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Publication numberUS1991111 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1935
Filing dateDec 8, 1931
Priority dateDec 8, 1931
Publication numberUS 1991111 A, US 1991111A, US-A-1991111, US1991111 A, US1991111A
InventorsManuel L Murrell
Original AssigneeManuel L Murrell
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Lighting system for beds
US 1991111 A
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Feb. 12, 1935. L'MURRELL 1,991,111

LIGHTING SYSTEM FOR BEDS Filed Dec. 8, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheetjl H JIM /0 f 5 'IO IN VEN TOR. fizz/v0.51, L. NU/EEELL ATTORNEYS.

Feb. 12, 1935. M. ,L. MURRELL 1,991,111


Patented Feb. 12, 1935 gUNITEDb STATES? PATENT LIGHTING SYST M redness, Manuel L. Murrell, Santa Mjo nic'a, Calif; Application December 8, 1931 Serial No. 579,773

1 Claim.

This invention relates to and has for its purpose the provision of a lighting system preferably incorporated in the structure of a bed as a permanent part thereof during manufacture of the bed, and embodying one or more lamps disposed on the head frame of the bed to project the present practice of resorting to accessories for this purpose.

Only one form of lighting system for beds embodying this invention will be shown and describedand the novel features thereof pointed out in the claim.

In the accompanying drawings: I

Figure l is a view of the head frame of a bed in front elevation with one form of lighting system embodying this invention, associated therewith;

Figure 2 is an enlarged view of the head frame in rear elevation and embodying the lighting system shown in Figure 1;

Figure 3 is an enlarged vertical sectional view taken on the line 33 of Figure 2 and looking in the direction of'the arrows;

Figure 4' is an enlarged horizontal, sectional View taken on the line 44 of Figure 2 and look ing in the direction of the arrows; Figures 5 and 6 are enlarged fragmentary sectional views takenrespectively on the lines 55 and 66 of Figure 2 and looking in the directions of the respective arrows; and,

Figure '7 is a view of a different style of head in rear elevation withthe lighting system embodying this invention applied thereto.

' Referring specifically to the drawings in which similar ,reference characters designate similar parts in each of the several views, and particularly to Figures 1 to 6 inclusive, this invention in its present embodiment is shown associated with aconventional form of wooden bed the head frame H of which is composed of posts 10, topand bottom rails 11 and 12, and a panel 13 spanning the" posts and rails. The marginal edges of the panel 13 arereceived and secured in grooves 14 formed in the confronting sides of the posts and rails; and in the present instance the groove of one post and that portion of the groove of the top rail 11 from its joinder with the post to approximately its center, are of increased depth to accommodate and confine a pair of suitable conductors 15 so that the latter will be entirely concealed when the parts of the head frame are assembled. The conductors 15 extend into a pocket 16 formed in the inner side of said post adjacent its lower end, and are connected to a conventional form of socket 17 supported in the pocket and providing terminals for co-action with a detachable plug 18 in supplying current to the conductors from asuitable sourceof supplythrough the medium of flexible wiring 19,

The opposite ends of the conductors 15 extend from the groove 14 of the top rail 11 at the Vet-,-

tical center of the panel 13, downwardly along f the back of the latterinto a shallow cupshaped casing 20 secured to the back of the panelby screws 21 to span an opening 22 formedin the panel. That-portion of the conductors 15 between the top rail and casing is concealed in a channel shaped member or extension, 23, also secured to the back of the panel.

A lamp socket 24, to the terminals of which the conductors 15 are connected, is supported by the casing 20 in the opening 22 at one end thereof; and mounted in the socket 24 is a lamp 25 also disposed in the opening so that when the lamp is lighted, the light rays emanating therefrom will project forwardly from the panel 13 over the bed at a height suitable for an occupant of the bed to read by or utilize for other purposes. Spanning the opening 22 at the front of the panel is a frosted lens 26 held in place for manual operation by the occupant of the bed to light or extinguish the lamp 25 at will. 1 Referring now to Figure '7, it will be noted that in the style of bed herein shown, thepanel 13 of the head frame H is lacking a top rail, and

that a bottom rail 12 connects the posts 10 In this instance the casing 20 is inverted and its channel extension 23 is of increased length to span the space between the bottom of the casing and the bottom rail 12 The conductors 15 extend from the casing through the extension 23 and are confined in the grooves of the bottom rail and lower portion of one of the posts for connection to a source of current supply in the manner previously described.

It will be manifest that the lighting system above described, can be readily applied at a minimum cost to the head frame of a bed during its manufacture so as to become a permanent part of the head frame and provide a much desired and convenient light for use in reading by the occupant of a bed, all while efiectively concealing the wiring and in fact enhancing the appearanceof the bed. A

I claim:

As a new article of manufacture,- a lighting device for use in connection with beds employing a head frame having a panel formed with an opening; and. spaced-apart grooved supportv ing posts and a grooved rail connecting the posts with each other and in the groove of the latter and the grooves of the posts, respective edges of the panel are secured, comprising a channel member of a length to extend from the rail to apoint entirely across the panel opening at the rear of the panel, and an electric lamp disposed in the opening to reflectlight forwardly through the opening and including current supply conductors passing throughithe 'channel member and adapted to .be run through the grooves between the panel and the posts of the head member and provided with a terminal connector adapted to be exteriorly exposed from one of said posts.


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