardly extending flanges. The said lower flap is folded over said flanges and secured at the sides so as to provide a pocket to receive the upper flap which forms a closure means for the container.

90 The improvements will be hereinafter described with reference to the accompanying drawing, wherein- Figure 1 is a perspective view of the container in its set up and open position;

Figure 2 is a plan view of the blank from which the container is formed; and

Figure 3 is a transverse section taken on line 33 of Figure 1.

Referring to said drawing, the blank A is composed of a single sheet of paper-board of suitable weight and thickness and said blank is cut out in the form required and creased so as to divide the blank into central portion 1 having extensions 2 at each side. The said portions 2 have connected thereto flanges 3 and which portions 2 and flaps 3 fold on the creased lines 4 so that the portions 2 form the side walls of the container and 3 form inwardly extended flanges. A flap 5 extends from the top of the section 1 and another flap 6 exgtends from the bottom and which flaps are connected to the section 1 by integral portions '7 which are arranged to fold on creased lines 8 to form end walls of the container. The flap 6 has lateral extensions or portions 9 providing glue laps which when secured to the side walls 2 will retain the container in its folded or set up condition. The flaps 5 and 6, when folded over, effectually close the container and if it is desired, the usual folding tabs 10 may be provided to tightly close the corners of the container to prevent entrance of dust when the nature of the merchandise packed is such that it is an advantage to keep the dust out.

The improved container as illustrated in the drawing, is used as a cigar pack but it will be un- ?.derstood that the container may be employed for many different kinds of merchandise for the container may be made of any suitable size and depth within a reasonable limit. When the container is used for cigars it need not be tightly closed for the cigars are, with common practice, wrapped in cellophane which permits of the use of a container not hermetically sealed or even tightly closed. Furthermore, when used with wrapped cigars, an inspection opening 11 may be provided in the container so that the cigars, for example, may be inspected without opening the closure flap 5.

The improved container lends itself for machine assembling and gluing and the design of the blank is such that the folding and gluing operation is easily and adequately effected by means of a fairly simple automatic machine even when great volume production is involved. When comparatively few of the containers are to be used daily a simple hand-operated formeror device may be employed. Either with the machine or former the first operation is to fold over the sections 2-3 so that the lateral extensions 9 of flap 6 will stand out clear to permit application of the glue. The flap 6 is then folded over and the glue laps 9 are thus adhesively secured to the side walls of the container.

It will be noted that the flanges 3 extend substantially along the full length of the receptacle part of the container and the flap 6 lies over the flanges 3 in such a way that a clear, unobstructed pocket 12 is formed between the flanges 3 and the lower folding flap 2. In closing the box the upper flap 5 is inserted into the pocket 12 wherein the said flap is retentively held in the closed position and furthermore when sliding in said pocket the inserted end of said flap 5 does not come in contact with the contents of the container.

The improved container is shown in use as a cigar pack when it is of advantage to provide an inspection opening. Such an opening in containers in general use is located in the back of the container requiring the arrangement of the contents accordingly. With the improved pack the inspection opening 11 is in the closing or upper flap 5, therefore the same arrangement of the contents will serve as a proper display in both the open or closed condition of container. It should further be noted when the container is displayed in its open position, the flap 5 is bent back to operate as an easel support.

Various modifications may be made in carrying out the constructional details of the invention or in the application of the same other than hereinbefore described and it is therefore to be understood any modification coming fairly within 1 wall comprising a flap partially covering saidre;

ceptacle lying over said flanges so as to form a pocket between said flap and flanges, retentivevv means comprising securing tabs extending 111cm 4 be "b'uckledand inserted into and removed from said pocket. withoutdisturbing the secured posisaid flap and adhesively secured to said sidewalls, said closure portion comprising a; closure flappf single ply adapted to be inserted into 'andremoved: from said pocket without disturbingthei.secfuredposition of said tabs, said front wall flap andsaid closure flap being connected to s'a'id'body p'ortiofi by parts forming the end walls of the container.

2. A pocket container for cigars and the like adapted for machine gluing comprising a body having side walls, flanges extending inwardly from said side walls, a lower flap extending from said body arranged to be folded over said flanges and fixedly secured to said side wa11s,,tab portions extending laterally". from said lower flap and permanently secured to said side walls, said lower flap forming a pocket lying over said flanges, a :gflexible upper closure flap of single ply extending from said body and connected thereto adapted to tion ,of-.:-said tabs; said upper flap having an in- *-spection openingtherein.

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