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Publication numberUS1981253 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 20, 1934
Filing dateJan 5, 1933
Priority dateJan 5, 1933
Publication numberUS 1981253 A, US 1981253A, US-A-1981253, US1981253 A, US1981253A
InventorsSchulz Reinhold H
Original AssigneeSchulz Reinhold H
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Globe dial fixture
US 1981253 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Nov.' 20, 1 .934

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Y My invention relates to a `globe dial fixture, and

particularly to such a fixture for use oni tool machines and other instruments for adjustably supporting work-holders, lay-out plates, etc. It is an object of my invention to provide a globe dial with a top bearing surface and a bearing bolt for permitting quick and accurate exchange of work-holders such as machine plates, vises, tablets and other xtures.

^ The globe-surface is provided with vertical and w horizontal markings similar to parallels meridians which markings serve as a dial so that work supported by the xture can be easily and quickly adjusted. to any desired vertical or horizontal angle. I prefer to provide an annular supporting bearing contacting with an area of the globe surface 15 in width; also I prefer to-make this contact It is a .further object of my invention to provide a clamping member for the globe dial operative toV fasten or release the globe by. only an eighth turn of the clamping nut. A'

It is a further object of my invention to provide [a press piece for locking the globe in the desired position and a resilient member for maintaining suiiicient pressure on the press piece when unf locked that the globe dial will not fall over or out of 4adjustment because of its own weight.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent from the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing` showing a preferred embodiment of'my invention.

The apparatus according to my invention com- .45 prises a globe dial 1 having horizontal and vertical dial markings. The globe dial 1 is mounted ina housing 4 having a substantially cylindrical opening extending upwardly therethrough and terminating in a restricted portion having the same radius as the globe, providing a bearing surface for engaging the globe dial. The restricted bearing portion is of suiiicient length to` cover 15 of thevglobe surface upward equator of the globe.

from the.

The horizontal dial marking begins at a point 15 above the globe center and coinciding with the upper edge of the bearingr surface. These markings extend 45 above and below the zero line. f`

The globe 1 is provided with a-bearing bolt 5 adapted to carry suitable xtures 6' such as machine plates, vises, jigs, etc. A suitable fastening ynut 7 is provided for securing the xtures 6 `on the bolt 5. 65

The globe 1 is retained in the housing 4 by a pressv piece 2 having an annular bearing surfaceV conforming to the surface of the globe 1.

The press piece 2 andthe globe 1 are retained in the housing 4 by a suitableA closure member 3. V70 v steep pitch so that an eighth tur of nut 8 will move press piece 2 to or from clamping'position.

Resilient means such as coil springs 9 are e0 provided between the press piece 2' and closure 3 so that the press piece 2 is constantly engaged with globe 1.` Preferably, the springs 9 exert suflicient force to prevent the globe from turning of its own weight when the clamping members B5 lare in the open position.

-Thebearinginpresspiece2endsinasharpedge which acts to remove all foreign material adhering to the surface of the 'globe 1, thus/ insuring a perfect, accurate seat between the globe 1 and press piece 2. A suitable groove 10 is provided in the press piece for receiving all dirt removed by the cleaning edge.

While I have shown and described a specic embodimeiit of my device, it will be apparent to those skilled in the art that changes and modiflcations can be made without departing from the true spirit of my invention.

1. A globe dial ,iixture comprising a holder having a substantially cylindrical passage therethrough, a restricted portion in said passage, an

annular bearing surface in said restricted portion, a. globe dial received in said passage and seating on said annular bearing, a press-piece for pressing said dial against said bearingfan Aannular bearing on said press-piece, a closure for said passage, said closure having' an opening 110 a stem onA said press-piece extending through said opening, means for preventing relative rotation between said closure and said stem, a member in threaded engagement with said stem for controlling said press-piece and resilient means for maintaining said press-piece in con- 2. A globe dial nxture comprising a base membet, aglobe dial received in saidbasemember and having a portion extending thereahove, 'an annular bearing cooperating with said globe dial, saidbearlngbeingoitoosmall asizetopermit onr said press piece for removing dirt from lthesurface of the globe cooperatingV with the bearingl in the press piece.


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