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Publication numberUS1983601 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1934
Filing dateNov 24, 1931
Priority dateNov 24, 1931
Publication numberUS 1983601 A, US 1983601A, US-A-1983601, US1983601 A, US1983601A
InventorsConn Carl E
Original AssigneeConn Carl E
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Mucus surface scraper and medicinal distributor
US 1983601 A
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c E. CONN 1,983,601



The invention relates to a device adapted for use either or both as a scraping cleanser and distributor of medicinal or antiseptic solutions for and to any of the mucus surfaces of the body accessible for such treatment, particularly for the tongue, being an instrument in which suction and scraping may be combined for the purpose of cleansing, and during which operation, or successively, any appropriate medicinal or antiseptic agent may be spread on the surface being treated, the device being particularly applicable by reason of its combined suction and scraping principle of operation for reaching and thoroughly cleansing irregular surfaces such as caused by the crevices and fissures between papillae of the tongue.

The objects of the invention are to thoroughly cleanse any such surface, and if desired, to coincidentally or successively treat it with appropriate medicinal or antiseptic agents.

For the purpose of illustrating the salient features of my invention in its preferred embodiment, reference will now be made to the accompanying drawing, in which:-

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the device; Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section through the instrument as shown in Fig. 1; and Fig. 3 is a plan view, from the direction indicated by the arrows 3-3 on Fig. 2 of the distributor-scraper-suction head, 30 showing the arrangement and distribution of ports and of the divisional scraping blades for distributing suction and coincidentally or successively, as and if desired, applying any appropriate remedial or antiseptic solution.

In the drawing 1 is a combined handle and suction and solution conveyor tube, which may be made of metal, glass, or any other suitable material, and which is provided with a roughened or milled outside surface as indicated perspectively in Fig. 1 of the drawing, which milled or roughened surface extends for approximately half its length, to secure the hold of the instrument by the operator.

Attached by any suitable means, preferably by screw threads, to one end of the tube 1 is a short nipple 2, having an extension 3 of smaller diameter than the inside diameter of the tube 1 into which said extension telescopes. At the end 50 of the nipple 2 opposite the extension 3 is secured by any suitable approximately air-tight joint, preferably by tight frictional engagement, a hollow bulb or ball 4 of rubber or other suitable elastic or resilient material.

At the end of the tube 1 opposite the rubber ball 4 is rigidly secured the combined suction, scraper, and distributor head 5. The head 5 is divided horizontally by a partition 6, forming above it a chamber for the distribution of suction, and, if desired, any appropriate medicinal or antiseptic solution, which distribution is made through ports 7 in said partition 6 into the divisions formed by the blades 8. The function of these blades 8 in the preferred form shown in the drawing, dividing the chamber below the partition 6 into three compartments (although I do not desire to be limited to any particular number of blades, as more or less than the two illustratedin the drawing will perform the same function in substantially the same manner) is to aid in the distribution of suction and in and of any medicinal or antiseptic agent the use of which is deemed appropriate, as well as to cooperate with the lower edges of the peripheral walls of the head as scraping elements.

In operation, if it is desired, coincidentally with the scraping process, to distribute any medicinal or antiseptic solution on the surface being treated, the rubber bulb or ball 4 with its attached nipple 2 and extension 3 is removed by unscrewing, and the extension 3 used as a suction tube to draw the liquid into the ball 4. The nipple being then screwed into the tube 2, the suction head 5 with its scraping peripheral wall and blades 8 is applied to the surface to be treated, when the compression of the ball 4 will distribute solution on the surface being treated, and its permitted expansion will create a suction while the scraping operation is being performed. By compressing and permitting the expansion of the ball 4, either coincidentally during the scraping operation or successively, the surface being treated will be thoroughly scraped by the scraping surfaces of the head and cleansed by the suction created by the manipulation of the bulb.

What I claim is:

1. In a device of the character described, the combination of suction means, a combined scraper and suction chamber, said chamber being divided horizontally intoan upper and a lower compartment by a horizontal perforated partition, said lower compartment being further divided by a plurality of Vertical partitions, the lower edges of which vertical partitions form scraping elements, a handle for the manual application of the scraper and suction chamber to the surface to be treated, and a conduit through said handle between the suction means and the suction chamber.

2. In a device of the character described a surface to be treated, combined medicinal distributing and suction means, consisting of a hollow rubber bulb attached to the end of said handle, a conduit through said handle between said combined medicinal and suction means and said combined scraper distributor and suction chamber.


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