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Publication numberUS1981923 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1934
Filing dateMay 31, 1934
Priority dateMay 31, 1934
Publication numberUS 1981923 A, US 1981923A, US-A-1981923, US1981923 A, US1981923A
InventorsMiller William W
Original AssigneeGen Outdoor Advertising Co Inc
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Advertising device
US 1981923 A
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Nov. 27, 1934.

w. w. MILLER 1,981,923

ADVERTISING DEVICE Filed May 31, 1954 III bum

Patented Nov. 27, 1934 '-144 n UNITED; *.STATES. PATENT OFFICE l t flbsrszsr Y Y bvEiiTIsiNG DEVICE WilliamkW. Miller, lerwyn, Ill., assigner to General Outdoor'Advertisng 0o.', Inc.,.Chicago, Ill., al corporatinjof New Jersey This invention-relates to anovel and improved bodiment of the invention shown therein:- ,10 advertising device and consistsoffthe matters` indicates a signboard of familiarv construction; hereinafter described' and morev particularly 11 indicates the'novel advertising device which, pointed out in the appended claims. f as shown herein, is embodied in and made a part 5. The object ofv the invention is to provide a of the signboard. 12 indicates a picture frame 60.l

mechanism including a faceplate upon which' isr forming part of the front wall of the signboard, made to appear, as Vvif paintedl thereon, a face Vmounted in a rabbet 13 defining a rectangular which is caused by the mechanism and arrangeopening in said front wall. In the picture frame ment of parts to change in coloring or character 412 is mounted a transparent face plate 14, .prefb y the operation of the mechanism.'l l erably of glass. A back plate 16 is mounted atr 65 In the particular embodiment of the invention the rear of but close to the face plate 14. This shown and described herein, the face is that of a =back plate is held inplace b y ymeans of straps or Woman which is caused in the operation of the bars 17, 17 attached .in-anysuitable manner to apparatus 'at one time `to present all the brilliant the wall structure of the sign; y

coloring of youth, whereas at another time the 18 indicatesa vertically disposed endless band 7o r, same face appears as if masked by a White lm. with its top and bottom'loopsl engaged upon rolls The advantage of such a mechanism for adver- 19, 20 suitably mounted in the walls ofthe sign-` tising will be obvious. In this case the device board v,and with itsforward; lap l5 passing be-` is for the advertisement of a face powder. The tween the face plate 14 and the back plate 16.

20' result of the use of the advertised face powder is The bottom roll 20, as shown, is a driving roll and 75jv pctorially presented by the one view, in which may itself be driven in any suitable manner, as the bright coloring appears on the face, which for example, by a motor 21 mounted in the base is brought into sharp contrast to the view when of the sign or device. The endless band 18 in'this changed and which is designed to show a result case is made of white paper or canvas and is pro- 25 .of the use of other face powders. vided with an elongated opening or window 15a. 80'

'Ihe device is illustrated herein as erected upon On the transparent face plate 14 there is the familiar advertising board with the face of painted, printed or in other way presented, ahead exaggerated size to be visible at long distances. 14a with the unchangeable features of the picture Its use in connection with smaller sign boards to be depicted, as for example, the hair. Also on will be apparent. the said face plate are depicted eyes, eyelashes, 85

In the drawingz- Land eyebrows 22, nostrils 23 and lips 24, which Figure 1 is a front face view of a signboard likewise are features of the picture intended to be provided with the improved advertising device; unchangeable. As shown and preferably, the

Figure 2 is a vertical section through the adfirst named features of the picture, namely, the

vertising device in a plane indicated by the line hair and the like, are made on cardboard attached 90 2-2 of Figure 1; to the said face plate. The second named fea- Figure 3 is a front face view of the picture tures, the eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, nostrils and frame, which forms the front ofthe device and lips, are made by paint or color applied directly in which appears mounted the picture of the to the face plate. This makes the main unface on view; changeable features of the picture stand out with 95 Figure 4 is a front elevation of a back plate respect to the face proper. In any case these which forms part of the apparatus; and several features are made opaque, leaving the Figure 5 is a perspective view of an endless face plate transparent where the outline or conband mounted on vertically spaced rolls. The tour of the face proper is to appear, movement of the band brings about the change On the back plate 16 is depicted the coloring 100 in the appearance of the face of the picture. matter 25 of the face. This is located in hori- In Figure `1 the face of a girl or Woman apzontal projection back of the transparent part pears in the frame with the natural coloring of 14b in the face plate defining the contour of the youth, designed to illustrate the result of the face, so as to be disclosed therethrough in proper use of the powder (in this case) ofthe advertiseassociation withl the hair, eyes, eyelashes, eye- 105 ment. brows, nostrils and mouth as if superposed there- In Figure 3 appears the same face but in this on. It is obvious that the normal appearance of case with the white nlm or mask attributed to be the face will be that including the vivid coloring left by the use of other or inferior face powders. 25 on the back plate 16, as shown in Figure 1.

lY Referring 110W t0 the drawing and to the em- Whenthe band is operated to continuously pass 110l its forward lap between the face plate 14 and the back plate 16, the back plate or rather the coloring 25 thereon, will be revealed when the window 18a is in front of it, but will be obscured and masked 5 when the windowless part of the band is in front of it. In the latter case the white band will occupy the space in the lpicture .otherwise occupied by the coloring 25 on the back plate, whichcoloring it will mask. On this dead white face, disyclosed through the transparent part lab of thel face plate, appear in proper association the unchangeable features, as the hair, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, nostrils and lips, thus giving as in Figure 3 the same face as shown in Figure 1, except that the vivid coloring of Figure 1 will be replaced by the White mask shown in Figure 3.

Any suitable words or slogans designed to set forth the article to be advertised, as in this case -a face powder, may be applied to the .signboard 1 the invention is not limited thereto, except as may be pointed out in the appended claims.

I claim as my invention:

1. In an advertising device, a transparent face plate, a back plate, a band having a window and being movable in a plane between said .back and face plates, opaque means depicting upon said face plate unchangeable features of a picture to be presented, said back plate bearing features of said picture to be changed, said last `named .fea-

tures being disclosed through the part of the face plate left transparent to superpose the features on the face plate upon the features on the back plate, and means for moving said band to alternately mask and disclose features on said back plate.

2. In an advertising device, .a transparent face y .to alternately mask and disclose the colored con- V'tour on said back plate.

v3. In .an advertising device, a transparent face plate, a back plate,- anendless band having a; window and having a lap movable in aY plane be' tween said back and :face plates, rolls von which said endless band is mounted, opaque means depicting upon said face plate the hair, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, nostrils and lips of ahead to be pictured vwith the part of the plate outlined by the hair to present .the contour of the face left transparent, a colored contour on the back plate normally visible thro-ugh the transparent part of the face plate in association withthe features depicted on said face plate, and means for driving said rolls to move said band to alternately mask and disc-lose the colored contour on said backplate.


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