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Publication numberUS1986658 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1935
Filing dateJan 10, 1933
Priority dateJan 10, 1933
Publication numberUS 1986658 A, US 1986658A, US-A-1986658, US1986658 A, US1986658A
InventorsWitter Lawrie L
Original AssigneeWitter Lawrie L
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Cigarette dispenser
US 1986658 A
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Jan. l, 1935. l.. wlTTER CIGARETTE DISPENSER Filed Jan. lO, 1935 2 Sheets-Sheet l vewor E. ivm

n. Ell Y l] Jan. l, 1935. 1 I wn-TER 1,986,658

CIGARETTE DISPENSER Filed Jan. 1o, 1953 2 sheets-Sheet 2 com "lll-IN' 14. mrs;


to be construotedrin patented Jan. i935 p Y i This invention relatesffto cigarette dispensers and this applicatio'nis aicontinuationlin part of :f my'copending application Seriali No.` 387,656; led` August 22, V1929. {'lie` primaryfobject'of theinjl vention is to' provide a `netvandimproved;typeofr cigarette dispenser 1 Whchis relatively; simpleifinf l construction andfoperation, isdconvenent ituL reef load, substantially :housesrthe cigarettesl'fromliexeji posure tof the atmosphereandtidispensesi;them; individually as needed, and-vvhi`ch` is ladaptable` a variety oriornamental and l useful forms. L @kip l l It is Well known @that-`cigarettes.n;rapidly@losel their flavor `and become ldryand frayed attire;

ends when exposed` to the atmosphere. LI amvfae' miliar with many cigaretteldispensers heretofore knownand allrof suoli dispensers have beensoconstructedY that air can pass freelythereinto and 3- therefrom and cause this*deteriorationfxofnthel cigarettes. One of theobjects of myinven'tion isf` the production of lan improved cigarette, dispenser which eliminates this' objection.v The form` of the s invention illustrated inthe aceompanying'drawi ing embodies a channel open only at its upper and lower ends and having a magazine ,at the upper end supplying cigarettes thereto@ 4`ThelQWI? end; is normally closed by a gatewith Winch-coopera;

atesa selector in the hannel,`the arrangement being such that-eaohltime the gate opensto dispense aoigarette the selector delivers aLcigarette;l thereto from the magazines` The:productionv of. a new andi irnprovedx'oigarette dispenser" of this nature `comprises a further;object,of` *thein'ven-l 'w In anotheriaspect, rny invention resides` an:

improved oigarettedispenser adapted to receive and dispense `cigarettes, directly from the? original? container in whichV they are purchased;` thusfelirnl i inating the usual handling ,and exposureofthe1- cigarettes prior lto their use. E Inl; this flormfof` `the invention the dispenser and' container are so` constructed as' to adapt theformer to receive andfV support the latter c in `position `tl'lereon;` supplying l cigarettes tothe channel from which they are dis+ pensed individually as requiredi@` i; l l -Another Laspect n of `the invention relates togits:` adaptation to and use f in connection with smokers cabinets;4 ash traysfandrthe' likeywhereinthe;

use or Va,cigarette dispenseriis desirablei'4 The;

4 cigarette dispenser"ofrgmywinventioniisf lreadily adaptable" tosu'ch "usesg whiclr cornprs-ey further object `of the invention.

' Theseand other ieatursof theinvention best understood'andiappreeiated froni the follower -i ing descriptiorfiofffeertain" embodiirentslthereofn selected for purposes of illustration and shown Sin l the:acoornpanyingdrawings, in which:k n 1 is a front elevationvof a cigarette dispens-I erembodying my invention;` u

Fig;` 2` is? an .elevation of` the right-hand end` thereof;` y D ."Figg isza `longitudinal section taken on line` 3`3;of lig."z2;-; l l

r Figi '4 is .azcross `,section Fig.1;-` ,l o i Y l e Fig. .5 is a fragmentarycross section like Fig. i 4 and showing'. the dispensing operation; l Fig. 6 is a fragmentary cross section of a modi-g fied form of the invention;

tak-en online l off l isafiragmentary elevationof a srnokers @15 cabinet i showing my n invention l applied thereto;

1, Figg i's,l a sectional View through, the .cabinet on line `88 of Fig. i7 vand 'showingthe dispenser f invendzelevation; i L

Fig. 9 isa plan View taken online99 of Fig.8;

:Figalis a front elevation, mostly in section; of my improved cigarette dispenser `With za removal able,'magenz'ine;v l ,f f

, Figicll isa fragmentaryffront elevationysirnilar to-Fig` 10 butshowingfthe magazine removed;

Fig. `12v-is a; right-hand end elevation of the dispenser,` partly section, on line l2-#12p of ;Fig. 10 l i Fig.Y 13 isa; perspective View,` partly infseotion;A of the original cigarette containers or boxfwhiohl is adapted` to serveas the: cigarettemagazine thedispenser shown in Figs. 10- 12; y g

Figi;` 14 `is a fragmentary 4elevation illustrat-` ing the applicationjofjhedispenser tothe conr-` tainerhor` box; and 1 l Y l l5isia lfragrnentry sectionalviewlfof al slightlylmodiiied form of containerand dispenser.;

.i As hasibeen heretofore suggested,` my invention may be constructed. in various-ornamental andv useful "shapes and in various forms and may be adapted to serve'rin` several diierent combinations, The form illustrated in Figs. 145 of the drawings embodies a cigarette dispenser as an independent unitarie rwin am desribe this embodiment. A

rIntllgsrl*-5',4 the main body member 10 of the dispenseris preferably forrnedinone piece, as by molding; and embodies afbase 'portion l2,` an intermediate portionflroviding va channel 14 and a topvporpiengarevidnigamagaine 1 6. :A Cover 18` forthe` rnaga'zifneniay be` pivoted at `20v`and is i adapted to iit closely and close tightly the `magai zine against the-passage of air. This fitting may serves to hold the coverin its tightly closed sition.

The lower end of the magazine is normally `closed by a gate 28, illustrated as pivoted at 30 y ly housed from exposure to the atmosphere thaty and preferably recessed adjacent to its edges to fit closely and close tightly said end against the passage of air. A sealing gasket 32 may also be provided; The gate is shown in its closed position in Fig. 4 and in its open and dispensing position in Fig.-5.v With the cover 18 and gate 28 in closed position., the cigarettes are soy substantialthe objectionable drying out and loss of flavor heretofore experienced is quite eliminated. ,K

The primary object of the invention is thus substantially to house the cigarettes; and at` the same time permit them to be dispensed individually as required. With this object in view, I have provided means within the channel 14 cooperating with the lgate 28 for delivering a single cigarette from the magazine 'to the gate each time the gate is opened. This means, as illustrated, com.

prises a pair of selector relements 34 on a shaft 35, the elements extending upwardly into the magazineand the ends of the shaft being supported respectively in the left side wall of the member 10 and extending through an opening in the right side wall thereof so closely as fully toclose suchopening. I Aligned recesses 36 are formed in the peripheries of the elements of a sizeto receive a cigarette thereinto and the selector is rotatable to and between the two extremeH positions shown in Figs. 4 and 5. In the normal position (Fig. 4), thercigarettes at the extreme bottom of the magazine are supported onV the-peripheries of the elementsv 34 and a cigarette has been delivered to the gate. In .the dispensing position,`the recesses 36 have' been brought tothe magazine and a cigarette has dropped thereinto.

' Each time the gateis opened to dispense a cigarette 37 `(Figj') the selector must be rotated to deliver I another cigarette from the magazine thereto and, to this end, the gatel and'selector' areconnected for simultaneous and synchronous Y operation. Theright-hand side wallis preferably recessed at 38 and housed within this recess' are connections `between the gate and shaft, comprisinga gear-segment'fi() on the gate pivot in mesh with a pinion r42'on the shaft. A spring 43 holds the parts in the normalposition (Fig. 4) vand the l down thel inclined supports 46 and into the depressions 47; These supports may be formed integral with the member 10 andthey maybe recessed to provide a pair of, stops 48 for the gate. Through the connections above described, the selectoris also rotated to the position ofFig.' 5,

whereupon a cigarette drops into the recesses 36 and is delivered to the gate, when it again closes.

It will, therefore, be seen thatasingle cigarette is g dispensed each time the gate is opened and that the cigarettes within the dispenser are otherwise completely housed from exposureto the atmosphere.

'It is pointed out that rotation ofthe elements l giiisrve the additional function of rotatably agitatingthe cigarettes in contact therewith', 'therebyfcausing one'to drop freely into-the recesses 36.--

The elements 34, therefore, form an agitatorselector which performs two functions. Attention may also be directed to the relative spacing of the supports 46, whereby the intermediate portion of the dispensed cigarettes 37 is left free to be conveniently grasped by the fingers. Various refinements may be provided on the dispensed as, for example, a pad 50 on the under side of the cover for receiving perfume, menthol, moisture or the like, withwhich to treat the-cigarettes, and themexterior of thejwallsimayibeornamented as illustrated or otherwise.

In Fig. 6, I have illustrated a somewhat modi- Aiiedforrn of dispenser and how it may be combinedwith such other pieces as smokers stands, ash trays, desk-sets, etc. The top or upper wall of such a piece isindicated at 52 and the dispenser 53 may be mounted thereon as by means of one or more pegs 54 projecting from the dispenser and engaging within corresponding holes in the wall. Arcigarette-receiving depression 5.5 is provided in the wall forwardly of the dispenser. v

` InFigs. 7-9, I have'illustrated another modifie form of the dispenser adapted to be mounted withinjav smokers cabinet. The front and top wallsof the cabinet are indicated by reference characters 56 and 58.l The shape of the dispenser issornewhat different from that shown in Figs. 1-5 but the general construction and operation are 'the.same; -The body member 60 is adapted to be mounted within the Vcabinet with its front wall in contact with the inner surface of the wall 56 and it may be removably supported therein by a bracket 61 and spring clips 62, the latter engaging vshoulders 64,formed on the side walls of the dispenser; erated-by connected racks 67 and 68 in mesh with pinionsf69 and 70. A spring 72 holds the racks in the outermost position and in such position the gate is tightly closed. Cooperating with the racks is a forwardly-projecting bar 71 and the lower- The gate 65 and selector 66 'are opmost portion of the dispenser is constructed in the formg-of a cigarette-receiving shelf 72. When the dispenser is mounted within the cabinet, as illustrated, -thelowermost portionthereof extends' through an lopening- 73 in the wall 56 and the bar 7'1 also extends through anopening thereabove.

'Ihe clips -62 permit ready removal and replacement of the dispenser Afor reloading purposes and' the cigarettes are normallyhoused within both the'dispenser and the cabinet. When -a cigarette is desired,- the' operator pushes the bar or button 7l inwardly,y which lthereupon opens the gate 65 and dispenses the cigarette 74 and at the same time operates the'selector to deliver a cigarette from the magazine to the gate, all as heretofore described in connection with Figs. 1-5. The dispensed cigarette'rolls to the shelf 172, fromA which it can be conveniently grasped.

In Figs. 10-1'4, I have illustrated the adaptationv of my invention to the dispensing of ciga- Yrettesy from the original container in which they are' purchased, thus veliminating any handling thereof prior to their use. In this case, the cigarettes are packedand sold in a container or box 75 of any suitable material, such as metal, waterproofpap'er'or the like. 4Acover 76,'in conjunction with a filler 77', serves to protect the cigarettes and hold them oompactly within the box during storage and transportation.

' The:'dispensenwhich4 is adapted. toreceive the container 75 is illustrated in/,Fig 11 and'comprises a body member'78 equipped with a selector 79, a gate80, inclined supports ,81:and-an operating arm-82a1l'in .like manneras the dispenser shown i i i i 159863658 i infinies.. r-5.;=f, The upper innemend? aloft-'the` dis-i penser shapedtoreceivey closelyb.the` open endl' of; thecontainer .175. after; the rover F16 and fller Zifhaveibeen removedaand1a..,resilientgasket 85:.

i 15..,.iprovidedxfoni receiving.andwforming a sealing contact :with the lftop edgexof the` container. The

i dispenser islalsdprovided witnapairiof resilient arms 86.'moldearthcreintonand having theirr free.

ends `diyerging. outwardly. The a intermediate port-ien for theA `ar.rnsegenreformed-into detentsy 87j for 1, engaging` within openings 88.v formed 1 1in ,the container .t hold thesamel .tight contact `with.

` the sasketg;as hereinaiter described.` The detents;flarewnormallyfin positionato engage withi' in -the openings 88andthermember '78 -is recessed at` 89; Vrearwardly of i the detents. -to permit Lthe arms ,to ,beswung rearwardly when the container-` is being inserted `or removed. The -zopenings i 88 inpthergndwalls; of-.the box 75 arenyposition to, the cover 76 and thedetents `8'lare.` i Oie.Szasubstantallv,filling these openinssas ,lukalnd l v ,The dispenserfE/B isreloaded as snap intolthevnopenings and hold the box in such position. Thus `the dispenser has beensubstituted for the cover 76. The combined dispenser and box are now turned tothe upright r position and the box becomes the magazine for the dispenser, the box being closed to a condition substantially as tight as when the cover 76 was in place thereon.

a size closely receiving the box and is grooved In order further to protect the cigarettes and give the dispenser a pleasing appearance, I mount a hood 90 over the inverted box. This hood is of at 91 to receive the arms 86. When placing the hood, the arms are pressed tightly against the box and the hood slid thereover tothe full position shown in Figs. and 12. It will be apparent that the hood cannot be` placed to this `position if-the detents 87 are notrully engaged within the openings 88, thus insuring that the box is in full position againstthe gasket 85. It will alsoibe apparent that the natural outward resiliency of the arms `serves to'hold the hood in the position shown in Figs. 10 and 12.

The parts are 'shown in the fully assembled re,

lation in Figs. 10 and 12 and in such relation the cigarettes aretightly Venclosed within the box,

which thereuponV serves as a magazine for the,

` The cigarettes are dispensed by operating the arm 82 in the same manner as` heretodispenser.

fore described in connection with Figs. 1-5.

It will vbe understood that the dispenser and magazine box and the cooperating elementstherebetween may be considerably vmodified within the scope of the invention. For example, as

` illustrated in Fig. 15, the box 93` may have depressions or recesses '94 formed in the `end walls thereof and the dispenser 95 may have arms 96 provided with lugs 97` adapted to be engaged within such depressions. Theffarms` 96 normally diverge outwardly in a manner serving to guide fthe box intoithedispenser `and the lugs 9'7` are Y"normally spaced` from the box. Theidispenser and box are'assembled by inverting the dispenser over the box, as illustrated in Fig.4 14,r` and when the assembled elements are turnedto` the upright i positionV the iarrns are :pressed against the sides'.

of the box with. the: lugsuengaged Swithin the. de-` i pressions while: theu hood 98 "is-inserted thereover, thehood beingrecessedatiQQ to 'receive the arms.`

When the boxand hood are` in full :position on the dispenser,` the hood holdsthelugs `engaged within the depressions `andthe resiliency of the arms serveto retain thefhoodin place.

,Having thus describedgmy invention, what `I claim asnevv` and-desire-to1 secure byiLetters `Patentis: ,y N ,N .Y

. 1.4.A cigarette dispensercomprising` the combi-,

nation of `albody member having a downwardly1 extending channel `therethrcnigh open at its ends andV adapted to Vpermit .the passage `or" cigarettes laterally.. a.V separate cigarette container having an` opening permitting the lateral passageof cigarettes` thereirom.- means so ,adapting the con-` tainerA to; `the r member that ,said-` Vopening may be` placed adjacent toandin alignment with the upper end of the ,channel` invpcsition to supply;`

cigarettes .to ,the` channel, inter-engaging means comprising recesses formedv inthe container wallsand cooperating detents4 carried` byj Ythev member for, locating andholding the containerin `said POSiQn, a pivetaliy-mountedpeate for fiisrensinsv cigarettes from `an opening i, at the bottomVA end of thechannel, said gate `normally closing tliekopen-p ingfj inv a substantially air-tight mannen. and

means in` the body member 'cooperating with they gate;.for .dispensing ,a single, cigarette when; the

gate is opened;

2. The combination of claim i1, including arms carrying said detents and having their lower ends secured tothe body member and their free ends divergi'ng outwardly to receive and guide the container therebetween.

3. The combination of claim 1 plus arms carrying said detents and having their lower ends secured to the body member, and a hood for cover- `ing the container and having the inner Walls thereofso spaced as to receivethe arms and container thereinto only when the detents extend into said recesses.

4. A cigarette `dispenser comprising the combination of a body member having an upper portion providing a cigarette magazine and a relatively restricted lower portion providing a ,downwardly-extending channel leading from the bottom of the magazine, a cigarette selector rotatably mounted in the `channel and having a` cigarette `receiving' recess therein, the selector `forming a portion of the bottom `of the magazine wider `than the recess, a gate pivoted to the meniber and closing the bottom end of `the channel against the passage of airby contact around the periphery thereof in the closed. position, means normally holding the gate in closed position, and connections between the gate and selector whereby they operate simultaneously and the selector delivers a cigarette in its said recess from the magazine to the bottom end of the channel each time the gate is operated in `one direction and l a cigarette is dispensed from the bottom end of the channel each` time the gate is opened.

5. A cigarette dispenser comprising the combination of a body member having a downwardly extending channel therethrough open at its ends and adapted to permit the passage of cigarettes laterally, a separate and removablev container adapted to holda supply of cigarettes` promiscuously therein and having an `opening permitting the lateral passage of the cigarettes there- `i1 'om,the container and member being so constructed thatv the former may be applied to the latter in position thereon to supply 'cigarettes from said opening to the upper end of the channel while forming a substantial l'closure prevent-f ing the passage of air into and from the channel,

a gate for tightly closing the bottom end of thel channel, means normally holding the gate in closed position, rotary selecting means in the channel having a peripheral portion thereof :forming a bottom support for the said cigarettes and acting when rotated'to rotatably agitate lthe cigarettes resting thereagainst, said` selecting meanshaving a recess within said peripheral por- -tion adapted to receive a cigarette from said upper end of the channel, connections `between the selecting means and gate whereby said-means rotates in a direction bringing said recess to the said -upper end of'the channel when the gate moves in one direction and rotates" in the opposite direction bringing a cigarette therein to the bottom end ofthe channelwhen the gate moves in the other direction, and avremovable hoodA complementary to the body member tting over' and covering the container. f 6. A cigarette dispenser comprising the combination of a body memberhaving a downwardly extending vchannel therethrough for the passage of cigarettes laterally, a cigarette magazine on the member in communication with the top end of 4the channel, a gate substantially closing the bottom end of the channel against the passage of air by contactaround the periphery thereof gsg thek closed-position, 'means normally holding" the gatein Yclosed position, a recessed agitatorselector in the channel and forming a portion of the bottom wall'of the magazine', and connections therefrom to the rgate whereby-'the agitator-'selector is moved ina manner agitating the ciga rettes in the magazine andgcausing its recessed portion to vdeliver a single cigarette from the magazine to 'the' gate at each dispensing opera-- tion "of the gate,y the side walls of the channel being closed wherebyto prevent passage of air therethrough to the channel. y

7. A cigarette dispensercomprising the combination of a'body memberhavin'g a downwardly extending vchannel therethrough for the passage of cigarettes laterally, a cigarette magazine on ,the member in communicationwith the top end` ofthe channel, a pivotally movable gate substantially closing the bottom end ofthe channel against the passage of air by contact around the periphery thereof in the closed position, means normally holding the gate in closed position, a

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