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Publication numberUS19901 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 13, 1858
Publication numberUS 19901 A, US 19901A, US-A-19901, US19901 A, US19901A
InventorsHerrick Aiken
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Improvement in awls and tools
US 19901 A
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f7/11%# No. 1s, SCREWDRIVER.


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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No; 19,901, dated April 13, 1858.

To all whom, it may concern.:

Be it known that I, IIERRICK AIKEN, of Franklin, in the county of Merrimac and State of New Hampshire, have invented cer tain new and useful Improvements in Awls and Tools; and I do hereby declare that the same are described and represented in the following specification and drawings.

To enable others 'skilled in the art to make and use my improvements, I will proceed to describe their construction and t-he mode of using them, referring to the drawings, in which the same letters indicate like parts in each of the figures.

Figure 1 is arepresentation of the handle,

receptacle, socket, and grip, with a saw conlined in it ready for use. Fig. 2 is a section of Fig. 1, representing it cut perspectively through the center. Fig. 3 represents an end View of the grip when slit in four parts.

Fig. 4 is the wrench for turning the grip.,

Fig. 5 is a representation of the awls and other tools, numbered from 1 to 20, inclusive.

The nature of my invention and improvements consists in the form, shape, construction, and-combination of a set of awls and tools (twenty in number) for the purpose of connecting them with a handle having a receptacle in the large end to contain said awls and tools, and a socket and grip secured in the other end for the purpose of confining and holdingthe several awls and tools for use, so arranged thatthe awls and tools may be changed with facility as' occasion may require; also,in making the Shanks of the awls and tools square, equal in size, and serrated, for the purpose of inserting them into the grip connected with the handle, so that the grip will be enabled to hold them more firmly for use than if the shanks were made plain without being serrated.

In the accompanying drawings, A is the handle,'made of wood or other material and bored through its whole length, so as to receive the socket B in the small end, where it is firmly secured. This socket is made of metal and provided with a female screw in its inner end, to which the male screw on the grip C is fitted. The outer end of this grip is made in two parts with a triangular groove in each part, as shown at D, Fig. 2, to receive the shanks of the awls and tools shown in Fig. 4:. The grip may also be slit in four parts, as shown by an end view in Fig. 5. The outside of the grip is made conical at E to correspond with the interior of the outer end of the socket B, which is made tunnelshaped, as shown in the section, Fig. 2. The outer end of grip O beyond the conical part E is made square, and the wrench, Fig. 3, being made to match, is used to turn it and screw it into the socket B, so that the tunnelshaped part of the socket, acting on the conical part of the grip, will close it and confine the shank of' an awl or tool inserted between the jaws of the grip, thereby holding it firmly for use, and also permits of the several. awls and tools being changed with facility by unscrewing the grip, so as to loosen the shank inserted therein.

The interior of the large end of the handle shown at G serves for a receptacle to contain the awls, tools, and Wrench. The bottom of this receptacle is lined with lead, for the purpose of preventing the edges of the tools from being injured by coming .in contact with the socket and grip.

The receptacle G is closed by the screwcap F, which is fitted to the large end of the handle A, and forms the extremity of the handle, as shown in the drawings.

Fig. 5 is a representation of a set of twenty a-wls and tools, each having a square shank made equal in size, with parallel sides, and serrated, so as to enable the grip to hold them vmore firmly. These awls and tools are all made of the best cast-steel, nicely finished, and properly tempered for use.

This instrument, being designed for hand use, is made so small that it may conveniently be carried in the pocket.

I believe I have'described my improvements in vawls and tools as the law requires. I will now state what I desire to secure by Letters Patent, viz:

I claiml l. The form, shape, construction, combinaa tion, and arrangement of the set of awls and y tools (twenty in number) as described in the foregoing specification, and represented in the drawings, for the purpose of connecting them with a handle having a receptacle in the large end to contain the said awls and tools and a socket, and grip secured in the other end to confine and hold the several awls and tools for use as occasion may require.

2. Making the Shanks of the awls and tools 3. rThese improvements in awls and tools square, Withparallel sides, serrated and equal when used in any kind of socket and grip for in size, for the purpose of inserting them into holding and changing them.

a grip connected with a handle, the Shanks HERRICK AIKEN. being serrated, so that Jche grip will hold them Witnesses: more irmly for use than if the Shanks were l THos. APPLETON,

made plain without the serrating. N. H. SANBORN.

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