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Publication numberUS1973421 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1934
Filing dateDec 27, 1932
Priority dateDec 27, 1932
Publication numberUS 1973421 A, US 1973421A, US-A-1973421, US1973421 A, US1973421A
InventorsMina Wallace
Original AssigneeMina Wallace
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US 1973421 A
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M WALLACE Sept. 11, 1934.


27, 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet Exit- M. WALLACE Sept. 11, 1934.

GARMENT Filed Dec. 27. 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet Mina Hal/[ace Patented Sept. 11, 1934 73,421

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE GARMENT Mina Wallace, Rockford, El. Application December 2'1, 1932, Serial No. 649,064

3 Claims. (Cl. 2-80) This invention relates to an improved outer button and the other with a button hole, as indigarment for children and seeks, among other cated at 16, fordetachably connecting said flaps objects, to provide a garment in the form of a and securing the collar 14 about the neck of the union suit embodying a coat and trousers which wearer.

5 may be worn for protecting a child in severe As shown in Figure 4, the back of the coat 69 weather or while playing in the snow, terminates in a curved edge slightly below the A further object of the invention is to provide waist of the garment and is equipped with a row a union suit of the character indicated so coni of buttons 17. The front pieces 11 at the front structed that the suit may be readily put on and of the coat, however, extend below the waist line,

W as easily taken off. as particulariy seen in Figures 1 and 2 of the 55 A further object of the invention is to provide drawings, a d e Pm W tapered lower a union suit embodying a front section extending end port s cu d to t r edges of from the neck to the lower ends of the legs and the 0 end p s 18 0 the pieces 11 are wherein said section may be released at its outer the back pieces 9 0 t e o t a longitudinal edges throughout the entire length he pieces 19 r a h pr ra y fo m d f a 79 thereof so that the garment may be put on like Single Strip of 010th d, as S in Figure are a coat, brought about the ankles and closed by d d a t e r pp e and u ted alo the "zipper fastenings. crotch line of the garment to provide a seat 20, And the invention seeks, a a 111 further bfree at its upper end as well as free for a distance ject, to provide a garment wherein th upper at its side edges. Extending transversely at the i5 portion of the front section may be released and pp ehdof at as pa ula y S n dropped down for opening the coat to afford ven- Figure s an er facing strip 21 and pie c tilation when so desired while the legs of the gard Strip d p margin of the s are merit will remain losed, button holes22 adapted to receive the buttons 1? Other and incidental objects or the invention, fo s u in t e s at s dw d t th upp r not specifically mentioned in the foregoing, will d portion of the s above the o of button be apparent during the course or" the following holes is a p p d to 150161 w v description. the row or buttons 17 for concealing said buttons the accompanying drawings forming a part and, its illustrated in Figures 2 and s p 3d of this application, is provided at its ends with cars 24 which are Figure 1 is a front eevatioy: f my improved provided with button holes to receive buttons 25 garment showing the front section closed, 011 the from; pieces 11 0f the me t for 01- ;Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1 showing finally Securing the p in 1301de01 pos o the front section partially open, As will now be seen, the back: 10, front pieces 1-35 Figure 3 is a rear elevation of the garment, Ill and the ac pieces 19 0f the s and their Figure l is a fragmentary rear elevation showattach d pa ts p vid t e dy s t f th ing the seat dropped down, and garment and mating with said body section is a Figure 5 is a detail section on the line 5- 5 or front section releasable along its longitudinal Figure 3. edges as will presently appear. This front sec- 40 My improved garment is in the form of a union tion is composed of front pieces 26 each prefsuit and embodies a combined coat and trousers. erably formed from a single piece of cloth and, As seen in Figure 3. the basis to of the coat is as will he observed, said front pieces are or a preferably formed of a single piece of cloth while length to extend from the neck to the lower ends front pieces 11, each of a single piece of cloth, of the legs. The lower end portions of said front &5 are provided at the front of the coat. The front pieces are secured at their inner edges to the pieces 11 are secured to the back 10 along the inner edges of the back pieces 19 along the inupper edges of the tops of the shoulders and ner sides of the legs whence the confronting below the armholes of the garment and these edges or the pieces 26 are united by a seam 27 parts carry the sleeves 12 preferably equipped extending from the crotch to the upper ends of so with knit cuffs 13. A suitable neck opening is said pieces. The upper end of the front section provided and surrounding said opening is a collar of the garment thus provides the front portion 14 secured to the back 10 and front pieces 11. of the coat while the bifurcated lower end of the sewed to the exposed margins of the front pieces front section provides the front portions of the 11 at their upper ends are overlapping throat legs of the garment. Secured to the front sec- 555 flaps 15 one of which may be provided with a t'ion, adjacent the waist line, is a patch 28 di- 10? vided by a seam 29 to provide a pair of pockets.

At their lower ends, the legs carry preferably knitted cuffs 30 split at the outer sides of the legs in line with the outer free edges of the front section of the garment and it is now to be noted that these edges of said sections are curved longitudinally to mate with the confronting similarly curved edges of the body section of the garment, said confronting edges starting at the outer sides of the legs and thence extending upwardly on diagonal lines across the front of the garment to the neck, the front section of the garment being tapered towards its upper end. These confronting edges of the garment are preferably connected in Figure 2, however, the upper portions of the fastenings 31 may be released for any desired distance and thus free the upper portion of the front section of the garment to provide ventilation when so desired, without likelihood of the garment becoming displaced from the wearer.

Having thus described the invention, I claim: 1. A union suit embodying a combined coat and trousers split along lines diverging from the neck of the coat downwardly across the trouser legs to provide a body section and a mating front section, the body section being formed with a seat free at its upper end, fastenings normally securing the seat closed, a flap carried by the upper end of the seat and normally folded over said fastenings when the seat is closed, the flap being provided at its ends with ears, fastenings anchoring said ears and normally securing the flap folded, and means releasably connecting the free margins of said sections.

2. A union suit comprising a combined coat and trousers, the trousers being formed with a seat free at its upper end and the coat having its lower end overlapped by the upper end of the seat when the seat is in a raised position, fasteners carried by the lower portion of the back for engaging through the upper end portion of the seat to releasably hold the seat raised, a flap extending along the upper edge of the seat and adapted to be folded outwardly and downwardly against the seat to cover said fasteners, said flap having its end portions extending from sides of the seat when folded to form tabs, and means for releasably securing the tabs to the coat.

3. A union suit comprising a combined coat and trousers, said suit having sections spaced transversely at the front of the suit and defining a front opening extending the full length of the suit from the neck opening of the coat to lower ends of legs of the trousers, flaps extending toward each other from upper portions of spaced sections of the coat and adapted to be releasably secured in overlapping relation to each other to close the neck opening of the coat at the front and provide a chest shield, a front section for closing the front opening of the suit, and means for detachably securing side edges of the front section to side edges of said spaced portions of the suit for the full length thereof with the upper end portion of the front section overlying said flaps and terminating at the neck opening when secured.


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U.S. Classification2/80, D02/744, 2/79
International ClassificationA41B13/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41B13/005
European ClassificationA41B13/00B