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Publication numberUS1985587 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1934
Filing dateAug 10, 1934
Priority dateAug 10, 1934
Publication numberUS 1985587 A, US 1985587A, US-A-1985587, US1985587 A, US1985587A
InventorsStorrs Jr Robert Williamson
Original AssigneeStorrs Jr Robert Williamson
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Collapsible tube, container, and receptacle
US 1985587 A
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1934- R. w. STORRS. JR 1,985,587


RECEPTACLE Robert Williamson Storrs, J12, Richmond, Va. Application August 10, 1934, Serial No. 739,291 1 Claim. (o1. car-60 'I'his'invention relates to collapsible tubes, con- I tainers and receptacles, and more particularly to tubes provided with receptacles'provided with detachable caps.

receptacles and the like, to accompany such devices with caps 'or stopping members, For instance, in a collapsible tube .of ordinary tooth paste a screw cap generally accompanies same.

One of the apparent difiiculties in the'usual cap or stopper is that when theoperative removes the cap from the tube or container, there is danger of same being misplaced or falling into obscure places subjecting the cap to being lost. Also, certain paste and liquids housed in receptacles are subjected to hardening when exposed, to the air over a period of time, and the inadvertent failure of the operative to replace cap on the container, possibly due to laying the former one place and the latteranother, causes such ma closed position that keeps the cap thus, and also a force against thev cap that keeps the latter in terials to harden.

In view of the foregoing, one of the objects of this invention is the provision of a receptacle having a cap engaging the outlet of a container and inoperative relation thereto in pivotal fashion.

Another object of this invention'is the provision of a container or receptacle having a cap or lid contacting at all times said container and in operative relation with the orifice or outlet thereof.

A further object of this invention is the provision of a receptacle having a cap that an operative may manipulate with one hand while holding said receptacle.

Other objects and features will more fully appear from the following description and accompanying drawing in which: Fig. 1 is a side view; Fig. 2, arear view; Fig. 3, a side view showing cap in open position; Fig. 4, a partial sectional fice 3 for the distribution of any material lodged therein. In the present illustration the usual At the present time it is cus- 4i tomary in the manufacture of collapsible tubes,

type of collapsible receptacle is illustrated although, as is well known, any material or type of v receptacle may be employed that is within the scope of this invention.

A cap or lid 4 is providedwith-bearing or clawlike member 5 adapted to be disposed in a journal or socket 6; said socket and bearing engage each other and thereby provide a pivotal point about which the cap may be actuated in circumferential fashion; The cap may be countersunk inwardly to permit the disposition of a washer '7 adapted to securely stop the outlet and prevent air contacting the material as well as stop any leakage.

Upon the surface of the cap and/or bearing is a slot .or groove 8 adapted to register with and provide a path for a spring or resilient member 9, one end of which is housed or secured in housing members 10 while the other free end is disposed inthe groove and exertsa force when in open position, when so placed.

Fig. 6 is a modification in which a container 20 is provided with a cap 21 secured to said container, in pivotal fashion by a hinge 24, and having a detent 23 in said cap adapted to engage a nipple 24. Upon pressure of said cap against the outlet 25 it will be 'forced over the nipple and snapped securely to the container. By exerting pressure upwardly in close proximity to the fastener, or pressing handle 26 downwardly, the cap may be flipped open with one hand. It

is obvious from the foregoingtha't'both-the in-.


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International ClassificationB65D51/00, B65D35/42, B65D35/24, B65D51/04
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