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Publication numberUS1972480 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1934
Filing dateJan 19, 1932
Priority dateJan 19, 1932
Publication numberUS 1972480 A, US 1972480A, US-A-1972480, US1972480 A, US1972480A
InventorsGomi Tadashi D
Original AssigneeGomi Tadashi D
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Money receptacle
US 1972480 A
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Sept. 4, 1934. T. D. GOMI MONEY RECEPTAC-LE Filed Jan. 19, 1932 mm Y 51m mi 8 w A M r a Patented Sept. 4, 1934 '1'uoNnYjnEoEPT oLE I V Gomi, New York, N. Y.

" i, Application anuary 19,

1932;"Serial No. 587,511

invention relates in general to money'receptacles and more particularly, to a type of receptacle which may be-utilized for carrying coins and bank notes suchgas described and shown in my co-pending application Serial No.

556,800, filed August 13th, 1931.

The primary object of the present invention'isf to provide a money receptacle of this typegwhicll. is constructed to enable the user to carry the same in the ordinary manner as a bill fold or pocketbook and also is adapted for use in asso ciation with a garter or other fastening means by which the same may be retained in a position against the leg of the wearer.

The inventive conception, herein disclosed,

further includes the provision of a money receptacle, which may be interchangeably utilized in either of the manners described above, the construction of the receptacle being such that this change may be readily facilitated. Another object is to combine a bill fold and coin receiving purse into a unitary structure, the ends of the bill fold being provided with detachable means for associating the same with a garter or other elastic retainer by means of which the receptacle may be pressed against the leg of the wearer.

Still another object of the invention is to utilize the means provided for retaining the receptacle against the leg to also prevent the loss of money therefrom,

Other objects and advantages of the invention embodied in its preferred form in the drawing will become apparent as the description proceeds.

Referring to the drawing;

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the improved money receptacle showing the manner in which the same is retained against the leg of the wearer.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged side elevation of the receptacle in an open position. v

Fig. 3 is aperspective view of the receptacle in a partially folded position, illustrating its adaptability for use as a bill fold or pocketbook, and

Fig. 4 is a partial perspective view of one of the ends of the receptacle in a modified form. V

The money receptacle, forming the embodiment of the present invention, includes a bank note compartment defined by an outer body member 10 and an inner body member 11 both of which are preferrably of flexible material such as leather. The members are joined together at their lower longitudinal edges by stitching orvotherwise the connection being indicated at 12. The respective endsv of the members 10 and 11 are left open and are each constructed to form a plait or return fold such as clearly shown at 13 in Fig. 2. The told at the opposite end of 'the'body member 11. is indicated at 14. The'adjacent and corresponding plaits orfolds located at the ends of the exterior body member 10 are indicated at 15and16 respectively. In. the form of the invention. illustrated, the plaits are an integral portionofthe body members, it being understood. however that thesame may be formed in other manners'such as, for instance,by stitching separate pieces of material on the body members, without departing from inventive conception herein disclosed. The plaits or folds 13 and 15 are provided with a fastening means such as a snap fastener 1'7,v which retains the adjacent ends of the folds together. The fastener for the plaits 14 and 16 is indicated at 18. Bank notes are shown in the drawing at 20, the ends of the same being firmly retained by means of the plaits 15 and 16 and the body of the notes between the members 10 and 11 defining the compartment. The money may also be retained in a position against the inner body member 11 by means of the folds or plaits 13 and 14 and within the compartment provided for the same.

Referring particularly to Figs. 1 and 2, a garter or other elastic fastening means for retaining the receptacle against the leg of the wearer is indicated at 19. The garter is provided with openings, therein, by meansof which the detachable snap fastening means on the plaits may be caused to engage the same between their cooperating parts. The bank notes, if placed in the compartment having its ends defined by the fold or plait portions 13 and 14, will be firmly retained against the leg of the wearer by means of the elastic fastening means 19, which when utilized divides the compartment into two parts. The garter may be provided with a buckle or other lengthwise adjusting means as indicated at 2-1. In the event that the snap fastening means be inadvertently opened the money in'the half of the compartment defined by the plaits 13 and 14 will be prevented from falling out due to the position of the garter 19, which extends longi- 9 tudinally. acrossthe 'receptacle. It is apparent from the foregoing description, that the utilization of the money receptacle as a pocketbook or bill fold when folded as shown in Fig. 3 can be readily changed to the form in which the same is substantially open and in association with the retaining means by which it is secured against the leg. The converse relation is equally true as by detaching the snap fastening means, securing the receptacle to the garter, the same may a form. A double fold or plait 23 is utilizedin instance, the same extendingfrom=theends oi; The exterior body be easily separated, therefrom, without disturbing the position of the garter.

The inner body member 11 may have secured, thereto, a miniature coin purse 22, which forms an integral unit with the bill fold of the receptacle. The purse and other features of the receptacle located on the face of the bill fold body member 11 are shown and described in my copending application, hereinbefore, referred to; In the present form of' the invention, the surface of the receptacle containing the coin purse' is preferably adapted to be disposed against the leg of the wearer as shown in Fig. 1.

Referring to Fig. 4, the plait sti"ucturez"tlzieends of the bill fold is illustrated in a modified the inner body member 11. member 10 is not plaited. The detachable'fasten ing means, as employed in the preferred form of the invention is utilized in; this form also; being;

indicated at 17. Individual retainers are" formed for theends of thebanktrrotes 20, ea'ch' plait' in this instance performing "this function.

While I have shown and described a single embodiment of my invention with a' modifica= tion, thereof, I do not desire to limit myself to the specific formsillustratedbutlmay alter the construction and arrangement of el'ernents' as occasion requires without enlarging the scope of my invention or departing from the spirit, thereof, as contained in the appended claims.

I claim as my invention:

1. A money receptacle formed of connected body members having separate adjoining plaited end portions,.means located upon the respective end portions for detachably connecting their adjacentzsurfaces, a garten, and means for securing the" garter between-the connectible plaited end portions of the receptacle.

2. A money receptacle comprising connected body members having open plaited end portions, meansa located upon the respective end portions for detachably connecting their adjacent sur-

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