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Publication numberUS1984253 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1934
Filing dateJul 11, 1934
Priority dateJul 11, 1934
Publication numberUS 1984253 A, US 1984253A, US-A-1984253, US1984253 A, US1984253A
InventorsCox Thelma L
Original AssigneeCox Thelma L
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Breast protector
US 1984253 A
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Dec. 11, 1934. L, cox 1,984,253

BREAST PROTECTOR Filed July 11, 1954 Jay. 2

sin 110M041 ThZmaL- G020 Patented Dec. 11, 1934 v I UNITED STATES PATENT. OFFICE BREAST PROTECTOR Thelma. L. Cox, West Los Angeles, Calif. Application July 11, 1934, Serial No. 734,672 1 Claim. (01. 128-280) The present invention relates to improvecollect in the pocket when the breast protector ments in apparel and has reference more paris in use. A binding tape 4 extends over the ticularly to a breast protector which is espevulcanized lower edges of the sections of each cially designed for nursing mothers. pocket and is stitched thereto. t

5 The primary object of the present invention A similar binding tape 5 is stitched to the 5 resides in the provision of a breast protector that upper edge of the front section 2 and this bindwill positively prevent any milk' from coming in ing tape 5 is of such length as to extend across contact with the clothing and soiling the same, both pockets thereby connecting the two pockand without causing any discomfort to the ets in juxtaposed relation with each other.

wearer. As clearly disclosed in Figure 2, the breasts 10 A further and important object is to provide are confined within their respective pockets abreast protector of the above mentioned charwith the rear section 3 being disposed underacter that includes means for readily and easily neath while the front section extends completesecuring the device in position to receive and 1y over the top face of the breasts.

1:; enclose the breasts, the supporting means being My improved breast protector further includes adapted to be detachably connected to the shoula novel means for supporting the same in posi- .der straps of the brassiere or slip, under which tion on the body of the wearer and to this end, the breast protector is worn. there is provided a pair of relatively short straps A further object is to provide a breast proor tabs 6, one tab being connected to the upper tector of the above' character which is simple edge portion of the front section of each pocket 20 in construction, inexpensive to manufacture, at the center thereof by stitching. A snap durable and further well adapted for the purfastener of the conventional construction is asposes for which it is designed. sociated with the respective ends of each tab, Other objects and advantages of the present the male or head portion of such separable invention will become apparent from the followfastener being designated by the numeral 7 and 25 ing description when taken in connection with being connected to the end of the tab that is the accompanying drawing. stitched to the front section of each pocket In the drawing, wherein like reference characwhile the female or socket portion of the snap ters designate corresponding parts throughout fastener that is designated by the numeral 8 the several views: g is carried by the free end of each tab. 30

Figure 1 shows my improved breast protector The tabs 6 are adapted to be disposed around as it appears when being worn beneath a slip; the shoulder strap 9 of the slip 10, under which Figure 2 is a side elevation disclosing a porthe breast protector is worn and after being tion of the slip broken away to more clearly passed around these shoulder straps, the socket disclose the manner in which the breast promembers 8 are connected to the heads '7 thereby tector is used; positively connecting the breast protector to the Figure 3 is a rear face view of my improved shoulder strap and by which the device is propbreast protector; and erly supported in position.

Figure 4 is a vertical sectional view taken While I have shown the breast protector as 40 approximately on the line 44 of Figure 3, being worn beneath a slip, it is to be understood 40 through one of the pockets. that the same may also be worn beneath a In the drawing, wherein for the purpose of brassiere or the like and I do not wish to limit illustration is shown the preferred embodiment myself to the particular undergarment with of myinvention, the numeral 1 designates genwhich my breast protector may be associated.

erally my improved breast protector, the same In supporting the breast protector from the 45 comprising a pair of identical pockets formed shoulder straps of an undergarment in the parpreferably of rubberized material. ticular manner disclosed and illustrated in the Each pocket is formed, of two pieces of madrawing, the use of back encircling supporting terial and comprises a front section 2 that is straps and safety pins is entirely eliminated,

substantially elliptical in shape, and a rear secthus enabling the device to be readily and easily 50 tion or part 3 that is substantially half-moon attached in position and removed when necesshaped, as clearly illustrated in Figure 3. The sary and when worn, the device will cause no front and rear section of each pocket are vuldiscomfort whatsoever to the wearer. canized together along their lower edges to as- The advantages of this device are readily sure against any leakage of the milk that may apparent and much of the inconvenience and 55 being formed of rubberized material and inclu'ding an elliptically shaped front section, and a halt-moon shaped rear section, said sections being vulcanized together along their lower edges,

a binding tape extending over the vulcanized lower-edges of said sections of each pocket, an additional binding. t pe extending across the upper edges of the front sections 0! the two pockets to connect the same together in juxtaposed relation with each other, shoulder strap encircling tabs attached to the upper edges of the front sections of the respective pockets to support the breast protector on the body of the wearer in position to receive the breasts, and a separable fastener associated with each tab for holding the same in loop forming relation.


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U.S. Classification604/346, 450/37
International ClassificationA41C3/00, A41C3/04
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