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Publication numberUS1982923 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1934
Filing dateJan 20, 1930
Priority dateJan 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1982923 A, US 1982923A, US-A-1982923, US1982923 A, US1982923A
InventorsNelson George B
Original AssigneeNelson George B
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Mail box
US 1982923 A
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Dec. 4, 1934. G. B. NELSON I 1,982,923

MAIL- BOX Filed Jan. 20-, 1930 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 fieorye (B n la 0 72,

zy 026M Dec. 4, 1934. G NELSON 1,982,923

MAIL BOX Filed Jan. 20, 1930 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 hi I 6 6L Q1 i 5 0 llillm Z2 1 o IHIII E j! g y Patented Dec. 4, 1934 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE-1" 5 Claims.

The present invention relates to containers or box constructions, and more in particular to mail box constructions especially adapted for rural and suburban communities.

Among the objects of the present invention is to provide .a'novel constructed mail box or the like preferably fabricated from sheet metal or the like, the same being reinforced and of such a design as to effectively withstand stresses and strains tending to twist and warp the same, as likewise to provide a compartment or container adapted to keep out rain, snow and sleet and to protect mail or other similar packages or the like therefrom. I

In a specific embodiment illustrative of the invention, the same comprises a body box-like portion preferably cut or stamped from sheet metal or the like and having parts which may be bent to form a bottom,'back and ends therefor. The back part is provided with turned ends adapted,

when bent, to be secured to the rear edge of the end partsby such means as rivets, bolts or the like. Movable top and front parts are provided andare hingedly connected to the body portion. Angles are secured along and'adjacent the edges to which the top and front are hinged to provide reinforcing means for that portion of the box. The bottom of the body portion is reinforced in a transverse direction by similar angles or any other suitable means, these angles being spaced apart, the downwardly extending flanges thereof being provided with suitable apertures for the passage of bolts, screws, nails or other attaching means for securing the box to a post, pedestal or other supporting means. V

The invention comprehends-the idea of providing relatively movable top and front portions which are hingedly connected to the body portion, these movable parts of the box being connected by movable mechanism such that the top may move upwardly simultaneously upon movement ofthe front outwardly and downwardly. Such mechanism which is shown and illustrative of the invention comprises a sector-shapedplate secured to either end or both ends of the movable front. An arm is provided and is hingedly connected to the plate and to the top such that a movement of the plate or plates cause the arm to move the top upwardly.

Another object of the invention is to provide a mechanism, such as disclosed in the preceding paragraph, with means whereby the top will maintain its relative position to the movable front when the latter is in its open position. Su'chmeans are shown in the specific embodiment illustrative of the invention wherein the end of the arm is adapted to contact withthe top when the front is moved outwardly and the pivotal conmotion between the plate and arm has passed the line extending between the centers of movement of such pivotal connection. When' the end of the arm is in contact with the top, movement of the top can be effected only by initial movement of the front inwardly;

The invention further comprehends the idea of providing a partition or false end or ends spaced'from theien'dsof the body portion and connected to said portion for preventing mail or the like in the box from coming] into contact with the mechanism. connected to the "top and front.,-

The. invention stillfurther 'comprehends the, idea of providing] a signalling device which may be readily seen from all directions and which signalling device is automatically swung out of I its signalling'position upon opening the front of thebox. f- I I Means are further provided forilockingthe top and frontparts of the box, such means likewise having, strap parts transversely secured to these movable parts of the box forreinforcing the same.

Other objects, features,capabilities and advantagesare comprehended by'the invention as will later appear and as are inherently possessed thereby.

Referring to the drawings: I

Fig. 1 is a front view in elevation of the novel mail box and showing the same connected to a post or'the like.

' Fig. 2,.is an end view in elevation of the novel box shown in Fig. 1 of the drawings. I

Fig. 3 is a vertical cross sectional view taken in the plane represented by line 3-3 of Fig. 1 of the drawings. I

Fig. 4 is a vertical cross sectional view similar to that shown inFig. 3 of the drawings-and disclosing the movable parts of the boxin their opened. position.

Fig. 5-i's a fragmentary top plan view taken in aplane represented by line 5 5 of Fig.4 of the drawings and disclosing. in detail the end construction of the novel mail-box. I

Referring now more in detail to the drawings, the. embodiment selected to illustrate the invention is disclosed as comprising a'body portion 1 and relatively movable top and front panels or parts 2 and 3, respectively. The body portion 1 is preferably stamped or-cut from-an integral strip or pieceofsheet metal and bentto form a bottom 4, back 5 and ends 6 and 7, the latter end part not being shown but being the same as the end 6. The back part 5 has its vertical edges at the ends thereof bent or turned as at 8 and adapted to fit within the ends 6 and 7, which turned edges are secured to the ends 6 and 7 by rivets 9 or other similar and suitable means.

The top 2 of the mail-box is hingedly connected as by the hinges 10 to the upper edge of the back '5, while the front 3 is similarly hinged by the hinge elements 11 to the front or forward edge of the bottom 4. In order to reinforce and strengthen the mailbox in a longitudinal direction and along the edges to which the hinges 10 and 11 are connected and which are subject to excessive stresses, angles 12 and 13 are provided and are secured to the body portion 1 and adjacent these edges. It will be seen that thesereinforcing means are so placed that they very effectively strengthen the body parts to which they areconnected and prevent the body portion 1 from twisting and warping when subjected to elemental forces, as likewise stresses and strains which are applied to these hinged points upon movement or manipulation of themovable top and front. The bottom 4 of the body portion 1 is further reinforced in. a transverse direction by similar angles 14 and '15, these angles being spaced apart and securely attached to the bottom 4 by rivets 16 or the like. These'spaced transverse reinforcing angles serve 'a twofold purpose, the same being spaced apart a sufficient distance so that the downwardly extending flanges thereof will receive an end of a support,

I, post or the like 17, each of the downwardly extending flanges of these angles being provided with spaced apertures or holes through which may extend a bolt, screw or other suitable means 18 for connecting the mail-box to the support or P st. j

'j III IOIdB I to provide a mail-box which is tight and for keeping snow, sleet or rain'from entering into theinterior thereof, the lower edge 19 of the front 3 extends "a substantial distance below the forward edge of the bottom 4, while the top is provided with a turned-in flange 20 adapted to contact and layflush against the top 2 when the same is in its-closed position. 'The ends of the front 3 are likewise provided with'an inwardly turned flange, such as 21, which are adapted to extend or overlap the vertical edges of the ends 6 and '7.

The top 2 is of similar construction and has a downwardly turned rear edge 22 adaptedto extend beyond the upper edge of the back 5, the

3 front and ends of the top being provided with downwardly extending flanges, such as 23, adapted to overlap the top'edges ofthe front 3 and ends of the body portion 1. h

A suitable means or mechanism is provided in the embodiment disclosed for simultaneously moving or lifting the top2 upon movement or upon opening the front 3 in a forwardly and downward direction. Such means comprise a sector-shaped plate 24 provided with flanges 25 for securing the same, as by means of rivets or the like 26, to and adjacent the ends of the front 3. Adjacent each of the ends of the top 2 is provided an ear or lug 26 which is secured by rivets or bolts 27 thereto, and which has an end 28 of an arm or lever 29 pivotallyconnected therewith, The other end of this arm 29 is pivotally connected at 30 to a corner of the sector-shaped plate 24. It will be readily seen that upon movement of the front 3 that the top will simultanee ously be moved upwardly.

The end 28 of the arm 29 is cut on an angle with the longitudinal axis of the arm so that the same will contact with the top to provide a rest therefor when the pivot point 30 has passed beyond a line extending between the centers of movement of this pivot point, as clearly disclosed in Fig. 4 of the drawings. When the top and front are in the position shown in this figure of the drawings, the box may be closed only by initially exerting an upward force against the front 3.

In order to prevent mail or other objects in the "box from coming into contact with the plate 24 and arm 29 when the box is closed, false ends or partitions 31 are provided, these partitions being provided with a flange 32 for attaching the same to the bottom 4 as by way of rivets or the like 33. These partitions are spaced from the ends 6 and '7 a sufficient distance to permit entrance of the plate 24 and arm 29 when the box is in its closed position, as shown in Fig.3 of the drawings.

Adjacent the forward edge of an end of the top is secured spaced cars 34 and 35 between which is pivotally secured a signalling device 36 having surface portions 37 and 38 atright angles to each other so that when the signal is in an upright or signalling position, the same is visible fromall directions. This signallingdevice is so positioned and pivoted that it will automatically swing out of its upright position when the front opened and the top is simultaneously moved upward. It will be noted that the top of the mail-box is flat and that the signalling device is in such a position that parcels and packages may, if desired, be placed thereon and at times when the interior of the box is filled or the packages are of such a size as would not permit placingthem in the interior.

' A letter and coin holding means is provided on the inside face of the front3, this holder comprising a sheet or strip of metal 39 bent upon itself at its lower edge 40, which edgeis secured by rivets or the like 41 to the front 3. The bent portions of the strip are further bent, as shown in Figs. 3 and 4 of the drawings, to provide the spaced resilient free ends 42 and 43 defining a longitudinal slot or opening 44 for the reception of letters and the like.

- For providing a means for locking the movable top and front of the mail-box, a strap 45 is secured across the top 2, this strap having a down: wardly and outwardly extending part 46 providedwith an aperture 47 adapted to register with a similar aperture 48 in a handle 49'which has a strap portion attached across the front 3. A padlock may be provided for connecting these looking elements and holding these straps together. These straps further provide a transverse reinforcing means for preventing twisting and warping of the top and front of the box.

While I have herein described and upon the drawings shown an illustrative embodiment of the invention, it is to be understood that'the invention is not limited thereto, but may comprehend other constructions, arrangementsof parts, details and features without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Having thus disclosed the invention, I claim:

1. In a mail-box having a body portion, a top and front hingedly connected to said body por-. tion, a plate secured to said front and extending laterally thereof, an arm pivoted to said top and plate adapted to raise said top .uponl' outward movement of said front, the end of said arm adapted to contact said top when said front is in a certain position to provide a rest for said cover and to maintain said top and front in open position.

2. In a mail-box having a body portion, a top and front hingedly connected to said body portion, a plate secured to said front, an arm pivoted to said top and plate, the end of said arm pivoted to said top being adapted to contact the top after the pivotal connection of said arm and plate passes beyond a line between the centers of movement of the same.

3. In a mail-box having a body portion, a top and front hingedly connected to said body portion, a member secured to said front and extending laterally thereto, and an arm pivoted to said member and top for moving said top upwardly upon outward movement of said front, said arm adapted to contact withsaid top for limiting the movement of said top and front.

4. In a mail-box construction having a body portion, a relatively movable top and front hingedly secured to said body portion, means connected to said top and front for effecting movement of said top upon movement of said front, a

signalling device pivotally mounted on the upper side of said top, said signalling device having a rounded lower rear corner whereby to permit said signal to move out of signalling position upon opening said front.

5. In a mail box having a body portion, a top and front hingedly connected to said body portion, members secured to both sides of said front and extending laterally thereto, said members extending substantially from top to bottom of said front so as toprovide a weather tight seal for said

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