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Publication numberUS1974552 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1934
Filing dateJul 21, 1932
Priority dateJul 21, 1932
Publication numberUS 1974552 A, US 1974552A, US-A-1974552, US1974552 A, US1974552A
InventorsWilbur C Wallbank
Original AssigneeChicago Carton Co
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Display carton
US 1974552 A
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Sept; 25, 1934. w. c. WALLBANK DISPLAY CARTON Filed July 21. 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 War C. v


2 SheetsSheet 2 Filed July 21. l932 Patented Sept. 25, 1934 I 1,974,552

UNlTED STATES. PATENT OFFICE DISPLAY CARTON Wilbur o. Wallbank, Chicago, n1., assignmm Chicago Carton Gompany, Chicago, 111., a corporation of Illinois Application July 21, 1932, Serial No. 623,801

3 Claims. (Cl. 206-44) This invention relates to display cartons for of the blank comprises, from left to right, a front articles of merchandise, and has reference more end wall flap 10, a front end wall 11 of the body, particularly to a type of such cartons usually a bottom wall 12 of the body, a rear end wall 13 made of cardboard or similar material which may of the. body, a top wall 14 of the body, a top be readily manipulated 'so as to either fully enwall 15 of the cover, an end wall 16 of the cover, 0

close and protect the articles or display the arand an end wall flap 1'7; these parts being marked ticles in an attractive manner. oil from each other by the fold lines a, b, c, d, e, One object of the present invention is to pro- I and g. Continuous with each longitudinal edge vide a carton of the character above indicated of the bottom wall 12 is a side wall 18 of the body 10 which may. be economically manufactured from marked off from the bottom wall by a fold line It, 5 comparatively light or thin cardboard or the like and continuous with the outer or upper edge of and yet shall possess ample strength and rigidity each side wall 18 is a side wall flap 19 marked off to serve the purposes of both a packing and shipfrom the side wall 18 by an oblique fold line i and ping container and a display receptacle. Ana side wall flange 20 marked off from the side 5 other object is to provide a carton which when wall 18 by a longitudinal fold line It. Continuous closed may have the form of a plain rectangular with the rear ends oi the side walls 18 of the box, and when open may present a stepped form body, and marked off therefrom by the fold lines adapted to display the goods on a plurality of l are outer and inner flaps 21 and 21' that, when levels, thus increasing the display capacity. Anthe carton is set up, are folded inwardly over 20 other object has been to provide a carton of this each other andover the rear end wall 13 of the type having a hinged and foldable member that body, as hereinafter more fully described. in one position serves as a cover or closure for On opposite edges of the top wall 14 of the body the carton and in another position serves as a are locking tongues 22 that, in the assembled display tray. Another object has been to proposition of the carton, enter slots 23 in the side 25 vide, in a carton having a hinged cover openable wall flanges 20; and continuous with the top wall 0 to display the goods, a construction affording to 15 of the cover and marked off therefrom by fold the side and end walls of the body and cover lines m are cover side walls 24. Continuous with smooth, rounded and reinforcedfree edges that the outer or upper edges of the cover side walls will not become torn or frayed inhandling and 24, and marked off therefrom by oblique told 30 will present a neatly finished appearance; and linesn are side wall flaps 25 that,.in the assembled 5 a further object has been to provide a cartonv form of the carton are folded down against the well adapted for the prominent display of adinner sides of the cover side walls '24, and are I vertising matter on both the inner and outer surprovided on their free edges with locking tongues faces of its walls. 26 that enter slots'2'7 in the cover top wall 15.

. 5" Further objects andadvantages will appear Continuous with the narrow end 01 each cover item the following description of a selected form side wall 24, and marked ofi therefrom by a fold of the invention, which is illustrated in the acline 0 is 'a wing 28 that is separated from the companying drawings wherein-- top wall. of the body by a cut p; and continuous Fig. 1 is a perspective view of thecarton in with the wide endof each cover side wall 24 and 40 closed position. marked off therefrom by a fold line q is a side Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the same in open wall wing 29 that is folded inwardly between the or display position. cover end wall 16 and the end wall flap 1'; when Fig. 3 is a longitudinal vertical median secthe box is assembled. The free end edge of t tion of the box in closed position. end wall flap 17 carries locking tongues 30 that 45 Fig. 4 is a plan view of the 'blank. enter slots 31in ,the cover. top wall 15.

My improved display carton may be, and pref- The outer flap 21 that covers the rear end wall erably is,- formed from a single suitably cut and of the body is cut away on its lower edge to proscored blank of paper-board or light cardboard, vide; a locking tongue 32 th when e Same is although to a greater or less extent the parts may folded over the inner flap 21', enters a slit 33 50 be unitedby paste or otherwise instead of being formed in the flap 21', whereby the two fiaps are formed from a single sheet or blank. separably locked together over the rear end wall First describing this blank, in the plan view 13 of the body; it being noted that in the blank thereof, Fig. 4, the solid lines represent cuts in the inner edges of the flaps 21 and 21 are septhe blank and the dotted lines represent lines of arated from the walls 13 and 14 by cuts 1'.

v bend or fold. The longitudinal central portion The free edges of the side wall flaps 19 are equipped with tongues 34 that interlock, when the flaps are folded, with slots 35 in the bottom wall 12 of the body. Continuous with the narrow ends of the side walls 18 of the body are side wall wings 36 that are marked off from the side walls 18 by fold lines s, and, in the built up form of the box, are folded in between the front end wall 11 of the body and its flap 10; the free edge of the latter being supplied with tongues 37 that, when the flap 10 is folded down over the inner side of the front end wall 11, enter slots 38 in the bottom wall 12.

The manner in which the carton is set up and its parts interlocked has, to a considerable extent, been indicated above in connection with the description of the blank, but may be briefly outlined as follows.

The side walls 18 are bent to vertical position on the fold lines it, and the narrow front end wall 11 is bentto vertical position on the fold line b. The side wall wings 36 are folded inwardly on the fold lines s to lie against the inner side of the front end wall 11, and the end wall flap 10 is then folded downwardly over the wings 36 and its tongues 37 interlocked with the slots 38. When the side walls 18 have been folded upwardly, the side wall flaps 19 are then bent inwardly and downwardly to lie against the inner sides of the side walls 18 and locked in such position by the tongues 34 entering the slots 35. The side wall flanges 20 are then bent to horizontal position on the fold lines It.

The side walls 24 of the cover may then be bent upwardly on the fold lines m and their side wall flaps 25 then bent downwardly and inwardly and interlocked by means of the tongues 26 and slots 2'7, the wings 28 1 having previously been folded inwardly so as to lie between the side walls 24 and the side wall flaps 25. The side wall wings 29 are then bent inwardly, and the end wall 16 of the cover is then bent upwardly on the fold line 1 to overlie the wings 29, and the end wall fiap 17 is then bent inwardly and downwardly over the inwardly folded wings 29 and locked in place by the tongues 30 engaged with the slots 31.

If desired, there may be cut out of the cover end wall 16 a display tab T separably held in the plane of the wall during manufacture of the blank by thin connecting strips 39 in the line of cut,

which strips may be readily broken to permit the display section or tab T to be bent upwardly on its upper edge to the display position illustrated in Fig. 2.

The cover portion of the carton having thus been shaped up, the top wall 14 of the body is bent downwardly on the fold line d and the lock; ing tongues 22 are inserted through the slots 23 of the side wall flanges 20, thereby securely locking said top wall 14 against edgewise displacement laterally. This produces the assembled box in the opened position shown in Fig. 2, wherein it will be seen that the cover member is hinged to the top wall of the body along the fold line e, which is preferably scored sufllciently to render it flexible.

Comparing Figs-1 and 3 with Fig. 2, it will be seen that the hinged cover memberin the closed position of the box fits down over the open front portion of the box body completely covering the opening and with its end and side walls overlapping the end and side walls of the front portion of the body, thereby fully protecting the contents of the box. In the open position, the

cover member is thrown upwardly and backwardly to rest on the top wall 14 of the body, and in such position it constitutes an upper tray in which the merchandise maybe displayed. Both the inner and outer surfaces of both the body and the cover may carry printed advertising matter, which is displayed to advantage when the box is in open position, and the tab T may carry the name or trade-mark of the goods or otherindicia.

The inwardly folded flaps of the side and end walls-of both the body and the cover have two practical functions. In the first place, being locked in place they greatly strengthen and rigidify the said walls and, in'the second place, they form smooth and rounded edges on the side and top walls of both body and cover which do not easily become torn or frayed in handling, and. give to the structure a neat and attractive appearance.

I claim as my invention:

1. A paper-board display carton comprising a box body having a top wall extending over its rear portion and a cover hinged; to the forward edge of the top wall and adapted to enclose the front portion of the box bodyor be positioned on said top wallfor display purposes, said cover having an end and side walls having flaps hinged to their free. edges and folded inwardly and locked in parallel relation therewith, and said side walls having inwardly folded wings at their ends-extending beneath the flaps of the end and side walls respectively.

2. A paper board display jcarton comprising a. box body having a top wall extending over its rear portion, and a cover hinged to the forward edge of the top wall, said cover having a two-ply end wall and a display section cut out of one ply of said end wall at its base continuous with the bottom edge of the other ply whereby it may be swung upwardly to a display position when said coverisraised and'folded back onto said top wall.

3. A paper board carton having a. bottom wall formed with slots in the "forward portions of its side edges, side walls continuous with the side edges of said 'bottom wall, inwardly extending flanges on the rear portions of the top edges of said side walls for supporting a top wall of the carton, and side wall flaps on the front portions of the top edges of said side walls, said flaps being folded down against the inner sides of said side walls and having locking tongues on their free edges engaged with the slots of said bottom wall.


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International ClassificationB65D5/52
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European ClassificationB65D5/52H, B65D5/52K1