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Publication numberUS1973093 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1934
Filing dateAug 21, 1933
Priority dateAug 21, 1933
Publication numberUS 1973093 A, US 1973093A, US-A-1973093, US1973093 A, US1973093A
InventorsMoore Joseph R
Original AssigneeMoore Joseph R
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Griddle greasing fork
US 1973093 A
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Sept. 11, 1934. J. R MOORE 1,973,093

GRIDDLE GREAS I NG FORK Filed Aug. 21, 1933 firm: n: L

Patented Sept. 11, 1934 v UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE f GRIDDLE GREASING FORK Joseph R. Moore, Denver, 0010.

Application August 21, 1933, Serial No. 686,097

2 Claims. (01. 65-12) This invention relates to a fork-like device for of holes 18 and with two projecting ears 19 which use in greasing pans, griddles, etc. The principal are perforated as shown at 20. The ears project object of the invention is to provide a fork-like from the device so as to form wedge-shaped structure which will securely hold a cloth dauber notches 21 adjacent the handle. This form is in place for griddle greasing purposes. used similarly to the previously described form,

Other objects and advantages reside in the dethat is, a clothwrapping is wrapped about the tail construction of the invention, which is deextremity 17 and stitched through the openings signed for simplicity, economy, and efliciency. 18 and 19. The ears19 in this form serve to These will become more apparent from the folsecurely hold the cloth in place since the cloth 10 lowing description. automatically locks itself in the wedge-shaped In the following detailed description of the innotches 21 formed by the ears 19. vention reference is had to the accompanying While a specific form of the improvement has drawing which forms a part hereof. Like nubeen described and illustrated herein, it is demerals refer to like parts in all views of the drawsired to be understood that the same may be 15 ing and throughout the description. varied, within the scope of the appended claims,

In the drawing: without departing from the spirit of the inven- Fig. 1 is a perspective view illustrating a pretion. ferred form of the invention. Having thus described the invention, what is Fig. 2 illustrates the form of Fig. 1 with the claimed and desired secured by Letters Patent 20 cloth or dauber applied thereto. is:-

Fig. 3 is a plan view illustrating an alternate l. A pan and griddle greasing device comprisform of the invention. ing: a handled member; a relatively wide extrem- The preferred form of the invention comprises: ity on said handled member provided with pera fork-like structure provided with tines 10 and forations; perforated ears projecting outwardly 25 a convenient handle 11. In the two outside tines from opposite sides of said wide extremity; a cloth 10, a plurality of small holes 12 are formed. In wrapping surrounding said Wide extremity; and the heel portion of the tined extremity, one or a thread stitched through said wrapping and said more similar small holes 13 are formed. These perforations. holes do not interfere with the ordinary uses of 2. A pan and griddle greasing device compris- 30 the fork but adapt it for holding a cloth wraping: ahandled member; arelatively'wide extremping in place, such as indicated at 14. The cloth ity on said handled member provided with peris wrapped one or more times around the tines forations; perforated ears projecting outwardly and a thread 15 is stitched through the holes 12 from opposite sides of said wide extremity; a cloth and 13 to securely lock the cloth in place as shown wrapping surrounding said wide extremity; and a 35 in Fig. 2. thread stitched through said wrapping and said In the alternate form of the invention, the perforations, said ears forming wedge-shaped tines are omitted and a handle extremity 16 notches which are engaged by said wrapping to terminates in a relatively wide-relatively flat porhold the latter in place.

tion 17. The flat portion is provided with a series JOSEPH R. MOORE.

to V

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U.S. Classification15/210.1, 15/209.1, 30/322
International ClassificationA47G21/00, A47G21/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47G21/023
European ClassificationA47G21/02B