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Publication numberUS1987826 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1935
Filing dateJul 8, 1932
Priority dateAug 1, 1931
Publication numberUS 1987826 A, US 1987826A, US-A-1987826, US1987826 A, US1987826A
InventorsHeumann Gustav
Original AssigneeHeumann Gustav
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Show case clamp
US 1987826 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 15, 1935. G, HEUMANN saow CASE CLAMP Filed July 8, 1952- 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 ATTORNEY.

Jan. 15, 1935. G. HEUMANN snow CASE CLAMP rileduul s, 1952 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Jaye/12hr:

their resiliency, which, furthermore,

Patented Jan. 15, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Application July 8, 1932, Serial No. 621

In Germany August 1, 1931 5 Claims.

Applications have been filed in Germany, August 1, 1931, and May 1, 1932, in France, January 4, 1932, and in Switzerland, January 31, 1932.

This invention relates to a show case clamp for combining rods and plates into a frame and constructing window or counter display stands or show cases of any form from glass or other plates with or withoutrods in a simple and suitable manner.

The known devices of this class consist of angularly interconnected elastic sheet metal sleeves within which the plates are clamped. However; these devices are adapted only within narrow limits to difierent glass diameters; when inserted in these clamps glass plates will be readily damaged; heavier plates cannot be held by the clamps in horizontal position, owing to decreases in time and renders the clamps useless; and finally, the devices of the known type cannot be employed for making connections of all sorts and at any angle.

, The-invention eliminates these defects by providing a clamp comprising two ushaped and interconnected metal holding parts each of which is provided with a clamp screw capable of turning in one side of the U-shaped parts and having a pressure disc at its inner end and v a handle at its outer end, the pressure disc being preferably corrugated to insure a firm grip on round rods too.

The two U-shaped metal parts may be integral and thus rigidly connected or they may bedisplaceably and adjustably bolted together by a connecting screw. screw may be provided in-the sides or in the web of the two U-shaped members or in flanges projecting from one or two sides of the U-shaped members.

By way ofexample, several embodiments of the invention are illustrated diagrammatically in the accompanying drawings.

Figure 1 shows a clamp made in one piece in which one member is disposed on, and rectangularly to, the web of the other-member; Fig. 2 is a view of an integral clamp in which both members are connected to their common web; Fig. 3, a view of an integral clamp in which both members are rectangularly connected onone of theirsides Fig. 4, a view of an integral clamp in which both members have a web in common;

. Fig. 5, a view of a clamp consisting of two individual parts interconnected at their webs by a screw; Pig. 6. a view of a clamp consisting of two parts, one of which is provided on two ad- The holes for the connecting jacent sides with perforated flanges for connection with the perforated second part; Fig. 7, a view of a clamp similar to that shown in Fig. 6 with the parts detached; Fig. 8 shows the ap plication of a clamp according to Fig. 7 for con- 5 necting glass plates disposed at an oblique angle to one another; Fig. 9 shows the application of a clamp according to Fig-7 for connecting glass plates disposed at an acute angle relative to one another; Fig. 10 shows the application of a '10 clamp according to Fig; 7 for connecting glass plates disposed vertically to one another: Fig. 11 shows the application of the various types of clamps illustrated for combiningv glass plates into a window stand; Fig. 12 is a side elevation 15 showing the form of applicants disc; and Fig. 13 is an end view of applicant's disc showing how it is cupped and bent along a median line.

In all figures, a and b designate the two U-shaped holding members. 0 are the clamp 20 screws, d their handles and e their corrugated pressure plates.

In the embodiments according to Figs. 1 to 4 the two members a and b are integral, as indicated in the drawings, but interconnected in 25 difierent ways to allow for various modes of application when plates and rods are to be connected.

In the construction shown in Fig. 5 the two members a and b are rotatably connected by a 3d screw f passingthrough the two webs of the two members a and b so as to permit relative adjustment of the two parts at different angles.

In the constructional forms disclosed by Figs.

6 and 7 the member a is provided on the web 35 with a rectangularly bent flangeg and on an adjacent side with a rectangularly bent flange h which, in the embodiment shown in Fig. 6, is cut out of the shank of the U- member and, in 0 the construction shown in Fig. '7, attached thereto. The flange g has an oblong slot 1 and the flange h, a hole It. The second member b is provided with the holes I on two adjacent sides. By means of these holes 2', k and Z and the screw ,1 45 the members wand 12 can be connected in a great variety of positions. Instead of the member b in Figs. 6 and 7 two parts of the type of the member a may be used in these figures.-

Figs. 8 to 10 show various uses of the clamp according to Figs. 6 and 7 when two glass plates m and n are to be connected at different angles. Fig. 10 shows how the flange hmay serve also as support.

In Fig. 11 the various clamps shown bear the number of the figure of the drawings which discloses the clamps in detail.

Fig. 12 is a side elevation showing applicants cupped disc e mounted on a screw c, and Fig. 13 is a view of the disc in Fig. 12 as viewed on the line 13-13. This shows the pressure disc as viewed when looking into the cupped end. The disc is cupped, and bent along the median line :0.

I claim:

1. A show case clamp for combining plates and rods into a frame, comprising two rigid adjacent U-shaped members secured together to form a unitary structure, one side of one of said members forming a means for connecting the same to one side of the other member, and a clamp screw in one side of each of said members, and distorted pressure discs cupped and bent on a median line and positioned between the sides of said holding members and propelled by said screws.

2. A clamp for plates and rods comprising, two rigid U-shaped members one of which is supported by the other, a clamping screw in one face of each of said members, and a pressure disc swiveled on one end of each of said screws and positioned within the U forms of said members, said discs being cupped and bent on a median line.

3. A clamp for plates and rods comprising two rigid U-shaped members one of which is adjustably secured to the other, the secured portions of said members comprising plane suriaces whereby one of said members may be secured to the other in any desired angular relation, a clamping screw in one face of each of said members, and a pressure disc cupped and bent on a median line and swiveled on one end of each of said screws and positioned within the U forms of said members.

4. A clamp as claimed in claim 3 in which at least one of the two rigid U-shaped members is provided with a plane slotted connecting flange, and means for detachably connecting said members.

5. In a clamp of the character described for plates and rods, a clamping screw carry a disc cupped and bent on a median line and adapted to resiliently engage said plate or rod.


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