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Publication numberUS1986500 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1935
Filing dateJun 17, 1933
Priority dateJun 17, 1933
Publication numberUS 1986500 A, US 1986500A, US-A-1986500, US1986500 A, US1986500A
InventorsCharbonneau Albert W
Original AssigneeCharbonneau Albert W
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Display and serving stand
US 1986500 A
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Jan. 1, 1935. A. w. CHARBONNEAU 1,936,500

DISPLAY AND SERVING STAND 7 Filed June 17, 1923 2 $heets-Sheet 1 13712621527} 7 /l. W 'C'har'bonneaa, {29 K attorneys Jan; 1, 1935. A. w. CHARBONNEAU 1,936,500

v DISPLAY AND SERVING STAND Filed June-17, 195s 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 20': andunsanit'ary operation. The primary obje'ct of' Fig. 3.

. "UNITED STAT NT OFF ICE M H 1 ,986,500 1 e 1 I DrsrLAY. AN D SERVIN STAND I Albert wrflharbonneau; nes hea ariass. l Applicationtjuneel 'l;1933pSerial No; 67613 3 Claims! -'o1 2i2+55.5

This inventionarelates to display andus'ervingr, alongiwhic'h the'good's can: be severed from the stands for rolled goods, and-moreee eoiallyffor. roll; 1 t 1 heavy and unwieldy rolls.v Goodsof this nature "The productionof a novel display and serving are most commonly kept inithe background,-usu-11 stand embodying the above-mentioned. features 52;. ally some storage-space or cdrnenwhere theyare comprises a furtherobject of the invention. L

not ordinarily seen by prospective customers.- These and other features of the inventionwill Ordinarily'the rolls-are. storedton end on the be best understood and appreciated fromthefolfloor and when a=portion is to be measured and lowing i description of-a preferred embodiment cut therefrom; for. sale the rolli is placed hori thereof; selected for purposes of illustration and 1011 zontally on thefioor and. rolled along. to releases shown in the accompanying drawings, in which the length desired and this lengthis'nsually cut Fig. Us "a front elevation'of a display an'd servofi along a very uneven lin'e by shears orthelike'. ing, stand" embodying my invention; obviouslybylthis method of procedureQthef'goods Fig; 2 is a side elevation. thereof. aresold onlyWhenspecificallyrequestedhythe" Fig.3 iS'a' pIanVieW. r

f. customer and a' considerable" amount OfjWQl'k is Fig; 4i isza cross-section taken on line 4-4 of 15 required to dispense thefn'ieasured'amountthere Fig. 3. i

of, it being furthermoreapparent that the-placing Fig. 5 is a fragmentary longitudinal section and rolling-of the goods-"on "the hear is likely'to of'the roll: on line 5-5 of Fig. 3.

damagethe goodsand is altogether a cumbersome "Fig. 6 is a detail section taken on line 6-6 of" my invention isthe production ofa' novel display Fig. 7 is a fragmentary section. taken on line andserving: stand adaptedto:eliminatetheseob 7+7 of-"Fig. 4.? T I jections. i. F 3 Thedisplaying and-sei vin'gstand whichI have It is well known that one of the best and most illustrated in the drawings comprisesa substaneconomical methodsof selli ng 'goods is to place tially triangular base or platform 10 supported the goods on attractive display,and furthermore on two front legs 12 and an upright 14 at the it is well known that a customer usually desires to rear thereof. A relatively wide and substantially be served from the identical goods which are on triangular shield 16 is mounted on the front and .display. Such displaying and serving of heavy sides of the base 10 and is adapted to carry 1 rolled goods has heretofore presented a consideradvertising or information concerning the goods 30 ableproblem and one object of myinvention is displayed, this shield providing the base with the solution of this problem. an obliquely disposed advertising surface along The stand comprising the invention is adapted its edge; The goods are supported on the upright conveniently to receive a roll of goods and nor-.- over the base as hereinafter described.

1 mally to support the roll in vertical position above The roll' 18 of goods to be displayed and dis- 35 a base carrying advertising of the goods, the pensed is carried by a rectangular frame 20 comstand being sufliciently attractive to warrant 10- prising front and rear pipes 21 and 22 connected eating it in conspicuous places about the store or by end bars 24, and 25, i The frame is mounted P- When an Order 1 t be d, t e "T0 for pivotal movement on the upright 14 by means holding portion of the stand can be conveniently of a. stud 26 projecting rearwardly from the. 40

brought to horizontal position and the desired pipe 22 and extending through a hole in the portion of the goods withdrawn and cut there upright, a flange 28 on the stud and a pin 30 r from, the roll being freely rotatable for this purextending through the stud being adapted to p Thus t st d s v s t th d splay a d keep the stud firmly in place. The frame is dispe the goods a to pp r e T011 Clearly adapted to be moved tothe vertical and horizontal 45 of the floor at all times. positions illustrated; and a locking pin 32, for Other novel features of the invention reside in a ing through relatively right angle holes 33, a prin or t like carriedby the sta d and is provided for locking the frame in either of mally engag the roll to prevent u w nding of these positions. The bars 24 and 25 carry perth s), 2. roll measuringtape a s ca y forated plates 34 and 35 for receiving the end 5 the St d and p e -t drawn Out along studs 36 of the roll, the top plate 35 being cut. fwith the goods whereby convenien ly to measure away at one side to permit lateral insertion of off the desired length,and a straight edge adjathe stud 36, and a screw 37 being threaded cent to and extending along the roll and over, through the bar 35 for engaging within the stud.

5 which the goodscan be drawn from the roll and The frame is also preferably equipped with an attractive display for the goods.

means cooperating therewith for conveniently dispensing the goods. This means is illustrated as comprising a slot 40 extending along and through the top side of the front pipe 21 and being first inserted into the plate 34 and the roll then'being swung into place, the top stud passing freely into the plate 35. The roll is then secured in place by turning the; screw 37 inwardly to the position shown in Fig. 5. The roll is normally in the vertical position, in which position it is directly over the base 10 and occupies, the least amount of floorspace. In this position the roll and stand, particularly with pleasing advertising on the shield 16, provides A spring or other. equivalent means is preferably provided on the frame for engaging the roll and preventing unwinding of the goods. The coiled spring 47 illustrated in the drawings. is provided with hooks at the ends which engage over the pipe 22 and within an eye 48 on the pipe 21, and the spring is preferably located at the upper portion of the roll when in the vertical position.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

. 1. A display and serving stand for rolled goods, comprising the combination of a base, a frame for supporting a roll of said goods, cooperating means carried by the base and frame for supporting the frame and roll in vertical and. horizontal positions on the base, and means carried by and movable to vertical and horizontal positions with the frame and providing a straight cutting edge extending along the roll and over which the goods can be drawn from the roll and along which edge the goods can be severed.

2. A display and serving stand for rolled goods, comprising the combination of a base, a frame for supporting a roll of said goods, and a horizontal stud carried by the frame and supported on the base, the frame and roll being pivotally movable to vertical and horizontal positions aboutthe axis of the stud and said frame including a pipe extending along the roll on the side thereof opposite to said stud and having a slot longitudinally therethrough for receiving When it is desired to dispense an order of. the goods, the pin 32 is withdrawn and the roll rotated to the horizontal position. The goods a blade to sever goods drawn over the pipe from the roll. 7

3. A display and serving stand for rolled goods,

comprising the combination of a -base, an upright on the base, a frame'mounted for pivotal movement to vertical and horizontal positions on the upright and adapted to support a roll of said goods, the frame comprising two relatively long and relative'ly spaced pipes and plates connecting the pipes at the. opposite ends thereof,

- means carried bythe plates and disposed substantially in the central longitudinal axis of the frame for receiving and supporting the end studs of a roll of said goods, ;-,the said pipes being disposed at diametrically oppositesides of said axis, and a releasablelatch for holding one of said studs in said centrally disposed position relative to the adjacent plate.


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