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Publication numberUS1975265 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1934
Filing dateMay 28, 1934
Priority dateMay 28, 1934
Publication numberUS 1975265 A, US 1975265A, US-A-1975265, US1975265 A, US1975265A
InventorsHarry Fulenwider
Original AssigneeHarry Fulenwider
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Metal barrel head
US 1975265 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

ct. 2, 1934. H. FULENWIDER l METAL BARREL HEAD Filed May 28, 1934 HarryFwlen/wden' 33u43 %ML\ ,Il mi .ONU my Patented Uct. 2, 1934 TENTA OFFICE f METAL maaar.. HEAD Han-y Fulenwider', Savannah, Ga. Application May 2s, 1934, serial No. 728,027


This invention relates to, improvements inmetal barrels, vand more particularly to head constructions therefor.

An object of the invention is to provide a metal x head for a metal barrel, which will be arranged in a series` of concentrically disposed angular steps. v i

Another object of the invention is tov provide a metal head for a metal barrel comprising aseries of concentrically arranged angularly disposed stepshaving the tread and riser portionsl of each step in parallel relation Ato the tread and riser portions of the successive steps.

A further object of the invention is to provide a metal head for a metal barrel which will be formed with a' plurality of concentrically ar ranged angularly disposed steps, which permit the collapsing of the head at points where the several angles intersect.

A still further object of theinvention is to provide an improved metal barrel head which will be quite inexpensive to manufacture and which will bel highly eiilcient in use.

'Other objects will appear as the description.

In the accompanying drawing which forms a part of my application,

Figure 1- is avertical sectional view through a metal barrel and head, Ashowing my preferred embodiment of the invention; f

Figure `2 is a vertical sectional` view through a portion of a barrel showing a modied form of metal head, and

Figure 3 is a still further modified form of metal head.

Like characters of reference are used through- "out the following specification and the accoma definite preformed circular line of ilexure to promote bending when the top of the dome is de-V panying drawing to designate corresponding is formed of a single sheet of metal and is provided with a series of concentric zones 4 of consecutively diminishing diameter beginning at thel outer periphery, each of vsaid zones having treadportions 5 and riser portions'. Each zone 4 is provided between it and its adjacent zone with pressed. A joint 8 is provided for the-outerperipheral edge of the head 3 where it joins the open end of the barrel body `1 The central or apex portion ofthe head 3 is formed with an opening 9, in which a removable-frictionclosure 10 may be freceived. These heads are intended to be used (Ol. 22o-24) rosin, is to be, shipped. The heated rosin or liquid' is filled vinto the barrel to a point well up in the head, and after it has cooled and lcontracted, 'it will`be found that the level of the rosin is even with the top of the barrel where it joins the side of the barrel. In other words. the barrel will be full, instead of several inches below the top. The head of the barrel will then be knocked or forced down alongthe lines of flexure, until it is substantially horizontal across the top of the barrel, the bendingV or exing of the head being along the vpreformed line of flexure for each zone.

The modied form of head shown in Figure 2 differs from that shown in Figure 1, in that the steps 11 are arranged at right angles to each other, instead of being arranged atacute angles as in Figure 1.

In `Figure 3, I have illustrated the broad idea of a. dome-shaped head 12 having a rounded contour with no steps. There could be no collapsing of these heads, but the same could be nested together for shipment. `A cap 13 would be provided for the head 12and would be frictionally held inplace.

It will be apparent that many minor changes in detail of construction may be resorted to .without departure from the spirit of the invention.

Having thus described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent ofthe United States is:

l. A dome-shaped metallic barrel .head dei signed for seaming toa cylindrical barrel body,

the top ofthe dome having a filling openingof consecutively diminishing diameter beginning` at .the-outer periphery, each zone meeting the adjacent zone to form an angle having an apex, and said apex constituting a line of flexure to promote bending when the top of the dome is depressed.

2. A dome-shape signed for seeming toa cylindrical barrel body. the top-of the dome having a filling opening therein, a closure for said opening, saiddome being formed with a plurality of concentric zones of onsecutively diminishing diameter beginning atthe outer periphery, each zone meeting the'- adjacent zone to form an obtuse angle having an apex, and said apex constituting a line of nexure' to promote bending when the top of the dome is depressed.


in barrels where alcontfractible liquid, such-as metallic barrel head ,ue-`

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U.S. Classification220/624, 220/801
International ClassificationB65D8/04, B65D41/32, B65D8/12
Cooperative ClassificationB65D7/04
European ClassificationB65D7/04