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Publication numberUS1979177 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1934
Filing dateApr 21, 1933
Priority dateApr 21, 1933
Publication numberUS 1979177 A, US 1979177A, US-A-1979177, US1979177 A, US1979177A
InventorsStaff William E
Original AssigneeStaff William E
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Convertible game apparatus
US 1979177 A
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INVENTOR 2 Sheets-Sheet l Oct. 30, 1934. w. E. STAFF CONVERTIBLE GAME APPARATUS Filed April 21. 193s ATTORN EY Oct. 30, 1934. w, E, STAFF 1,979,177

CONVERTIBLE GAME APPARATUS Filed April 21. 1933 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 m .9:7/94/0. .@Nooooeaecooo) ATTOR N EY Patented Oct. 30, 1934 'UNITED r-sTr-ilrs PATENT OFFICE Y I l 71,979,177 4ConvnirrnsLE GAME APPARATUS william-n2 staff, Jenkintown, ra. ApplicationApril 21, 1933, Serial No. 667,265

' 2 claims. (c1. 273-3) The invention relates to a game apparatus and more especially to a united combination game apparatus. i

A"distinctive feature of the'iinvention `resides 5 in the settingup on the floor indoors or smooth groundvoutdoors of a frame for use in the playing of many games, commonly known as billiards, pocket billiards, croquet, roque, clock golf, or many other desired games or combination games.

The primary object o-f the invention is the provision of an apparatus of this character, wherein the frame thereof is of a convertible andadjustable character, permitting the adjustment either tov increase or decrease the width and'length of 15 the same, likewise the number of pockets, through '20 playing arena. "Ihepockets, which are of spring metal and each one numbered, may either be closed or opened from zero to six inches as desired according to players choice as to size or kindof balls ybeing used during the playing of a game. Another outstandingfeature of the invention resides in simply sliding keys or sliding plates for adjusting size of openings and setting locking pins through these keys or sliding plates at the top offrame.

-The characterfof the game apparatus has distinctive f eaturesof its own, namely, extension in both length and width unlimited, also converting the pockets tofvarious sizes without'removal of same,"also'elective as to the pockets 'being opened or closed and regulatingthe number of the pock-v ets opened from 1 to 12 or even more if additional straight center frame pieces are inserted and the increasing or decreasing of the playing arena in conformity with the number of pockets.

L"Another object of the invention is the provision of an apparatus of this character, wherein the parts composing the same are designed to effect a frame resembling' either a billiard or pocket billiard table, but utilizing the iioor or ground to act as its bed, bordered by the game apparatus frame, it being readily set up on the floor indoors or smooth ground outdoors and in its use golf balls, billiard balls, croquet balls or other movable units may be employed for the playing of various games or combination games. VThe united combination game'apparatus is of novel construction because the iioor or ground is use d asits base or playing arena and permits the use of any of the l various playingimplements, such as mallets, clubs or sticks according to the game and kind of balls or movable units used.

A further object of the invention is theprovision of an apparatus of this character wherein four score counter racks with sliding metal disks are employed, whereby four players may keep their record orvpoints scored and these are arranged to keep a score of 500 points, thus with 50 aluminum disks, each one counting a single point, and 10 brass disks, each representing 50 points, and after 50 points are scored the aluminum disks are slid back and one brass disk placed to represent 50 points, thus utilizing the brass disks to reach 500 points in this fashion.

A still further object of the invention is the provision of an apparatus of this character which is extremely simple in construction, thoroughly reliable and efcient in its purposes, readily and easily adjusted or converted in conformity with the character of games to be played thereby, strong, durable, and inexpensive to manufacture.

With these and other objects in View, the 1nvention consists in the features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described in detail, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, which disclose the preferred embodiment of the invention, and pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure l is a fragmentary top plan view of a game apparatus constructed in accordance with the invention, the same being set up for use as a floor billiard or pocket billiard table or for many united combinations of games. 90

Figure 2 is a plan view of the apparatus converted for use as a modiied croquet or roque arena.

Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary top plan view of one corner ofthe frame with pocket open. 95

Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary top plan view of one straight side piece of the frame.

' Figure 5 is a view similar to Figure 3 showing the adjustment of the corner of the frame with the same closed.

Figure 6 is a yview similar to vFigure 4 showing the adjustment of 011e side of frame drawn together by key plate and locking pin.

Figure 7 is a fragmentary elevation looking toward the reverse side of the frame as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 8 is a sectional view on the line 8 8 of Figure "l looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 9 is a perspective View of one of the metal wickets, each being numbered as used with the apparatus.

Figure l0 is a perspective view of one of the keys or sliding plates for the frame.

Figure 11 is an elevation of one of the locking pins for the key or sliding plate.

Figure 12 is a plan view of one of the straight pin guides.

Figure 13 isa perspective view ofone of the spring metalI pocket-pieces, this being also numbered in its use with the apparatus.

Figure 14 is a, perspective View of one of the score or counter racks or brackets.

Figure 15 is a perspective view of Yone of the wicket markers, there preferably being eight` number.

Figurel is a detail View of the right corner pin guide. b y f ,Y

Figure 17 is a detail view of the left cornerpin guide.

Similar reference VVcharacters vindicate corresponding parts throughout the severalrviews in the. drawings.v

Referringto the drawings indetail, the apparatus constituting .thel present invention includesparts designed for assembly so as to-provide Aa frame, preferably rectangular in shape, adapted to/restupon a floor or other smooth surface. This frame comprises a plurality of outer and intermediate side sections 10, 10d` and end sections 11, these being in the nature of rails. The sidesectionsat their meeting. ends and fitted at the Ytops thereof carry `channeled pieces k12. these being made fastfto said: sections so that their outer ends are flush with the ends of such sections.y Likewise, the sections 11.0f the ends ofthe frameat thetops thereof'l carry the channeled pieces 13 identical to the pieces 12 and arranged correspondingly thereto.- Removably and adjustably fitted. in these channeled pieces 12 andv l3arestrap-like keys 14 having the finger holdend 15 and provided with a row .of spaced apertures 16. selectively engageable in any one of theapertures 16 is a tapered-pin 17, vthe same beingalso `rei-nnval'oly-engageable in a socket 18 formed in each piecev 12 and. 13 and .also in the sectionsvv underlying` the same. -Thus it will be apparent that the sections can be fastened joined with each other either to close the gaps between x the same at their ends next to each other, or to separate .these ,ends within a considerable range of adjustment. Y

The side and end sections 10 and 11 at the corners of the frame are cut diagonally as at 19,

l While carried at their corner ends are the diagonally disposed channel pieces 20, these being alike to the pieces 12 and 13 to receive the corner keys 21 fastened in a manner similar to the fastening of the keys 14 so that the corners of the frame can be opened or closed and the sections at their points held adjusted.

Located at thejoints between the side sections 10 and end sections 11 and at the corners of the frame are socket pieces 22, these being secured to the said sections and being adapted to detachably receive side and corner pocket pieces 23 and 24 respectively, these being alike to each other so that the frame when equipped with such pieces 23 and 24 will afford a playingarena therein for pocket billiards or billiards.

Each key 17 is carried upon a chain 25 anchored at 26 to theframe.

l Arranged on selected side sections 10 of the frame outside thereof are counter brackets or racks 27 having slidably carried thereby the ment-ofthe frame as is disclosed therein, the

counting disks 28 which are used for counting purposes in the playing of a game.

Removably located between the side and end sections 10 and 11 of the frame when arranged with the pockets 23 and 24, as shown in Figure 1 of the drawings, is a bed sheet 29 preferably made from denim and this sheet constitutes the playing field for a game. The sheet 29 is suitablymarked with scoring lines BO--and 31 respectively, the latter being in the nature of circles, and also with digits 32, these being arranged for identification of scoring in the playing of certain Y games.

In Figure 2r of the drawings, by the arrange- 90 sheet 29 dispensed with and in substitute there are disposed at determined points croquet wickets 33, thesevha'ving thefeet 34, each provided with a holeV 35 for accommodating the pin or fastener to anchor the same upon a foundation in their set relationto eachother as shownin said Figure 2 so'that a modified game of croquet-can be played by the apparatus. Y

Theside and vend rails 10" and 11 at their yinner Walls have counterseatedtherein buffer strips 36, thesebeing coextensive with the sections and functions as cushions, particularly when lplaying' the gameof pocket billiards or billiards.

One of each pair of socket pieces 22 haspivoted thereto a latch 37 for engagement with a'keeper 38 on therother of thepair of -socket pieces so that the meeting ends of the sections 10 and 11 can be fastened together when .the joints` between the sections are closed in a manner as Yshown in Figures 2,- 6 and 7 of the drawings and thus the 1110 frame'will be held rigid and the sections 10 and 11 thereof prevented from separation during the use of the apparatus with the `frame in this arrangement. n

In Figure 15 of the drawings there is shown a I115 substantially U-shaped clip carrying suitable indicia thereon and this clip constitutes a marker for a wicket 33, the clip being engaged with said wicket at the top portion thereof Ato exposethe indicia for identification purposes.

-Each straight intermediate frame 'section 10a indicated on Figure 2 of the drawings is somewhat diierent from the outer and end section 10 or 11 because both ends of same are cut straight, using them for center, sides, top and bottom, center extension likewise. This special feature unit allows the unlimited extension of size to the playing arena, thereby also permitting additional spaces for pockets to be formed by inserting them in the above mentioned manner.

What lis claimed is:

1. A game Yapparatus of the kind described oomprisinga frame having sectional side and end sections, channeled pieces `carried at the upper faces of the side and end sections at their meeting ends, strap-like keys slidably fitted in the channeled pieces, tapered pins selectively engageable at various places of said keys and fitting the channeled members for sustaining the sections with relation to each other, the corners of the frame being diagonally cut and thev channeled pieces correspondingly positioned with respect thereto, and a sheet of material havingv superimposed thereon the frame and bearing markings indicative of playing zones. 145

2. A game apparatus of the kind described comprising a -frame having sectional side and end sections, channeled pieces carried at the upper faces .of the side and end sections at their meeting'ends, strap-like keys slidably fitted in the 156 thereto, socketed pieces at the meeting ends of the sections of the sides and ends of said frame, and loop-like pocket members removably engaged with the socketed pieces, the said pocket members being in the same plane with the frame.


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