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Publication numberUS1985813 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1934
Filing dateMay 10, 1934
Priority dateMay 10, 1934
Publication numberUS 1985813 A, US 1985813A, US-A-1985813, US1985813 A, US1985813A
InventorsHenry Baden
Original AssigneeHenry Baden
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Drain cleaner
US 1985813 A
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Dec. 25, 1934. H. BADEN DRAIN CLEANER Filed May 10, 1934 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 em' Bade/1 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILWIIIIIIIIII H. BADEN 1,985,813

DRAIN CLEANER Filed May 16, 1954 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Dec. 25, .1934.

I 5 N N/ 4 W n W 2 0 3 2 M 7 M M M 11/ I x W H k 7/ I" U" 1 m w i illlilinn m 7 M Patented Dec. 25,' 1934 1 UNITED 1.5m: Es

. 3 2 E ER flapetGlrardcau Mo. Applicationl' May loi1934,.ISerialNo. 124,999

4 (llaimsf (o1. ass-+ 44) This invention relates -to-a drain cleaner and it aims to provide a novelmeans whereby water under full force is delivered toithe drain to wash the same i and remove any stubborn i stoppage therein. 1 i I 1 It is aimedto provide a novel construction :at- .tachable to a faucet or thelike and having a flexible section ,of hose provided witha nozzle for attachmentthereto of variouselements to enable thewaterto beidirected into various drains.

.The more specific :objects and advantages will become apparent from a considerationof theldescription following. taken in. conneo tion with accompanying drawings illustrating an operative embodiment. 1* 1 In said-drawingsw- I Figured is aview in sideelevationpf the invention, ;show ing the same in use in connection with a basin nor lavatory;

Figure *2 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view, partly broken :away, of the improvement alone; V 1: w FigureJB: is .a -vi.ew showing the improvement in elevation and as rnsing ha; diiferent item; .of nozzle;

FigureAis-awiew similar to Figure 3 showing a further form of nozzle; I

Figure 5 is a view of the device illustrated with a still further form of nozzle;

Figure 6 is a detail view showing another form of nozzle connected to the device; I

Figure 7 is a detail sectional view taken on the line 7-7 of Figure 6, and I Figure 8 is a detail section of a still further modified form.

Referring specifically to the drawings, and first to Figures 1 and 2, the device comprises a suitable length of rubber or flexible hose 10 equipped with a coupling 11 at one end thereof for detachable engagement with the outlet end of a spigot or faucet 12. Said coupling 11 accommodates a washer 13 of rubber, which may vary in size according to the size of the spigot, and through which the spigot is forced. In addition, a screw 14 may be threaded through the coupling 11 and operated to bind against the spigot to more effectively hold the device in place.

Said spigot is shown as associated with a lavatory 15 of which 16 is the drain pipe. At the end opposite the coupling 11, the hose is equipped with a rotatable coupling ferrule 17 having interior screw-threads at 18. Detachably screwthreaded to said threads .18 is a nozzle 19 provided with a flange 2O facilitating turning of the nozzle. Said nozzle may be of any suitable length and has exterior screw-threads at .211 and terior screw-threads at 22. -A relatively large metallic head 23 is .adjustably threaded on the exterior of the nozzle 19, and has an exterior 'k-nurledportion 24. The nozzle extends through a relatively large disk 25 of sponge rubber bears against the head 23 and also surrounding the nozzle and bearing a ainst the spo e ubbe disk 25 is a disk 26 made of laminationsof rubber, somewhat harder than sponge rubher although full-y flexible. A supp1ementa1 nozz ei 'i is sQre -t readed-exteriorly and engaged with the screw-threads at 22, and at its free end has ahook 28 secu ed thereon.

.As shown Figure 1, the supplemental nozzle 27 extends into the waste pipe 16 and the hook .28 engages apart of the usua-l spider 29 therein.

It will be noted that the rubber 26 effects a seal about the discharge pipe ;l;6-and that the rubber :be compressed sumciently to enable the hook .28 toeengag-e the spider 29 rand-then assume its :o i inal p sition, fi ctively h ld-ins the hook in e ga ement with he d f Wi h-the-der a h d s h n in i u l. ieaqathe; uc ip sr n a h tw rwi h full force will pass through the device and be discharged through the supplemental nozzle, 27, the discharge being againstthe hook 28, which serves to so coact with the stream of water discharged as to impart a swirling motion thereto in combination with the inner wall of the pipe 16, to effect an efficient washing and dislodgment of any matter tending to stop the pipe 16.

In Figure 1, the device is shown in connection with a lavatory but it is obvious that it may be used with other articles of plumbing and particularly sinks and bath-tubs.

In Figure 3, the device is used to wash the overflow space such as 30 in lavatories and bathtubs, to which end,'a different form of supplemental nozzle 31 is used instead of the supplemental nozzle 27, the same having a screw threaded portion 32 detachably engaging the screw-threads 22. The nozzle 31 is passed through an opening 33 in the wall of the lavatory or bath-tub.

In Figure 4, a different form of nozzle 34 supplants that used at 31, it diifering from the nozzle 31 by having a more pronounced terminal crook 35 to better coact with the different form of overflow space 36 of the lavatory, bath-tub or the like.

In instances where the plumbing has a channel or pipe 37 through a wall for drainage purposes,

1. A device of the class'described flexible hosegmeans at one end thereof for atan extension nozzle 38 is screw-threaded at 39 into the screw-threads 22 and disposed in the through the medium of a sleeve coupling 40,

engaging the exterior screw-threads on the nozzle 27 and on the pipe 38 as at 41. The hook 28 in this instance, serves only for impingement of water against the same to impart a swirling motion theretd'in'icombination with'the wall of the chamber 3'7.-- Y 4 i In the modified form shown in Figures 6 and '7, the nozzle 19 and parts attached thereto are omitted. The coupling 42 on the dischargeend of the pipe here designated 43, has external "screw- -threads 44 which are engaged .byi afefrul? or thimble 45 retaining a nipple46 in place, through. the overlapping of flanges "47' "on 'the' parts "45 and 46, a washer being interposed betvveensuch flanges and coupling as at 48. Nipple 46 is interiorly screw-threaded, and Qc'letaohably engaged by screw-threads49 'of an extensionnozzle 50 to which an arm 51 is secured,'mounting' a V-shaped deflector 52in the line of discharge from the nozzle 50. principally in connection with basement and out side'sewers and the deflector 52 serves to divide the water-into a plurality of streams for more effective action.

This form of the invention is used In-'Figu're 8, a modified form'is used where the hose conveys water a long distance and when 'shortcrooks occur or a narrow space must be entered; In this-form, a thimble 45 retains a nipple 53 and interiorly screw-threaded in such nippleis the extension nozzle 27, equipped with theme]; 28 functioning as previously described.

Various changesmay be resorted to provided they fall within the spirit and scope of the invention. r

I claim asrny invention:-' I

having a tachment'toa spigot,a couplingat the other end thereof, an outlet nozzle-secured to saidcoupling,

ahead on said nozzle; a supplemental nozzle {adapted to extend into an outlet of materially larger cross sectional area than the supplemental nozzle, connected to the first mentioned nozzle, a hook on the supplemental nozzle to engage the spider in said outlet, and compressible material at a distance from said hook engageable with said head and about the outlet, said material being compressible to an extent to permit operative attachment and detachment of the hook and the spider through tilting of the head and connected parts.

2. A device of the class described-comprising a flexible hose, means at one end thereof for attachment to a spigot, a nozzle at the other end ,thereof adapted for communication with a drain or the like, a head screw-threaded on said nozzle,.packing.material disposed about the nozzle -and in engagement with said head, a supplemental" nozzle detachably secured to the interior j ofqthefirst mentioned nozzle, and a deflector for water discharged through the device carried by the nozzle and arranged in the line of 7 discharge, said deflector being in 'theform'of a hook to engage a'spider in an outlet. 7 i

3. A device of the class described comprising a flexible hose having screw-threads at the discharge end, a ferrule in engagement with said screw-threads, a'nipple, said nipple and ferrule having overlapping flanges, a discharge nozzle screw-threaded in said nipple and'a spreader for the discharged water carried by the nipple and arranged in the path ofdischarge of the water.

'4. A device of the class described comprising a fiexilble hose, means at one end thereof for attachment to a spigot, a nozzle at the other end thereof adapted for communication-With a drain or the like, a head screw-threaded on said nozzle, packing material disposed aboutthe nozzle and in engagement with said head, av supplemental nozzle, an elongated nozzle between the first mentioned nozzle and supplemental nozzle screwthreaded within the firstmentioned nozzle, the supplemental nozzle having a deflector for discharged'water, and a sleeve connecting the supplemental nozzle and second mentioned nozzle.


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