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Publication numberUS1989183 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 29, 1935
Filing dateJan 31, 1933
Priority dateJan 31, 1933
Publication numberUS 1989183 A, US 1989183A, US-A-1989183, US1989183 A, US1989183A
InventorsBlake Valerie F
Original AssigneeBlake Valerie F
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Roll protection
US 1989183 A
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Jan. 29, 1935. v. F. BLAKE 1,989,183

ROLL PROTECTION Filed Jan. 31, 1933 VINVENTOR VALER/E-fi' BLAKE I ORNE- Patented Jan. 29, 1935 UNITED TE 1 1 3 1: "ROLL PROTECTION Valerie mw m. N: l Application January 31, 1 3i js i a nq- 6542107 I 10 Claims (crate-59y This invention relates to the protection of the ends and corner edges of heavy rolls of paper and the like. The objects of the invention are to provide a protector for roll ends, which can be quickly and easily applied to rolls of different diameters; which will securely hold to its protecting position on the roll and which, when desired, canbe readily removed and which, possessing the above and other desiredcharacteristics, will be relatively inexpensive, practical and of a form which may be packed and shipped in convenient compact shape.

The foregoing and other desirable objects are attained by the novel .features of construction, combinations and relations of parts hereinafter described and broadly covered in theclaims.

The drawing accompanying and forming'part of the specification illustrates one-practical commercial embodimentv of the invention, 'it' being understood that thestructure may be modified and changedwithout departure from'the true spirit and broad scope of the invention.

Fig. 1 is a perspective view illustrating a roll of paper or the like, having theprotectors applied thereto and showing atone end the mode of application and-also illustrating the easy-removal feature. 1.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged broken sectional detail as'on line 22 of-Fig. 1, showing the layers of protector about the corner'edge'of the roll.

Fig. 3 is a broken face view of the end disc portion of the protector.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional detail of the sam as on line 4-4 of Fig. 3. I 7

Figs. 5 and 6. are broken plan and cross-sectional views of the outside protector strip, the

latter view appearing as on line 6-6 of Fig. 5.

In Fig. 1, the protectors are shown applied to a heavy roll of paper or the like, designated '7.

The protector consists in this disclosure of a disc 8, of cardboard, heavy paper, or the like, of a diameter approximating that of the roll to which it is to be applied and having at its rim projecting lugs, lobes or scallops 9, adapted to be turned over and secured to the circumferential portion of the roll as indicated in Fig. 1.

The end disc may be scored as indicated at 10, in Fig. 3, to provide a hinging axis at the juncture of the tabs or segments with the rim of the disc and these tabs themselves may be scored as indicated at 11, to permit adjustments for over-size rolls. Only the end portions of these securing tabs may be glued or cemented as indicated at 12, and this may be a quick drying cement put on at the time of applying the disc to the roll, or it may ab'puaim the tabs in the courseof manufactureand then'be Wet at the time of applying the discto'the mu h 1 .1;

. If desired, the ,body portion of the end disc may be adhesively secured to the endof the "roll, though ordinarily thei adhesionfof the tabs to the roll circumferenceis usually sufficient for se .curingpurposesfli, g r Q ..I 'IAt'the center, the'enddisc'is' shownfas'fp'erforatedat'13',"in line with the opening 14, through the ,core'of the roll,,' so" that .the roll maybe mounted on a'mandrel'or the'likB, with the protector-stillin place ,j

For quick removal scored, perforated, fadiainnes a mdr being torn away H, segments as appears 'in' Fig. 1. Themandrelopemngfm provides access tothe inner. ends or these "segmental portions, which can thus be readily'grasped ,in the fingers and tornoutwardlyonthe'weakened lines. .In the i11 s'tratioa,pn1yrour tearing lines are shown, enabling theend disc .to'be' torn away in quarters, but it will .be ,obvious. that more; lines, mayfllbe provided, ifconsideredds'irable, which may be piir cs's, ,th'e T disc may be ri otherwis'e weakened as on ar q 1q lAft'er thenend sc'is in place and securedby. the. circumferential tabs, an outer protecting member may be. applied, the same consisting of a strip 16,of cardboard,.heavylpaper, or the like, which "adhesively securedf o'ver 'the circumferentialtabs 9 ,.and has along one .edge the projecting scallops or ;lugs-17, which are turned inward and adhesiyely s'ecuredl over the} face of the end disc. This'st'ri'p protectorserves the purpose of locking the attaching tabs of the end disc down over the circumference of the roll and of reinforcing the corner portion of the roll, as in Fig. 2, where it will be noted that the slotted or cut portions of one member, come opposite a solid portion of the other member, so that the weakest part of oneis reinforced by a solid part of the other. Thus, the slotted circumferential portion of the disc member is covered and bound together by the solid strip portion 16 of the outside member and the slotted or scalloped portion of the outer member is reinforced and tied together by the solid end part 8 of the disc member.

The protector is easily applied by placing the disc over the end of the roll and securing the tabs of the same over the circumference of the roll, these tabs bending on the proper hinge lines 10, 11, to fit the diameter of the particular roll;

the circumferential portion 16 0f the strip mem 15 ed at l5,' enable the disc .25 the 1 .case' where. thedisc 'is' of relatively heavy 1 p run clear out to the circumferential strip 16, whereupon the torn away segment serves as'a' lever or handle portion to tear away final circumferential portion 16. n Y The outer protecting strip may have hinging lines 10a and 11a, substantially asindicated in Figs. and 6, at the roots of the tongi es or tabs, and in the length of the tabs themselves and it will be; noted in these views, thatthe cuts or notches I8 which separate and define the tabs or scallops, terminate short oi the; hinging line 10a to. avoid weakening or tearingof the body portion l6 of the strip: Similarly, the notches l9 the perimeter'oi thediso, definingthe' tabs 9, terminate. short of or do not intersect the bead or score line 10, so as'to leave'these tabs strongly attached to the body, of the disc. "The tearing lines may extend from themandrel opening 13,1'substantial1y out-to thehingrngline l0 and prei'erablyi in linewith notches between the tabs.

What is claimed is: p

1. A roll. end protector, comprisingxa disc' of cardboard'or the like, applicable overthe end of a roll and havinga scallopedperipheryproviding edge tabs adaptedto be bent down over the adjoining circumferentialportion ofa roll, a circumferential strip engaging said tabs and: having 'a'scalloped edge providing tabs engageal' le' over the face of the disc, saiddisc'and said strip each havingpluralhinginglines' for. the tabs enabling adaptationof the same to fit different-size rolls.

;2'.' A 1'011' endprotector, 'comprisingja discof cardboard or the/like, applicable'over the end of a roll and havingfa; scalloped periphery providing separated edge tabs adapted to be benti'ndi vidue ally down over the adjoining circumferentialipor tion of a roll, a circumferential strip engaging Said t s nd ha n -a a lc died g pr i tabs engageable" over theyface. or the disc. said end disc having lines of weakness extending;from the central portion toward the periphery of the same to enable; thei'protector'being readily torn away from a roll and said disc-having a central opening from which'the lines of weakness extend;

3. In a roll protector, a disc of cardboard or the like, said disc having a central opening and a line or lines of weakness extending outwardly from said central opening.

4. In a roll protector, a disc of cardboard or the like, said disc having a central opening and a line or lines of weakness extending outwardly from said central opening, said disc having a notched peripheral portion providing independently bendable tabs engageable over. the circumferential portion of a roll;

5. In a roll protector, a disc of cardboard or the like, said disc having a central opening and a-liner or lines of weakness extending outwardly from said central opening, said disc having a notched peripheral portion providing independan annular bead defining a hinge line, notches extending inwardly short of said. bead, defining attachment tabs bendable on said hinge line, said disc having a centraltearing opening and a line or lines of weakness extending from said tearing line outwardly to saidhinging bead.

8. A. roll protector, comprising. a disc having an annular .bead defining a hinge line, notches 'extending'inwardly short of said bead, defining attachment tabs bendable on said hinge line and a binding strip secured over said tabs andhavin'g tabs secured over. the end disc.

9. In a roll proteetomastrip of cardboard or the like, scalloped along one. edge. andhaving a longitudinally extending bead defining a. hinging axis for the scallops and said scallops having beads extending thereacross defining additional hinging axes.

' 4102' In a; roll protector, a roll endengaging disc of cardboard or the like, said disc having a notched periphery providing separate bendable tabs and further having a central opening with a line oi weakness extending radially outwardly from said 'central tearing opening in line with a notch aforesaid.


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International ClassificationB65D85/671, B65D85/67
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European ClassificationB65D85/671