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Publication numberUS1983470 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1934
Filing dateNov 15, 1933
Priority dateNov 15, 1933
Publication numberUS 1983470 A, US 1983470A, US-A-1983470, US1983470 A, US1983470A
InventorsJoseph J Knape
Original AssigneeKnape & Vogt Mfg Co
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US 1983470 A
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J. J. KNAPE BRACKET Dec. 4, 1934.

Filed Nov. 15, 1955 55" Referring particularly to Figs. 1 and 2, 10 larly to the attachment between the plate mem- 110 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE BRACKET Joseph J. Knape, Grand Rapids, M.ich., assig'nor to Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Company, Grand Rapids, Mich., a corporation of Michigan Application November 15, 1933, Serial No. 698,035

3 Claims. (Cl. 248-19) This invention relates generally to a supportindicates the web of a vertical supporting meming device and more particularly to an adjustber, 11 its flanges and 12 the slots or openings able bracket which is adapted to hold shelves which are formed in the web 10. in show cases or in any other relation. A bracket arm 13, see particularly Fig. 5, is

Briefly described, the bracket consists of a formed with hook members 14 which extend out- 60 bracket arm of fiat construction having two inwardly and downwardly, these hook members tegrally formed hooks extending from one edge passing through the slots 12 as will later be thereof, these hooks being inserted into slots described. Also, the bracket arm 13 has small in a vertical supporting member whereby sliding projections 15.

;motion between these two members will cause Referring now to Fig. 4, 16 indicates the plate 65 a locking of the bracket in place. Also, a plate member generally, such having a raised portion member is fastened to the flat bracket arm so 17 in which a plurality of slots 18 are formed, as to fricticnally engage against the outer side these slots receiving the hook members 14 and of the supporting member. the small projections 15. The propjections 15 I One of the primary objects of my invention is are headed over as clearly shown at 19 in Fig. 7 to provide a construction wherein the bracket 3 and thus the plate member and the bracket arm may be attached or detached with a simple arm are securely attached together. sliding movement and yet in which the two From an inspection of Fig. 5, it will be seen members will be securely and firmly attached that considerable space exists between the down- 20 together and accidental detachment prevented. ward extension of the hook members 14 and the Another advantage resides in the process of body 13 of the bracket arm, as indicated at 20 manufacturing the bracket arm whereby the and thus the manufacture of this piece of metal hook members may be readily formed inasmuch is easily attained by a punching operation. This as the portions which are out out during the space 20 is permissible as well as desirable due formation of these hook members is of sufficient to the offset construction of the plate member size to prevent any difliculty from being had 16 whereby the outer edge portions of this plate during this punching operation. member contact with the outer surface of the Other advantages will become apparent as the web 10 and the inner vertical edges of the downdescription proceeds. ward extensions of the hook members 14 con- 305 In the drawing:- tact against the inner side of the web 10, the

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the single bracdistance between the planes of these surfaces ket arm attached to its supporting post. being substantially equal to the thickness of the Fig. 2 is a fragmentary View of the bracket metal in the web 10. See Fig. 3. arm in attached position, the vertical post being The plate member 16, see Figs. 1, 2 and 4, is 35:ShOWI1 in cross section. slightly bowed or bent as indicated at 21 and Fig. 3, partly shown in section, illustrates the this bowed portion causes the upper hook memconnection between the bracket arm and the ber to become tightly engaged with the flange plate member. 10 upon downward movement of the bracket Fig. 4 is a sectional view through'the plate arm to its operative position. Also, the lower -member. hook member 14 also tends to tighten somewhat Fig. 5 is a side view of the rear end of the during this downward attaching movement. bracket arm. Referring now to Fig. 7, such showing a cross Fig. 6 is a plan view illustrating the connection sectional view of a supporting post or strip, 22 between the bracket arm and its supporting post. indicates its flange and 23 its rearwardly ex-- 45 ShOWS a modified form of P081? ng tending webs, these webs each having an inwardrei fo ci g fi 1 ly extending lip 24 whereby the supporting strip Fig. 8 likewise shows a modified form of post. is strengthened F 9 s ow ye a e o m o po this v Fig. 8 discloses another type of supporting strip 1 o di l in a pl m mb r of ff nt nin which 25 indicates the web, 26 the flanges and 50 Istruction. 27 an L-shaped reinforcing construction.

Fig. 10 is a type of post somewhat similar to Fig. 9 shows a modified form in which the that shown in Fig. 9. bracket arm 13 is provided with a plate member Similar numerals refer to similar parts 28, this plate member being of fiat construction throughout the several views. but being attached to the bracket arm 13 simishowing of Fig. 5.

bar 16 and the bracket arm 13. In this modification, a supporting strip 29 is provided, the web of this strip being difset rearwardly as indicated at 30 whereby the hooks 14 will properly engage the same. That is, the space between the front edge of the hook members and the outer edges of the'plate member 23 is of "sufficient size as to provide easy manufacture as previously described in connection with the Fig. 10 illustrates a cross sectional view of a supporting strip having a curved web 31 and fianges32, the curved web 31 being utilized siniilarly to the web of the vertical supporting strip as shown in Fig. 9. 77

Having thus? revealed this invention, I claim as new and desire to secure the following come binations and'elements, or equivalents thereof, by Letters Patent of the United States.

I claim: W W

l. A bracket comprising, a bracket arm of flat metal adapted to be positioned in a vertical plane, hook 'members extending horizontally from one end of said' bracket arm, a plate member having openings through which the hook members pass, said plate member having a curved ,cross section, and means for fastening the plate member onto the said bracket arm.

2. A bracket comprising, a bracket arm of flat metal adapted to be positioned in a vertical plane, integrally formed means extending horizontally and then downwardly from said bracket arm, and plate means fastened to the bracket arm iiiteriorly of the downward extensions, said plate member having a curved cross section for the purpose described.

3. In combination, a support provided with spaced slots, a bracket consisting of a fiat arm adapted to be located in the plane of said slots, said fiat arm having hooks extending from one end thereofgisaid hooks being of such size as to extend through said slots and then being adapted to be slid longitudinally of the said support and a plate means rigidly fastened to the bracket arm, said plate means having a portion located at an angle to the support so as ,to cause increased frictional engagement of the upper hook member as the bracket arm is slid longitudinally along the support to its operative position.


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U.S. Classification248/243
International ClassificationA47B57/42
Cooperative ClassificationA47B57/42
European ClassificationA47B57/42