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Publication numberUS1987229 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1935
Filing dateMar 2, 1934
Priority dateMar 2, 1934
Publication numberUS 1987229 A, US 1987229A, US-A-1987229, US1987229 A, US1987229A
InventorsCurtin Frank G
Original AssigneeCurtin Frank G
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Flushing valve
US 1987229 A
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F. G. CURTIN Jan. 8, 1935.

FLUSH I NG VALVE Filed March 2, 1934 wh op 2 4 f da Fam/(WM 4 Patented Jan. 8, 1935 e y preserit A iimeiiticui relates to idhiilg yalved Y i @Die principally-objectief thefpreserii invention Q providefY l kpireved iiushingyah/ e partiellw lirzly'f @Qnsirddted .io assure,,p. ,is.1eiife flushing @s well,-as--ademxa te .contr-Q1, .f Qf' :r-eiilll 0f Jehe bowl-m11 lowing the iiusloing.iopeieotioii. v l n Aurdhembieei Ofmhe inv-entienden. provide @fgva'lve v vlliiir is prdteeed: .agdiiietventranee- 9i 1:0 diiftand cc irxsequenii` iauliy operation.

\.Nith theseiond.,iomeriobjeets 'ewfias will :hereinafter anneau the fpreentvinyeniion :edmprises-111e Ifidehilng ivailvefherenaizter deseribed and pavtieulailyfdeiined :in fizhe eldimsa5 wredatfthe@minas:indieated-127ffand threaded @tithe bottom @die neeeived indbasefmember 7.28, fthe-latter 'being-provided with :integral :standzardrs Soeformingifa eagerlike-.eneldsurefior ldde AMedine 'disk .'16-

:StandardsfO l@ire connected (Qi the valve passes-ihlodgh fanppeniiig 34:11h the base 28 0f the floddehdmber. The. bas is. 1erovided-with lugs.y 35 against `YW bidh/the op pf @he Qing offgthe disk againstithe base;l

Tnefoaf'tehainber Closed at'theftophyirrieiifs lowereiielosedf a y 0511111 46 is extemoligy threaded t0 be reeel ed'fiLn-,weylindrie 1 .e ste.r 1

Genesi-:Leiche Y :die waive nii-qhdyi g; i119. p surrounding di ,manlief :t0 ;..ld e mening Lieder 0f ,o 1 Sdiieieritiheiehit incidente; :preveriizelirziimgidf the @ap G dgainstithe C Yer on an upward movement of the float. l 4;1; Inrior-ridadiopencenti.0.1.1, the ponts :are maintained :imilfiefpetion shown in Lheidrawingfbyithefwwter nreesyrefaetin 0n the l imei-tile Naive 6.' 'ft mlihefdnderetoddizhat hie @Vel ornate ing operation is n'substainially oo meri @fine @diem-deseen@ fit1- xe /do'effdlid ,ng

z E" i n mpleigeg HP al? i?? yao e opening 34'should be small enough so that if yalveis to be kept open for a further period only for the purpose of refilling the bowl. During descent of the valve, water is being discharged into the tank by the normal operation of the ball cock and this water flows immediately through the flushing pipe into the bowl. When the valve 16 is eventually seated, the refilling is completed.l By proper adjustment vof the sizes of the discharge and vent openings, the rate of descent of the float and consequently the refilling of the bowl can be controlledwithin` very close limits.

After seating of the valve, the tank continues to fill'to the normal height determined by the ball-x` cock. During the filling operation, Water .e forced upwardly into the float chamber'th'rou'gh the hole 34 and air is displaced outwardlylthrough the upper vent opening 40 and thepetcock. This`1` refining of the fioat chamber 'can Voccureven after the entire floatfchamber has been submerged: since there isv sufficient water pressure in the tank to force all v the air-outwardly through-"thevent openings,r lI5'he valve is then in readiness for a subsequent flushingV operation. 'l The opening `34 surrounding the valve stem 18 is `preferablyfairly large, in comparison to the opening used in a'ushing valve of the type shown in tnejcurnirratent No. 1,536,078; The opening,

however, must not be solarge as'to Vpermit dis- ,charge` of water therethrough independently of displacement of air at the top. That is to say, the

there were no vent elsewhere in the oatchamber,

the valve would remain raised indefinitely afterv having `been once lifted. -The'hole 40 surrounding thefwire}42ais lgenerally of somewhat smaller si'z'e than the hole '34.' VIt will therefore be seen that any dirtfwlfiich can enter the hole at the top of the chamber can freely ypass out the hole 34 in the bottom. {This is an importantconsideration, since `it has been found that with open-top flush valves, the action is frequently erratic, due to the 'presence ofsmall pieces off'dirt or plaster which 'drop lintoithe .chamber duringnerection of the 'II'herate of refilling-of the bowl depends on the Vrate of descent of the valve following the flushing operation,. and the rate of descent in turn l largely'determined by the ra'te at which air can bto . ing 40 ofY predetermined size.

fflow in the kports in the'coverl to displace the water discharged at 34.v The present invention providesV an'adjustable rate of descent bymeans `of the petcock. In ordinary practice, however,` 4wherein standard equipment can be madewithlffair precision, the provision for adjustment may beunnecessary and suflicientaccuracy of reiillcanfbe 'obtainedby use of a bushing 38 with a vent open- It 'will beobse'rved' that the openings 34 and 40 are vcontinuously cleaned by the reciprocation of the stem 18and the wire 42 therein, and that the opening 40, as well as the passage of the petcock when one is used, is also kept clean by the forcing therethrough of air under pressure when the oat chamber -is refilled after a flushing operation. 'I'his continual cleaning .of the openings is of especialfimportance in plumbing fixtures" of copper orbrass which "are subject to acoll'ectionof ver- 'digris when exposed :to water and air.

Avithough the preferred embodiment of the in-` vention hasbeenlillustrated and described, it will "e Having thus described the; invention, what is claimed is:

1. A flushing valve having, in combination, a movable valve member, a float connected with the valve member, a, closed float chamber enclosing the float and having a small opening in the bottom for discharge of water,fand va cover for the float chamber having a small opening to permit entrance of air and thereby to govern the descent of the float.

2. A flushing valve having, in combination, a

movable valve member, a float connected' with the valve member, 'a clsedn'oat chamber #enclosing the iioat and having asmall opening in the bottom forA discharge of water, and a cover for the oat chamberhaving a small opening to permit en- 'tranceof air and thereby to govern the descent of the float, theiopening in the cover being' smaller than the discharge opening;

3; A 'flushing valve having, `in combination, a movable valve member, a float connected with the valve I nexnber,4 a closed float chamber enclosing the float and having a smallfopening in the bottom for discharge of water, a cover for the topbf `the float chamber having an opening, andr` means passing through` thev latter opening for liftingv the float 'and valve, said' opening being of small size to governthe rate of' entrance offairv and thereby -to movable valve member, a oat connected with the Y valve member, la closed float chamber enclosing the float and havingV a small opening in the bottom `for'discharge of water, a cover for the float cham- Yben-and a manually adjustable port for governing the entrance of air andconsequent ydischargel of water from the fioat chamber. f 6. A flushing valve having, incombination, a movable valve member, a. oat, a stem` connecting the valve member with the float, a oat chamber having a base provided with a small opening through which the stem reciprocates, and means for enclosing the floatchamber, the chamber'hav'- ing at the t'op` asmall'vent port admitting-air to displace water discharged through-said opening. -7. A flushing valve having, in combination, a movable valve member, a float connectedv with the valve member, a closed float chamber enclosing `the oat and having a small openingin the bottom for discharge of water,said opening being small enough to prevent simultaneouslpassage of Water outwardly and air inwardly therethrough, fand a cover for the float chamber having a small opening "to permit ,entrance'cf air andfthereby to govern the descent of the fioat. Y' Y I 8. A flushing valveJhaving-,eincombinatiom-:a

movable valvemember, a float `connectedwith Vthe valve member, a closed noat chamber 'enclosing the fioat and having l*a small opening inthe bottom for discharge `of water, said openingbeing vsmall enough to preventrdischargeof water outwardly therethrough except when air is admitted tofanother c part of c the chambenf'and a cover for thel` `float' ,chamber 'having` a` small opening f -to permit entranceof air and thereby to govern the 'descent of the-float.

V9.A-iiushin`g `valve having, uin combination, kla l K 1,987,229 movable valve member, a float vchamber having a base with a small opening, a oat in the oat chamber, a stem connecting the Valve member and the float and passing through the opening, the opening serving to discharge water around the stem after a flushing operation but small enough to prevent displacement of air inwardly during such discharge of water, a top for the iioat charnber, and means for lifting the valve member and oat for a ushing operation, the top having a small opening to permit slow displacement of air into the float chamber after flushing and thereby to permit slow discharge of Water through the opening in the base with consequent slow descent of the float.


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