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Publication numberUS1987248 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1935
Filing dateMay 11, 1932
Priority dateMar 23, 1931
Publication numberUS 1987248 A, US 1987248A, US-A-1987248, US1987248 A, US1987248A
InventorsOtto Selzer
Original AssigneeDaimler Benz Ag
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Atomizing device
US 1987248 A
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J. s, 193s. o. Smm 1,987,248

' ATOMIZING DEVICE Filed May 1l, 1932 ynvenfar:

. Seu-gef @www PatentedlJan.8, l l

UNITED STATESPATENTOFFICE V A'roMxziNG DEVICE Otto Seizer, Sindelfingen, near Stuttgart', Germany, assigner to Daimler-Benz Aktiengesellschaft, Stuttgart-Unterturkheim, Germany, a company of Germany l Application May 11, 1932,v Serial No. 610,660

In Germany March 23, 1931 t 3 Claims. (Cl. 299-140) This invention relates to a device for atomizing is conveyed into a chamber 8 closed by a valve pigments or the like by means of compressed air, 9 and through bores 10 to the central nozzle pasmore particularly a spraying pistol, as used for sage 11;A The rear hollow cylindrical part 13 of instance for applying varnish and the like, and the conical nozzle body 12 is screwed to the pisconsists in very simple and suitable means for tol body and is interrupted by bores 14 which 5 operating this device, more particularly for seconnect the chamber 7 for the compressed air lectively producing a wide and a narrow jet. with the conical annular chamber' 15. This According to the present invention a mouthchamber is bounded on one side by the conical piece is provided comprising a central nozzle for nozzle body and on the other side by the outer l0 the pigment and two parts each having a slot closing member 17 which is screwed on to the l0 therein and arranged over the said' nozzle, the nozzle body by means of the nut 16. slot of the one part being positioned to receive Into the part 17 is inserted the inner part 18l the pigmentV from the nozzle, one of said parts of the mouthpiece and over the latter is screwed t being rotatable with respect to the other from'a the outer part 19 of the mouthpiece which is positionin which the slots are in alignment with rigidly connected to the adjusting nut 20. The l5 one another to form a continuous long slot to inner part of the mouthpiece is interrupted by produce a Wide ribbon-like jet into a position in a short cylindrical bore 21 and a slot 22 and the which vthe slots are out of alignment to produce outer part of the mouthpiece by a slot 23 which a narrow ribbon-like jet only through the slotl can be turned for linstance by adjusting the nut receiving the pigment from the nozzle, an oper- 20 out of the poSitiOn Shown in Fig. 3 into that 20 ating lever being provided for the rotatable part f shown in Fig; 4. l which has means thereon for engagement with 'I'he stems of the valves 5 and 9 are extended the operating lever for turning the said part. backwards thIOllgh Stuffing bOXeS and are DIO- The arrangement may also be such that, on vided with nuts 24 and 25. Atransverse member 25 the wide jet being operated by a lever or the 26 is placed over the valve stems and is guided '25 v like, simultaneously with the rotation of one part by Spring-loaded pins 27 and 28, the heads 0f of the mouthpiece the quantity of pigment dewhich bear against a forked lever 29 which is livered is greater than for the narrow jet, for adapted by compressing the springs t0 displace instance through the valves which control the the pinStO the ,right and t0 Open by a definite y 30 supply of pigment and compressed air being amount the valves and 9by meansof the trans- 30 opened further by the lever. The levers may be 4verse member 26. forked and act on two spring-loaded `pins dis- 30 is another lever which together with the posed slidably on either side of the pistol body,l lever arm 31 forms a bell crank, the angle of which pins themselves act for instance by means which vcan be adjusted by an adjusting screw 32. 35 of a transverse member on the air and pigment The end of the lever arm 31 engages in' the gap 35 valves. between two pins 33 and 34 fixed to the nut 20 and A constructional form of the invention is shown can in this way turn the nut 20 for instance in in -the accompanying drawing, in which t opposition to a retractile spring (not shown) vand Fig. 1 is an elevation of the spraying pistol, with it the part 19 of the mouthpiece with the 40 Fig. 2 a horizontal section-on line A-B of Fig. slot 23. A boss 35 on the lever 30 is adapted, 40 1, the operating lever being omitted, and on pressure being exerted on the latter, to bear Figs. 3 and 4 are vertical'sections through the4 against the head of the pin 27, the idle motion front part of the pistol, containing the nozzle of the lever being made such that the valves can and the mouthpiece, showing the parts of the be opened further by the lever 30 than by the mouthpiece in the two different positions relalever 29; 36 indicates the manner of securing the 45 tive to one another and Figs'. 3a. and 41m-are end closing piece 17 against turning. v 'views 0f the frODt Part 0f the Pistol Corresponding The operation is as follows: By pressing the to Figs. 3 and 4, respectively. V lever 29 towards the butt of the pistol body the Into the butt 1 of the piston body supply tubes pins 27 and 28 can be displaced by a certain 2 for the compressed air and 3 for the pigment amount to the right. At the same time the trans- 50 are introduced. 'I'he compressed air enters into verse member 26 Vbears against the nuts 24 and a. chamber 4 which is closed by a valve 5, by 25 and opens the valves5 and 9. The compressed opening which the compressed air is allowed to air will then flowfthrough-the passage 6 into the pass through the bores 6 into an annular chamyconical annular chamber 15 and atomize the pigber 7. In a corresponding manner the pigment ment emerging out of the passage 10 andthe 55 through the opening 21 ot the nomle mouthpiece in iront oi the said passages.

Fig. 3. The slots 22 and 23 cross one anotherso that the jet is restricted by the inner bore of the outer part of the mouthpiece andvcan only play over an angle a.

In Fig. 4 the position for the wide iet is shown. For this purpose the lever 30 is pressed towards the butt causing the lever arm 31 to turn the nut 20and to bring the slot 23 in alignment with the slot 22. The Jet thus assumes an angle At the same time the valves are opened iurther by the boss 35 so that more pigment is supplied to correspond to the greater width of iet.

Through turning the knurled nut 16 ai-ter releasing the: safety catch 36, the width oi the annular chamber 15 can be adjusted. While in operation, however, the annular chamber remains unchanged, so that a uniform operation ot the arrangement is always ensured. V

What I claim is:

y 1. In a spraying pistol for atomizing pigments and the like by means of compressed air, a mouthpiece comprising a central nozzle for the pigments and two parts each having a slot therein and arranged over said nozzle with the slot oi.' one part positioned to receive pigment from the nozzle and the other part mounted Vthereon and capable of rotation with respect thereto, i'rom a position with the slots in alignment with one another to i'orxn a continuous long slot to pro duce a wide jet into a position with the slots out of alignment 'to produce a narrow iet only through the slot receiving the pigment from the nozzle, an operating leverl for said rotatable part and means on said part in engagement with said voperating lever tor turning the said part.

2. In a spraying pistol for atomizing pigments and the ylike by means ot compressed air. a mouthpiece comprising a central nozzle for the pigments and two parts each having a slottherein and ar- Theposition oi 1 ythe'mouthpiece for this purpose is indicatedin ranged over said nozzle with the slot of one part `.positioned to receive pigment from the nozzle said part being rotatable with respect to the noza continuous long slot to produce la wide jet into a position with the slots out of alignment to produce a narrow jet only through the slot receiving the pigment from the nozzle, and an operating lever for the second-mentioned part pivoted on the pistol and operatively connected to the second-mentioned part'ior turning said part with respect to the first-mentioned part.`

3. In a spraying pistol for atomizing pigments and the like by means of compressed iluid, a pistol body having a -conduit for the supply of pigment and a conduit for the supply ot compressed air therein, a mouthpiece comprising an inner part having a radial slot therein positioned to receive pigment and compressed air from said conduits an annular outer part surrounding said in- 'y ner 'part and having a radial slot therein, one of said parts being rotatable with respect to the other part from a position in which the slots are out of register and the pigment is ejected in the form of a narrow jet from the slot in the inner part only into a position in which the slots are in register endwise so that the slots in the inner and outer parts constitute an elongated radial slot` from which the pigment supplied to the slot in theinner part issues in the form oi a wide Jet,

.an actuating member operatively connected to the of the rotatable part in which 'the two slots in the parts are in register with one another.


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