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Publication numberUS1989921 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1935
Filing dateApr 20, 1933
Priority dateApr 20, 1933
Publication numberUS 1989921 A, US 1989921A, US-A-1989921, US1989921 A, US1989921A
InventorsStewart Goddard
Original AssigneeStewart Goddard
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Waxer and polisher
US 1989921 A
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Patented Feb. 5, 1935 UNITEDSTATE-S' wAxnn NnPoLrsHER Stewart Goddard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Application April 20, 1933,-Serial No. 667,052

*6 Claims.

The principal object of this invention is to provide an improved form of waxing and polishing device for floors which will be efficient in operation, easy to manipulate and which may be quickly adapted to the work required of it.

The principal feature of the invention resides in the novel construction and arrangement of parts whereby a plurality of waxing and polishiru discs are rotatably and removably mounted on a head member which is pivotally connected toa handle to provide for versatility and flexibility between the various parts.

A further and important feature consists in the novel feature of rotatably mounting the polishing discs in spaced-apart relation in the form of a spool whereby a mobile unit is provided.

In the drawing, Figure 1 is a vertical elevation partly in section illustrating a device constructed in accordance with the present invention.


Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 1 on a reduced scale illustrating the application of a polishing brush unit thereto.

In carrying the present invention into efiect in the form shown in the drawing, I provide a pair of metal discs 1 which are cupped outwardly and provided on the inward .side with a concentrically disposed weight 2. The discs and weight are provided with an axial bore 3 to rotatably receive the ends of a short shaft member 4 which may be formed of wood or metal as desired.

Flanged plates 5 are secured to the ends of the shaft by the screw 6 and overlap the outer surfaces of the weight members 2.

A tubular split sleeve '7 encircles the reduced central portion of the shaft 4, preferably in a rotatable manner and carries radial lug extensions 8 to which a handle member 9 is pivotally connected by the bolt 10, such bolt being preferably disposed at right angles to the axis of the shaft 4.

It may be desirable to rigidly secure the discs 1 and weight 2 to the shaft 4, in which case the plates 5 and screws 6 may act as a clamping means to prevent relative rotation of the disc and shaft so that the shaft will rotate freely in the sleeve 7.

The shaft 4 preferably carries annular shoulder portions 11 forming spacers between the discs and sleeve. 7 l

A pad 12 or filler of felted material is placed within the discs 1 to overly the weight 2 to a considerable depth, forming a soft resilient compresr sible pad, and a covering 13 formed of suitable flexible material, which may be treated to render Figure 2 is a perspective view on a reduced (or sir-e9) it non-absorptive, overlies the pad 12 andrembraces the periphery thereof in a smooth, rounded contour beyond the disc flange 14 which will not injure furniture and woodwork with which it comes in contact. The inturned edge portion of 5 the covering 13 is suitably secured to the flange 14 by the overlapping flanged edge of the plates 5.

Wa tin or poli h n cloths 15 are provided of substantial circular form and the free edge thereof preferably carries a length of elastic material 16 so that when the cloths are placed in position as shown in Figure 1, they overlie the soft pad material 12 on the outer side and extend around over the inner side of the discs 1, while the elastic material acting on the cloth, effectively holds .the same in place under tension.

The polishing cloths 15 may thus be readily applied or removed or replaced when desired by cloths of different character.

The fastening screws 6 are accessible through an opening 17 in the felt pad 12 and as shown in Figure 3, by removing the screws 6, the pad element shown in Figure 1 may be completely removed and replaced by a polishing brush element 0 18.

In the operation of the device over a floor surface, the polishing element in contact therewith, being free to rotate about a vertical axis, will establish a highly eflicient polishing action. The rounded form of the polishing element obviates the formation of corners which would damage woodwork or ftuniture and when the device is moved along the floor adjacent the wall, the rotating. action set up presents a rolling contact with the wall, preventing scraping of the finish.

It will be also noted that the device, being in the form of a spool, becomes a mobile unit which may be rolled along the floor, avoiding the necessity of carrying the polishing device to or from its point of use, which is an important advantage, since polishing devicesvbeing weighted, are of a heavy and cumbersome character.

Many variations may be made in'the actual structure of the device without departing from the essential spirit thereof.

The form of polisher shownis extremely simple and comparatively light in weight so that it may be handled without fatigue and it is so constructed that where pressure may be required such may be applied by a downward pressure on the handle member 9 which is attached close to the centre of the device.

What I claim as my invention is:-

1. A Waxing and polishing device having a pair of axially spaced polishing discs rotatably mounted in the form of a spool and presenting smooth rounded peripheries for rolling contact with surfaces with which they come in contact, a member concentrically rotatable between said discs and having lug extensions, and a handle pivotally connected with said lug extensions.

2. A waxing and polishing device comprising a shaft, a handle having a universal pivot connection with the shaft, and flat polishing discs mounted axially on the respective ends of said shaft, and presenting substantially flattened waxing and polishing surfaces on their respective outward faces.

3. A waxing and polishing device comprising a shaft, a handle secured centrally to said shaft, a pair of outward cupped discs encircling the ends of said shaft, weights within said discs encircling said shaft, means for securing said discs and weights to the shaft, cushioning pads overlying said weights, and polishing cloths overlying said cushioning pads.

4. A waxing and polishing device as claimed in claim 3 in which said polishing cloths extend around the perphery of said cushioning pads and carry elastic means at the edge to overlie the inner side of said discs to retain the polishing cloths in place.

5. A waxing and polishing device as claimed in claim 3 in which said discs are flanged outwardly at the periphery, and a layer of flexible material overlying the pad material and underlying the polishing cloth is curvedcaround the periphery of the pad and secured to the disc flanges.

6. A waxing and polishing device having a pair of disc-like polishing heads presenting substantially fiat polishing surfaces, a shaft member detachably and interchangeably mounting said heads in axial alignment with each other in right angular relation to the shaft axis, and a handle connected with said shaft member.


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