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Publication numberUS1988557 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1935
Filing dateJan 18, 1933
Priority dateFeb 5, 1932
Publication numberUS 1988557 A, US 1988557A, US-A-1988557, US1988557 A, US1988557A
InventorsRudolf Jecker
Original AssigneeRudolf Jecker
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Combined toothbrush and paste container
US 1988557 A
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Jan. 22, 1935. JEcKl-:R

COMBINED TOOTHBRUSH AND PASTE CONTAINER Filed Jan. 18, 1955 Patented Jan. 22, 1935 A l e UNITED STATESPATENT OFFICE COMBINED TOOTHBRUSH AND PASTE CONTAINER Rudolf Jecker, Lausen, Switzerland Application January 18, 1933, Serial No. 652,357

In Switzerland February 5, 1932- 2 Claims. `(Cl. 15-137) This invention relates to a toothbrush by which carries a screw threaded rod 9 extending means of which the separate storage and use approximately through the entire length of the of paste and toothbrush is obviated. Construccompartment 2. On the outer end of the screw tions for this purpose have already been prothread rod 9 a disc 10 is xed bearing against 5 posed in which the toothbrush is provided with the outer side of the cap 8. A retaining ring 5 a tubular handle which is constructed as paste 11, mounted in an annular groove of the screw container and in which an ejecting device is arthreaded rod 9, bears against the inner side of ranged having -a screw spindle with a piston. the cap 8. The rod 9 is provided with left In order to prevent the turning of the ejecting handed screw threads and carries an ejecting l piston it is made oval according to this form of piston 12. This piston 12 is composed of two 10 construction, The paste passes out through parts screwed together and clamping between holes from rubber pins. In this known constructhem a rubber packing 13. The piston 12 can tion the paste in the discharge slot can dry and be moved either backwards or forwards by turnclog this slot.` It is not easy to eject dried paste ing the screw threaded rod 9 by means of the l as the paste passes perpendicularly against the disc 10. l5 vslot walls arranged transversely to the pressure 'Ihe toothbrush consists of a back 14 of any action. Cartridges may be employed for filling desired shape, in which in known manner the the container having an aperture at one end and bristles 15 are xed. A paste passage 16 is proprovided with a plug at the other end. vided in theback 14 and communicates with the The toothbrush according to the invention difcompartment 2 in the handle 1. Two mouth- 20 fers from these known constructions in that the pieces 17 are arranged at a distance apart in base of a rubber tongue mouth piece extending the bristle holder 14. The mouthpieces extend in transverse direction over several bunches of from the passage 17 and terminate between the bristles is fixed on the paste channel extending bristles 15. Instead of two mouthpieces 17 only into the brush body. The walls of this mouthone or more than two mouthpieces may be pro- 25 piece taper in outward direction and make the vided. These mouthpieces can be of any deouter end successively more flexible. The ejectsired shape, and in Fig. 2 two diierent shapes ing piston arranged in the interior of the handle are shown. The mouthpieces and their chanactuated by the spindle consists of two parts nels 18 taper towards their free end. The v screwed together and accommodating between mouthpieces are made of rubber in the form of 30 them a packing ring. The lpaste cartridge to the so-called lip valves, the discharge slot 19 be inserted in the handle is provided with a being constantly closed automatically if there cellon like covering adapted to be broken open is no internal pressure. By this. means the at its ends. paste is prevented from drying in the moutha5 The tongue shaped mouthpieces preferably pieces, and water cannot enter therein during 35 have each a discharge slot situated between inthe' cleaning of the teeth. clined walls having conveying inner sides and In cross section the tubular handle 1 is slightsuccessively widening towards their inner ends. ly oval to facilitate gripping with' the hand and An embodiment of the invention is illustrated to prevent the piston from turning around its 40 by way of example in the accompanying drawing own axis. 4.0

in whichz- The paste is filled directly into the tubular Y Fig. 1 shows the toothbrush in front elevation. handle when the bristle helder 14 has been un- Fig 2 is a longitudinal section of Fg- 1- screwed and aA paste tube has been screwed on Fig. 3 shows the paste cartridge on a smaller to the handle in its stead Sca e' 'I'he filling device shown in Fi 4 is then em- 45 Fig' 4 Shows in elevation partllly m selction the ployed, comprising a filling tube O to be screwed paste charging devlce on a' Sma er sca e' on to the paste tube 21 and provided with a A tubular handle 1, preferably made of transparent celluloid, comprises an inner compart- Closing Cap 22' Thls Cep 22 1S removed before ment 2 serving as paste reservoir. The front the filling Prpel can be Carried OUR The filling 50 end of the handle has a neck 3 in which an ineen else be effected by means of cartridges. ternal screw thread 4 is cut. A screw threaded Which' consist. f01 example, 0f a Cardboard CaSe extension 5 of an exchangeable toothbrush '7 is 23 (Fg- 3)- 'ThiS 68S@ has an aperture 24 in screwed into the screw thread 4. Onto the rear one end and a plug 25 at the other end. A celend of the tubular handle l a cap 8 is screwed, lophane protecting covering on the cardboard 55 e y A Y V e 25 before use. l

Before use the bristles 15 of the tooth brush have to be moistened with water and the disc 10 turned in clockwise direction until sumcient paste has been discharged from the mouthpieces 17, whereupon the disc 10 is turned in the opposite direction, in order to prevent more paste from being ejected by any pressure still. existing. The teeth are cleaned in the usual manner. When the disc 10 has been turned backwards, the mouthpieces 17 close automatically and do not allow water to penetrate into the interior thereof.

The exchangeability of the toothbrush proper enables anyone to; easily find the desired shape and hardness of the bristles and, when the bristles are worn out, it isV not necessary to buy a new handle portion.

1. A toothbrush, comprising in combination a tubular handle, constructed as paste container,

a brush body with bunches of bristles on the end of said handle and having a discharge channel with branch slots terminating between said bunches of bristles, and rubber tongue shaped mouthpieces of rectangular cross section projecting from said branch slots in transverse direction over the entire width of the brush body and having walls tapering and consequently more flexible towards their outer end.

2. A toothbrush, comprising in combination a tubular handle, constructed as paste container, a brush body with bunches of bristles on the end of said handle and having a discharge channel with transverse branch slots terminating between said bunches of bristles, and rubber tongue shaped mouthpieces extending one from each of said branch slots and each having a discharge slot situated between inclined longitudinal walls contacting with their inner sides at the outer ends and successively diverging towards their inner ends.


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European ClassificationA46B11/00C6B2