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Publication numberUS1986504 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1935
Filing dateApr 17, 1933
Priority dateMay 2, 1932
Publication numberUS 1986504 A, US 1986504A, US-A-1986504, US1986504 A, US1986504A
InventorsCubbon Gladys R
Original AssigneeCubbon Gladys R
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Sanitary cup
US 1986504 A
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G. R. CUBBON Jan. 1, 1935.

SANITARY CUP Filed April 17, 195:5

INVENT'OR Gun/,5 R. Cubfion Attorney Patented Jan. 1, 1935 UNITED STAT PATENT OFFICE SANITARY our Gladys R. Cubbon, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 1 Application April 17, 1933, Serial No. 666,586

A In Canada May 2, 1932 1 Claim.

This invention relates m a sanitary cup, the primary object being toprovide a device that eliminates the wearing of the usual sanitary pads A and retaining straps and belts as worn by the fe- A 5 male during the menstrual periods. Thus the mits of slight depressibility when' any pressure conspicuous ridges caused by such belts and straps being worn under sheer dresses during such periods is also eliminated.

A further objectAis to provide a device that does not require frequent changing and provides a maximum degree of freedom from constant attention and disposal embarrassment.

A still furtherobject is to provide a device and shown in the accompanying drawing form- A 'ing a part of which? A Fig. 1 shows a preferred design of the device.

Fig. 2 shows the fitting Aring provided at the top of the device;

this present application and in Fig.3 shows the device provided with an angular extension 6 A a Referring jmore in detail to. the drawing in which similar characters represent ,correspondj ing parts throughout the several views it will .be

seen that the invention consists of a ring 10, said ring being circular in cross-sectionas shown on the line A--A of Fig. 2, and constructed of semihard rubber or rubber composition which peris exerted on the outer periphery of the ring, the ring returning to normal upon the release of such pressure. p

A small flat, rubber loop 11 is vulcanized to the under edge of thering 10, said loop providing 1 the capacity of the cup,

means for pulling the ring so it will assume an elliptical shape, so as to be readily inserted in the vulva. i

Extending fromthe ring is a flexible smooth finished rubber sack 12, said sack being vulcanized to, or cast integral with the ring 10, the seam at the point of junction being smooth finished as is also the surface of the ring 10.

The sack 12 is constructed in two shapes Fig. 1 showing a cylindrical sack terminating in a curved end 13 while Fig. 3 shows the sack 12 constructed in a very short cylindrical section,

then turning right angularly in the section 14 and terminating in the curved end 13. The object of the design of Fig. 3 is to provide greater retention means in the most convenient form. It is readily seen that individual needs will govern the choice of size and design, while the use of commercial antiseptic absorbents in the sack is optional.

Whenthe above described device is worn, the semi-hard rubber ring 10 is adjusted to fit over the cervix ofthe wearer within the vulva.

It is believed that the design and construction are apparent from the foregoing paragraphs taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing without further detailed description.

While the preferred embodiment of the inventionshas been disclosed, it is understood that minor changes inthe details of size and design may be resorted to within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention. 1

What I claim is: c

A sanitary cup designed for feminine menstrual purposes, comprising a semi-hard rubber ring adapted to be inserted within the vulvaof the wearer, a loop extending from the edge of said ring for compressing the ring preparatory to inserting it in the vulva, and a flexible rubberre-' A tention sack extending from said ring having its lower end extended at right angles to increase GLADYS CU'BBON.

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U.S. Classification604/330
International ClassificationA61F5/455, A61F6/00, A61F5/451, A61F6/08
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/4553, A61F6/08
European ClassificationA61F6/08, A61F5/455B