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Publication numberUS1991133 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1935
Filing dateAug 25, 1933
Priority dateAug 25, 1933
Publication numberUS 1991133 A, US 1991133A, US-A-1991133, US1991133 A, US1991133A
InventorsBabbitt John F
Original AssigneeJ V Pilcher Mfg Co Inc
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Lip stick holder
US 1991133 A
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Feb. 12, 1935.

LIP STICK HOLDER Filed Aug. 25, 1953 J. F. BABBITT I 1,991,133

1.1% 1101 272 FB abbji'l',

Patented Feb. 12, 1935 John F.

Es PATENT OFFICE \QLIP s'riok HOLDER Babbitt, Louisville, Ky., assignor to J. v.

' Bilcher Mfg. .00., Inc., Louisville, Ky 'a' cor- V poration of Kentucky ApplicationAugustlifzi 1933, Serial No. stasis i 15 Claims. (oi. 206-56) An object of .thei inventicn is to produce a lip stick holder having a simple and eiiicient form of means for projecting and retracting the lip stick in relation to thecontainer casing as a '5; consequence of. moving .a closure member or the casingjby the walls thereof.

lie against the flat outer face. of the side walls of.

cover awayzfrom, or :back tozits position over the open endof thelcasing. it I Other objects will beclearf rom the accompanyingspecification and claims.

v.Inthedrawing i Figure 1 is a side elevation of the lipstick holderrin closed condition, but showingin dotted lines the position of the cover member and. its supporting? armswhenlthe cover is moved away a from its seat and the lipstick is projected.

Fig. 2'is a centrallongitudinal sectional view.

l Fig. 3 is a sectional view in part substantially on line 33.of.Fig. 2.

Fig. .4 is a transverse sectional view. Fig.5isadetailview. x

i The casing 5 is formedfrom thin sheet; metal drawn into oblong form as shown in the sectional'view'Fig. 4; A carrier 'Tis guidedwithin This carrier is. i of cup shape andis formedof sheet: metal. It is operatedby a link 8 pivotally connected with the bottom of said cup shaped carrier at 9, the lower. endof the link being pivotally connected at 10 to. a-crank arm'll, which is .in the form of-a plate reaching from side to side of. the casing, and

connected at its edges to pintles or journals .12: formed bystriking .up cup'shaped protuberances from the sheet metal. arms 13, which normally the casing. Theseharms are connectedat: their upper endsto a cover member 14 designedzto close the upper open end 15 .of the casing when the lipstickis retracted into thecasing. This cover member. is in theform of a. fiat. plate, andmay be an integral portion of thesamesheet metal member of which the arms .13 are composed. Atthe front end of this cover member there is a depending lip 16 which, whenthe cover is moved into place, will slightly snap. over the upper edge 17 of the narrow wall 18 of the casing; At'theopp'osite end of this cover member there is another depending, flange 16a which. is adaptedcto contact with-fthe narrow wall 18a opposite the wall 18 first mentioned, to thereby actas a stop in determining the exact position of the cover when this is closing the upper end ofthecasing. 1 1 i n The journalsor pintles .12 find bearings in the opposing wide side wallslQ, 19d of the casing at a point near theedgesof said wider side walls i 19, 190,1. The 'arms13 taper in width downwardly from the cover member to the journals or made for holdinga lipstick of considerable length 0 within the casing because a long crank arm can be employed, owing to the fact that its center of a motion is neargoneedge of the side walls, and I the crank arm has ampleroom.withinwhich to describe an arc such as shown at 31 0f considera ble radius. Therefore, the carrier for the lipstick may move from a lo-w positionshown in.

full lines in Fig. 2 to its high position indicated in dotted lines iii-said figure The link 8 may be in the formof awire memberhaving its .upper.=

and lower ends bent laterally as indicated at 20, ZQ'ato .engagevthe pivot bearings onthe carrierand crank. arm 'member respectively.

- A s before. stated,;,the crank arm member- 11 is in the form of a plate,iand this is secured to the sheet metal cup shaped journals 12by rivet-.. ing, For-this purpose a lug indicated at 11a at the upper portion of the crankj'arm orplate projects through an opening inthe .bottom of thecup shaped. journal andthis projecting lugjis upset or subjected toa. riveting action which will aflix it to thesheet metal cup shapedv journaL, The lipstick. carrier member, together. with the crank plate and the linkall previously assembled are inserted into the sheet metal case suificient to retain the cover member in place against accidental dislodgment. Slight pressure upon the cover member,.however, inthe direca tion in which itimoves when swinging to. open position, will be. sufiicient to release the locking flange from its slight engagementwith the edge 1'7 so that theappliance readily may be opened.

The cover, together with its side arms and the 55 casing.

cup shaped embossments or journals 12 may be formed in one stamping from thin sheet metal.

The crank arm or plate 11 as shown in Fig. 3 is of special form, providing a narrow portion at 111) to receive the pintle of the link, and with a wider portion 110, the edge of which at 11d may have sliding contact with the inner wall of the This construction tends to brace: the thin sheet metal wall of the casing, and this effect is also accentuated by riveting the crank plate to the hollow journals of the arms which carry the cover. v

In order to operate the device the cover, together with its carrying arms, is moved from the position shown in full lines in Fig. 2 to the position shown in dotted lines in said figure, or to a position intermediate of these extreme positions, whereupon the journals 12' will turn in their bearings in the side walls of the-casing. and, thus the crank plate, which is attached to these journals, will be made to move'through the arc x of Fig. 2 to move the carrier member of the lipstick upwardlyto project the lipstick from the casing, and upon reversal of the movements above described, the lipstick-will be withdrawn withinthe casing and the cover seated in position to close the end of the casing.

' 'Itwillbenoted that not only are the journals offset in relationto the longitudinal center line of the walls which carry them, but these journals bear in'the wider side walls of the cross sectional oblong form of the casing, and this arrangement of these journals in connection with the oblong form of the casing in cross section are features contributing to the employment of a long crank arm, so-that'a lipstick of considerable length may be contained within the holder.

I' claim:

1. In a holder for lipsticks and the like, the combination of a casing, a carrier for the lipstick slidable in said casing, a cover member to close the end of the casing, an arm extending from the cover member alongside the outer side of the casing having a journal bearing in and extending through the casing, a crank arm connected with the inner end of the journal, and a link pivotally connected to the crank arm and to the carrier, substantially as described.

2 A lipstick holder having a casing, a carrier therein for the lipstick, a cover to close the end of the casing when the lipstick is retracted, an arm extending from said cover, said arm having a cup shaped journal portion struck out there-- from bearing in the'wall of the casing, and means within the casing'connected with said cup shaped journal portion for operating the carrier.

3. A lipstick holder comprising a casing, a carrier movable within the casing, a cover for closing the end of the casing, arms extending from said cover and having journals bearing in and extending'through the opposite walls of the casing, a crank arm within the casing connected at its opposite edges with the journals and a link connecting the crank arm to the carrier, substantially as described.

4. A lipstick holder comprising a casing, a carrier therein for the lipstick, a cover for the casing,

the lipstick when the cover is moved to close the casing, said connection comprising a crank member connected to the pivoted end of the arm, and

a rigid link extending from said crank member oted end of the arm, said means for moving the carrier consistingof a' crank member connected to the pivotedend ofthe arm, and a rigid link extending from said crank member to the carrier, and pivotally connected to each of said parts.

6. Alipstick holder comprising a casing, a carrier for the lipstick slidable in the'casing, a cover to close the end of the casing, said cover having an extension therefrom journaled in the casing wall with a further extension beyond the journal and disposed to'move withinthe casing, said extensions continuing lengthwise substantially throughout the lengthof the casing, and a rigid link between the end of said further extension and said carrier to actuate the carrierby swinging movement of said cover and extensions about said journal. I

7. A lipstick holder according to 'claim16 in which said journal is disposed in the casing wall to one side of the longitudinal center line of said wall. l

8. A lipstick holder according to claim 6 in which said casing is oblong in cross-section, said journal being struck up from said cover extension ed to the side wall of the casing below theopen end and to one side of the longitudinalcenter line'of said wall to move and cover transversely across the open end, said cover having a lip to snap overthe edge of the casing remote from the oiiset pivot, at the end of the transverse closing movement.

10. A lipstick holder according to claim 2 in which the cup shaped journal is connected with the operating means within the casing by a lug projecting into an opening in the bottom of the cup shaped journal and riveted in place.

11. A lipstick holder according to claim 3 in which the crank arm consists of a'plate like member extending from side wall to side wall of the casing, substantially as described.

12. A lipstick holder according to claim 2 in which the means within the casing has a riveted connection with the cup shaped journal, substantially as described.

.13. A lipstick holder according to claim 2 in which the means within the casing has a riveted connection with the cup shaped journals and alsothe casing, a lipstick carrier operated from said tegral arms extending therefrom along opposite crank arm, said crank arm consisting of a plate sides of the casing with journals struck up from extending from one wall of the casing to the said sheet metal arms extending through bearing other and riveted at its edges to the said hollow openings in the casing, a carrier for the lipstick '5 journals, substantially as described. within the casing, and means for operating the 5 15. A lipstick holder comprising a sheet metal carrier connected to the said journals.

casing, a sheet metal cover therefor, having ina e e JOHN F. BABBIT'I.

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