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Publication numberUS197612 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1877
Filing dateMar 21, 1877
Publication numberUS 197612 A, US 197612A, US-A-197612, US197612 A, US197612A
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Improvement in prepared vaccine matter
US 197612 A
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W. G. CUTLER. Prepared Vaccine Matter.

No. 197,612. Patented Ndv. 27, 1877.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 197,612, dated November 27,1877 application filed March 21, 1877.

will be hereinafter fully described.

It is well known to those familiar with the subject that animal or human vaccine lymph, as heretofore produced, has several serious objections, among which are that the ivory points which are employed as the agents of transmission of such matter remain reliably charged but a very short time, as also the fact that they may,

instead of being charged with efficient lymph, be only charged with serum-a resultwhich, by the usual process-of charging such points, is unavoidable, the manner of such charging having a tendency to irritate the surface of the vesicle, thereby causing a secretion of serum instead of lymph. v

The principal cause of such charged points remaining vital for so short a period is due to the very thin scales or coating ofvirus thereon, all the cells of which are exposed to atmospheric action. While crusts, as employed for purposes of vaccination, are composed of' the lymph, epidermis, debris, and pus, the latter being, of course, seriously 0b-' jectionable, and as only about one-halfin number of those crusts are reliable, and there bein g no indicating characteristics by which an expert can separate the good from the worthless, therefore the practicing physician is at all times liable to incur all the trouble and expense of revaccinating large numbers of persons whom he has before attempted to vaccinate, but had therein failed, for the reason that his vaccine viruswas inefficient, as" before stated, and of which he could have no proof, except by such failures.

Experiments which I have conducted for the purpose of discovering a remedy for the before mentioned difficulties have demonstrated that solid lymph made intol'a'thick compacted mass will retain its vital properties for three months or more, and is, during that period, always certain in its results.

To produce such solid lymph cones, I have invented the following process: I collect the scales and globules which are formed by the drying of the pure lymph that exudes from the fractures of the vesicle during the seventh, eighth, and ninth days of its stage. I also collect a suflicient quantity of the fluid lymph as it exudes from the fractures of the vesicle. When a sufficient quantity of such scales and globules has been collected, I" reduce them by pulverization to a finely-powdered mass, to which is then added suflicient of the fluid lymph to constitute a thick paste. When this paste has been thoroughly intermixed I mold it into cones, as shown at A in the accompanying drawing. I then charge a fewpoints therewith and dry them for use, and by their use vaccinate two or three infants, and, if efficient, they prove the whole mass to be vital.

I am thus enabled to demonstrate the vitality of every cone, and save the physician the labor and vexation of performing zhe dutly of vaccination the second time, are 1 When it is desired to use any part of a cont the preferable method is to separate the desired quantity by filing it from the cone at one point, in order that the portion thus separated shall not be too largely taken from the surface.

I claim as my invention 1. The process of preparing vaccine virus, by pulverizing and intermixing different pustules, then mixing the same With fluid lymph to the consistency of a paste, and molding v such mass into desired forms for use, substantially as described and shown.

2. Vaccine virus prepared as herein de scribed, and then molded into cones or other suitable forms for use.

WM. 0. CUTLER. Witnesses:


Cooperative ClassificationC12N2710/24143, A61K39/285