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Publication numberUS1985585 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1934
Filing dateJun 26, 1931
Priority dateJun 26, 1931
Publication numberUS 1985585 A, US 1985585A, US-A-1985585, US1985585 A, US1985585A
InventorsStone Charles F
Original AssigneeStone Charles F
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Delivery box for such articles as cigars and cigarettes
US 1985585 A
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Filed June 26', 1931 Patented Dec. 25, 1934 PATENT OFFICE DELIVERY BOX FOR. soon ARTICLES AS CIGARS AND CIGARETTES Charles F. Stone, Upper Darby, Pa.

' Application June 26, 1931, Serial No. 546,942

'3 Claims.

My invention relates to a delivery holder for cigars, cigarettes and the like.

A purpose of my invention is to provide a package having two compartments with articles such as cigarettes or cigars in both compartments, and using a partition wall as a guide and slope to assist in delivery of the articles.

A further purpose is to provide a package of articles such as cigars, cigarettes or the like with a delivery slope Within" the package and with a gate, adapted not only to permit the discharge of the articles, but to assist in moving them outwardly.

A further purpose is to provide a package having two compartments and a diagonal partition between them and having two delivery gates for use in sliding the article of one compartment down one side of the partitionand the articles of the other compartment down the other side of the partition.

A further purpose is to equipa' lateral discharge opening from a compartment for articles such as cigars, cigarettes or the like with a hinged ledge capable of initially permanently closing the opening and of subsequently preventing too rapid discharge through the opening.

A further purpose is to seal a filling opening in the end of a two-compartment box by inserting a cover into the opening and against the edge of the diagonal partition of the box.

A further purpose is to provide a rectangular cover fitting the end of a package of articles, such as cigars, cigarettes or the like that are to be delivered from the package and which when as a tray holder for the package.

A further purpose is to provide a delivery package having compartments with slides and gate openings therefor, in which as delivered to the user the gates are concealed, but are made available by the opening of the package.

Further purposes will appear in the specification and in the claims.

I have preferred to illustrate my invention by one form only, and with a slight modification, selecting forms which are practical, efficient, inexpensive and of sturdy construction and which at the same time well illustrate the principles of my invention.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of my improved delivery package as it will appear'before its outside wrapper is removed.

Figure 2 is a perspective view similar to Figure 1 but with its wrapper and, tray cover removed.

placed diagonally beneath the package serves- Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of Figure 2 taken on the line 33 thereof.

Figure 4 is a transverse sectional view of Figure 3 taken on the line 44 thereof.

Figure 5 is a longitudinal sectional view similar to Figure 3, but illustrating a modification.

Figure 6 is a transverse sectional view of Figure 5 taken on the line 66 of Figure 6.

Figure 7 is a perspective view of one form of tray or end cover for use with my box.

Figure 8 is a perspective view similar to Figure 7 but illustrating a modification.

In the drawing similar numerals indicate like parts.

My'package comprises a box of general rectangular section, preferably square or nearly square comprising top 10, bottom 11, sides 12 and 13, end 14 and an end or rim 15.

The interior of the box is'divided diagonally by a guide sheet or feed plate 16 into two compartments having separate outlets. The top and bottom have been named from the positions of Figures 1 and 2, and as so named the upper surface 17 of the guide plate or sheet 16 forms a slideway for the contents of this compartment to slide down into the lower portion 18 of the compartment where they become accessible one at a time upon lifting gate 19.

As the lower part of the guide or slide 16 slopes at 20 and the gate 19 is or may be unrestrained against swinging movement without, as in effect its pivotal point 21, it will be evident that the lower end of the gate will ordinarily fall between the lowermost and the next lowermost cigarette or cigar to separate them and to tend. to force them out upon the depending ledge 22.

This ledge 22 in shipping position of the box is folded up in dotted position so that the outer covering of the package nearly or wholly hides the dividing lines, leaving it to be cut open when the package has been delivered and thus protected against accidental loss of the article delivered or drying out.

The handle 23 by which the gate is raised and controlled may also be concealed within the box cover when delivered to the user. This makes little difference except for appearance, as the content of the package will hold it in its lowered position and no loss of articles would take place even if it were raised. Fastening it down avoids possible catching of outside articles against it.

After the articles in the compartment 24 have been emptied and if it be desired to use those in the compartment 25, the package is turned upside down to use the surface 26 of the guide and slide 16 as the sloping surface, in which case gate mechanism 19' is used along with a ledge 22'.

The mechanism and therefore the description of the mechanism for the distribution of the articles in this compartment being a duplicate of the mechanism for delivery from the compartment 24 and oifering the same opportunity for concealment of the shelf and operating handle Within the covering of the package as before. A description of one of these therefore is a description of the other.

The box may be made in any suitable manner not inconsistent with providing the outlets and guiding surfaces indicated and the slide or guide 16 may be held in position in the box in any desired way. I have shown one convenient way, which by bending the ends 28 of the slide or guide in opposite directions and gluing .them to the top and bottom or ends of the box as preferred, desirably stiffening the slide or guide additionally by turning its edge 29 so as to provide a fiange adapted to fit against the ends of the box. I find that it is not necessary to turn the flange at both edges of the slide or guide 16 though this could readily be done if it were desired to adapt it to the other end of the box.

I have suggested the use of a rim l5 initially instead of a complete end for the second end. This is not essential as a complete end can be supplied if desired but it does conveniently fit in with a desirable scheme for filling and showing the contents in that the package may be filled with the center part of the rim end open as indicated in Figure 2 and with a transparent cover .30, but if preferred an opaque cover can be fastened on to hold the contents in place.

The transparent cover permits a view of the contents by the customer before purchase and is not objectionable for shipping purposes since the transparent cover 30 secured to the rim, may itself be made strong enough to properly protect the contents or if the transparent material be .made of light material, it may be covered during shipmentby a tray 27.

It is noted that a tray 27 contains a bottom 31,

two full upturned edges 32 and 33 and two partial upturned edges 34 and 35 leaving a gap 36 so that as best seen in Figure '7 the package canbe placed within the tray diagonally as an attractive setting for the package and as a crumbcatcher.

For clearness of illustration I have omitted the showing of the cigarettes in the compartment of Figure 3 and in both compartments in Figure 5.

This filling through the end before completing the sealing of the end, though desirable, is not essential, as filling can be effected in other ways, for example, by filling through the fiaps 22 before they are sealed shut and while the gate can be lifted sufiiciently for this purpose.

As the duty of the diagonal partition and slide or guide member 16 is very light, I have shown it as perforated at 37 to reduce its weight.

In Figures 5 and 6 I show a slight modification of my structure in which the gates or openings for the two compartments, are formed in the adjoining walls respectively of the container, at the sameend of the partition or slide or guideway and here the two flaps 22 and 22 are located side by side. Itwill be noted that both flaps are here fastened at the middle between them to the end of the partition by cover members 38 and instead of fianging both ends of the partition to secure the side, bottomor side walls, one end only is so flanged and the side of the partition is flanged and bent in opposite directions 39 and 40 at intervals to additionally support the partition.

In Figure 5 I insert a platform or shelf 41 parallel with each of the two sides which do not have gate openings in them. The purpose is to facilitate close filling of the package. The platforms or shelves come toward the center of the corresponding face of the bottom about as far as the edges of the transparent opening or at any rate about as far as the edges of the filling opening at the time that the cigars, cigarettes or the like are put in. By this means I permit filling of substantially the entire height of the box, protecting against-misplacement of contents during shipment Figure '7 illustrates a form of tray or cover in which the bottom 31 is made of non-transparent material, but in Figure 8 I have shown a bottom 31 of transparent material; the selection of material of course is optional with the manufacturer. I

It will be evident that my invention offers advantages from the standpoint of the package itself, of the display of the package with the use of the tray and of the distribution of the cigar, cigarettes or other articles to be delivered and the advantage of the package itself is not limited to the utilization of what would otherwise be wasted space by filling both compartments of the pack age, but includes the improved means of display of the articles and the shipping concealment of the flap, tray and gate.

In view of my invention and disclosure variations and modifications to meet individual whim or particularzneed will doubtless become evident to others skilled in the art, to obtain part or all of the benefits of my invention without copying the structure shown, and I, therefore, clairn all such in so far as they fall within the reasonable spirit and scope of my invention.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:-

1. A delivery box for cigars, cigarettes or the like, having a diagonal guideway down to one edge of the box, a delivery opening in the box and a gate therefor adapted to be lifted and lowered and capable of swinging inwardly from the end of the box tomeet the partition between two of the articles delivered and assist in the discharge of the end article.

2. A delivery box for cigars, cigarettes or the like, having a lower side of the box outwardly turned in use for receipt of thearticle delivered,

a diagonal partition within the box discharging at thebottom in the direction of said tray and a slide closure for the box adapted to swing about a point near the top of the box to engage the partition and to be moved by the partition forwardly as it moves outwardly to push the articles out.

.3. A delivery box for cigars, cigarettes or the like, having a diagonal partition, outlet openings from opposite sides of the partition, each adjacent one end of the partition and gates within the box longitudinally movable with respect to a side .of the box to control the openings and having handles extending outside of the box for manipulation of the gates, the ends of the handles being U-shaped and engaging a portion of the box Within the U to hold the gates in closed position.


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