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Publication numberUS1983153 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1934
Filing dateOct 27, 1933
Priority dateOct 27, 1933
Publication numberUS 1983153 A, US 1983153A, US-A-1983153, US1983153 A, US1983153A
InventorsSwerdloff Max M
Original AssigneeSwerdloff Max M
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Combination receptacle and advertising display
US 1983153 A
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@s a 1 I Patented Dec. 4, 1934 COMBINATION RECEPTACLE AND ADVERTISING DISPLAY Max M. Swerdlofl, Buffalo, N. Y.

Application October 27, 1933, Serial No. 695,484

1 Claim. (Cl. 220-83) This invention relates generally to waste receptacles but more particularly to a receptacle or receiver designed for use in hotel and theater lobbies, amusement parks, and similar public 5 places.

One of its chief objects is to provide a receptacle of this character which has been designed and constructed for conspicuously displaying advertising matter thereon.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a waste receptacle having simple means thereon for detachably receiving and displaying advertising matter and at the same time preventing unscrupulous persons from injuring or removing such matter from the receptacle.

' In the accompanying drawing:-

Figure 1 is a sectional side elevation of a waste receptacle embodying my invention. Figure 2 is a horizontal section thereof taken on line 2--2,

Figure 1.

Similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

While the receptacle for receiving the waste material may be of any suitable construction, that shown in the drawing,'by way of example, comprises an outer can-body or casing 10 preferably of rectangular shape in elevation and cross-section and made of sheet metal or other appropriate materials. This can-body is open at its upper end and reinovably arranged therein is a waste receiver or container 11 which may be in the form of a wire basket or the like.

The open upper end of the can-body 10 is provided with a vertically-swinging cover 12 hinged at 13 to the rear wall thereof and having a hasp 14 or like element at its front end by which it may be locked, as by a pad-lock 15, to the adjoining upper end of the front wall of the can-body. This cover has an opening 16 therein for introducing the waste and rubbish into the receiver 11, and

by locking the cover in its closed position unscrupulous persons are prevented from gaining access thereto. By preferance, the cover has an outwardly projecting flange or rim 17 which overhangs the side walls of the can-body for a purpose which will hereafter appear.

Applied to the sides of the outer can-body 10 are removable or renewable advertising displays preferably consisting of panels 18 of shatter-proof glass or like material and on the back side of which the advertising data are applied. These panels are held in place along their marginal side and bottom edges by a retaining frame preferably composed of angle-shaped strips or bars 19 which may be riveted, welded or otherwise secured to the exterior sides of the walls of the can-body and which form resulting guide-ways or substantially U-shaped pockets for effectually retaining these panels against downward and lateral displacement. When the cover is closed, the overhanging cover-flange 17 prevents removal of the panels from the can-body by persons inclined to be mischievous, while in the open position of the cover these panels can be readily inserted into or removed from the open-ended frames provided by the bars 19.

Aside from providing a handy and convenient waste receiver for use in public places and affording a medium for promoting cleanliness and sanitation in such places, this receptacle is so designed as to provide conspicuous advertising displays which can be readily applied to and removed from the can-body, which are effectually guarded against injury or damage, and which at the same time are reliably held in place against removal by unscrupulous persons.

If desired, the panels 18 may be secured to the side walls of the can-body 10 by bolts 20.

I claim as my invention:-

A combination receptacle and advertising display, comprising an outer can-body including a cover hinged thereto having a waste-receiving opening therein and a flange overhanging the sides of said body, a waste receiver removably arranged within said can-body, panel-receiving frame applied to the exterior side of the canbody and including upright guide ways open at their upper ends and terminating below the cover in the plane of its flange, the latter providing an overhanging top closure for the guide ways in the closed position of the cover, and a transparent advertising display panel removably fitted in said frame and normally held therein against upward displacement by the overhanging cover-flange, said panel bearing advertising matter on its inner face.


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