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Publication numberUS1979716 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1934
Filing dateMar 8, 1933
Priority dateJan 16, 1933
Publication numberUS 1979716 A, US 1979716A, US-A-1979716, US1979716 A, US1979716A
InventorsTerry Albert Victor
Original AssigneeTerry Albert Victor
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Sculling exerciser
US 1979716 A
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Nov. 6, 1934. A, v. TERRY 1,979,716

' SCULLING EXERCISER Filed March 8, 1953 Patented Nov. 6 1934 UNITED STATES ENT OFICE Application March 8, 1933, Serial No. 660,027 In Great Britain January 16, 1933 4 Claims.

This invention has reference to improvements relating to sculling exercisers and is concerned particularly with sculling exercisers of the kind comprising a frame or base bearing a seat on which the operator sits and grasps handles connected to cords which act against the resistance of springs when drawn towards the operator, a foot rest or rests being provided so that by placing the feet on the rest or rests and alternately pulling and easing the pull on the cords the movements effected in rowing may be simulated.

The present invention has for its object the provision of an improved means by which the illusion of sculling in exercisers of the afore- 5 said kind may be further increased by providing for a rocking movement in a longitudinal direction, thereby simulating the movements of sculling on waves.

The invention consists of an improved sculling exerciser of the kind hereinbefore referred to having in combination therewith a supporting means in the form of a rocker or rockers which results in the exerciser as a whole rocking in a longitudinal plane when in use.

In order that this invention may be clearly understood and readily carried into practice, reference may be had to the appended explanatory sheet of drawing, upon which:-

Figure 1 illustrates in perspective a sculling exerciser incorporating a rocker means according to the present invention.

Figure 2 illustrates in perspective a rocker means detached from the exerciser.

Figure 3 is a transverse section through the center of one of the longitudinal sides of the device.

Figure 4 is a perspective view illustrating the frame of the exerciser adapted as a rocker according to a modification of this invention, the 40 components of the exerciser being omitted for the purpose of clarity.

A convenient embodiment of the invention will now be described in its application to a sculling exerciser of known kind, in which a seat a is slidably mounted on a base 17 consisting of a skeleton rectangular tubular frame and having a foot rest b and a pair of handles 0 connected by means of cords c to one end of a battery of coil springs 0 the other ends of which are anchored to the frame as at b According to the said embodiment of the invention india rubber feet 21 are adapted to fit in corresponding recesses (2 formed in the upper sides of a separable rocker member (1, the sides of which are arranged below the sides of the frame I), as shown in Figure 1, the undersides of the said rocker d being arcuate as at d so that when in use the whole exerciser will rock. d is a ribbed covering which may be advantageously utilized as shown.

The rocker d preferably comprises two segmental side boards as shown united by transverse members 01 In a modification of the invention, see Figure 4, the side members I) of the frame are provided with bowed sections 2, said sections constituting rockers so that in the operation of the exerciser the movement on the seat results in a longitudinal rocking movement being imparted to the exerciser as a whole and the illusion of a sculling effect thereby enhanced.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. The combination with a sculling exerciser having feet on its underside of a supporting means in the form of a rocker comprising two segmental side boards having recesses on their upper edges engageable with said feet, said side boards being united by transverse members.

2. The combination with a sculling exerciser comprising a frame and a seat slidably mounted thereon, of a rocker-shaped support for said frame permitting rocking of the exerciser in longitudinal direction upon the displacements of said sliding seat.

3. The combination with a sculling exerciser comprising a frame and a seat slidably mounted thereon, of a rocker-shaped support for said frame permitting the rocking of the exerciser longitudinally upon the displacements of said sliding seat, and cooperating means on said frame and said support detachably connecting the same.

4. The combination with a sculling exerciser comprising a frame and a seat slidably mounted thereon, of a support for said frame permitting the rocking of the exerciser longitudinally upon the displacements of said sliding seat, said support comprising a plurality of segment-shaped side members connected by transverse members, and cooperating means on said frame and said segment-shaped members holding said parts in their proper relative position.


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U.S. Classification482/72
International ClassificationA63B69/06
Cooperative ClassificationA63B22/0076, A63B2022/0041, A63B22/0089, A63B22/16, A63B2022/0079
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