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Publication numberUS1986269 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1935
Filing dateMay 15, 1929
Priority dateMay 15, 1929
Publication numberUS 1986269 A, US 1986269A, US-A-1986269, US1986269 A, US1986269A
InventorsJermain Herbert F
Original AssigneeMovietonews Inc
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US 1986269 A
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Jan. 1, 1935. H, JERMAIN 1,986,269

ADAPTER Filed May 15, 1929 NWILW' TToR/vys.

'40 6, 7 and 8. `0n to these'prongs are securedthe' prongvextensions protruding normally through V10 45 momoeitumobioctortnudeviootoouminato nooo: sour we. a pair 'of electrlealterminals 45 59' ure 5 is-of the standard tive having input circuit.`

UNITED siu'friszfs;A l PATENT OFFICE 7 lssz ADAPTER Herbert F. Jermain, New York, N. Y., assigner to Movietonews, Inc., New York, N. Y., a cor-` poration of New York Aopuoouon Moy is. 192s, sono! No. 9453.155 1 claim. ci 11s- 344) This invention' relatos to o. fnew and useful plato prong 14 anaagrid'prongiia. These prongs'I vadapter for -a radio vacuum tube base; i make contact with the receptaclesin the adapter. The amplifiers in commercial radio sets can be f As the combination of adapter andv tube is placed used for other purposes thanv amplifying radio in the standard tube socket the `tube makes con- 5 signals.- Application to phonograph record pickltact with all the circuits ofl the radio set except 5 up and sound attachments 'for talking moving the grid. The gridv circuit of thetube making o picture projectors are specific examples. i Succontact with receptacle 9 does not make contact cessful utilization of a radio set amplifier for that with the grid circuit of the standard'tube socket purposedepends upon the adapter used in-gainingf as there is no'prong attached at point- 10 an entrance to the amplifying system. If satis- Terminal lugs 2 and 3 serve as in -put 1 0 factory results'are to be obtained theradio'fre'fto the' tube. Terminal 3 may be grounded, if dequency amplification system must be disconnectsired. Transformer 16 of a fragmentary stage of ed or uncoupled from theaudio amplifying sysampliilcation preceding tube 10 consists of pri I vtem. mary and secondary' windings 17 i.nd'18' i'espeel p The ampliners of theiprevious art made no protively. In like manner transformer 1 9 shows part 15 vision for accomplishing this result, but` simply' of an amplifying stage following tube 10. made connection tothe grid circuit of thede- From Figure 5 it will be apparent that the. tector tube, leaving the grid lead from the foreyadapter is a means for gaining entrance to the a ,going stage intact. amplifier-of a radiol set and atthefsamejtime It is, therefore,an object of my invention ,to providing a means'tor disconnecting the: appa-2Q provide an adapter that will make connection to rat'us ahead of .the Vtube bearing vthe adapter. 'f

the grid circuit of a vacuum -tube of a radio set, Altho. I. have described a ilve prong vacuum Y and at the same time uncoupling` the grid from tube adapter, I d0 not-wish to be tothe the foregoing stages. This has an advantagel of of thejsame as many changes and'milir i eliminating. anyy pick-up by the radio frequency 1 H0113 m8! beeffetedfll Within the R090 0f the 25 stagesandmixingthesamewiththe-inputitheappended 0mm# f V. amplifier.. I-claimc" Further object s'and advantages vwill he appar- A vacuum; tube adapter for opening one of the -v ent with reference to the 'accompanyingdraw- 'n0rm8117 `1050d.1ub input'cilclit 0f 5"!93110 Y l Y .inginwhiehzr v Y j vvreceiving set and providinganinput-'circuit con-530 Figure 1 shows acomplete adapter'unit.vv nection extraneous to said receivingset circuit Figure 2 is abottom view showing prong aromprisin's a cup-shaped'be 0f rangement. v. 1 vterial, a plurality vofl cylindrically shaped. ciry Figures 3 and4 are sectional views showing deumferentially yieldinsreptacles molded into f -tails of'eonstruction; f thetransverse portionofsaid base extendingii Figure 5 is a fragmentary radio'clrcuit showingllpviildl!l luid terminltin 'Silbthtlllly rulli'" the applicability ofthe adapter. 3

with the rim ofthe base forjreceiving-thegrid'. `The cylindrical element l-has one end enclosed anodecathode and illament prongs oiga yummy i which -forms the the prongs. Y tube., Said imode and 2311.110119? h'vint roooptooiouwnionroooiivo me prongs ottimi-odio the transverse portion-of. said bestand Marted* tuhe. V. ..tobeinsertedinasifanciardtuiiesocketofthfli 'Itwillbenotedthatthegrid'receptaclemnlligradio receiving set, said grid receptacle terini-J o ure s nasno prong extending tnreugh'the adapter "mtina'substantiall flush with:v the llower p0r-` tho grid oonnoouonortnoroaiofroquency A minded in said base 'and .extendin ioterauy l Terminals 2 and 3 secured -to-the receptacle 9 therefrom, one' of which is connected tosaid grid and prong iirrespectively provide a' means for the l receptacle and the other to one of said diamant in-put to the ampliiler. Vacuum-tube" 1 0`in .pig- .receptacles for j connecting thereto said ex- '50 moment prong n ond 12. a cathode prong is, o msnm' 1r.

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U.S. Classification439/651, 313/51
International ClassificationH01R33/76
Cooperative ClassificationH01R33/7664
European ClassificationH01R33/76H