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Publication numberUS1975245 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1934
Filing dateMar 23, 1932
Priority dateMar 23, 1932
Publication numberUS 1975245 A, US 1975245A, US-A-1975245, US1975245 A, US1975245A
InventorsEli A Zackheim
Original AssigneeEli A Zackheim
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Chemical pack
US 1975245 A
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Oct. 2, 1934. E,A zACKHElM 1,975,245

CHEMICAL PACK Filed March 25. 1932 INVENTOR a 200mg/1f Patented Oct. 2, 1934 CHEMICAL PACK Eli A. Zackheim, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Application March 23, 1932, Serial No. 600,671

2 Claims.

My invention relates to means for receiving various chemicals or substances readily available for use in making tests, and the same has for its object to provide a simple, compact and convenient device which is in the form of a pack, and which is capable of retaining therein various chemicals or substances inl separated condition, and fully protected.

Another object of the invention is to provide a device of the character specified which serves as a combined receptacle and platform or slab on Which the tests or experiments can be conducted.

Another object of the invention is to provide a device of the character specified which serves as a combined receiver and support for a test tube or the like.

Other objects will in part be obvious and in part be pointed out hereinafter.

In the accompanying drawing:

Figure 1 is a plan of one `form of device constructed according to and embodying my said invention;

Fig. 2 is an end view thereof;

Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3--3 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 4 is a plan of a modification.

Referring to the drawing, the device comprises a body portion or block 10, composed preferably of wood, and of substantially rectangular formation. A series of dished recesses 12 are preferably arranged along the top of the rear portion of the block for receiving various substances or chemicals to be used in the tests. Guideways 14. are formed in the upper surface of the block at opposite sides of the recesses 12, and slidably receive a cover 16 common to the several recesses 12, the cover being preferably of transparent material such as Celluloid or the like. The surface 18 of the forward portion of the block 10 is preferably utilized as a platform o-r slab on which the tests are performed, or on which chemicals or substances are compounded. The block 10 is also provided with means, such as chamber 20, for receiving a test tube or the like -disposed between the upper and lower surfaces of the block, the block enclosing the test tube, as shown, to

fully protect the same when not in use. An opening 22 is provided through the upper surface of the block into the chamber 20 so that the test tube can be supported in opening 22 in vertical position when in use.

At Fig. 4 is illustrated another form of device comprising a block 10a of wood having chemical receiving recesses 12@L in the upper surface thereof. A cover 16a of transparent material is pivoted at 24 and is common to and adapted to close the several recesses 12a, the cover being readily swung about its pivot 24 to expose the recesses, and in closed position lying in close relation to the upper surface of the block 10a.

In my invention the block 10-10a is of substantial length and width relative to the thickness of the block to form a vdevice which is compact. The device can be safely carried without danger of the chemicals spilling out or of the test tube breaking, and is in the form of a pack, substantially of pocket size, so that it can be conveniently carried about and rendered readily available for use.

Having thus described my invention what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A device of the character described comprising a block forming a pack-like structure, said block having recesses in a portion of the upper surface thereof near one edge for receiving chemicals, the major remaining portion of the block serving as a table or platform, a horizontally disposed chamber in said table extending inwardly from the other edge of said block for receiving a test tube for working with said chemicals, an opening in the upper surface of said table into said chamber for supporting the test tube in vertical position, and means carried by the block for covering said recesses.

2. A device of the character described comprising a body portion having a horizontally disposed chamber therein for receiving a test tube, and an opening in the upper surface thereof into said chamber for supporting the test tube in vertical position.


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U.S. Classification422/562
International ClassificationB01L9/06
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