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Publication numberUS1992743 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 26, 1935
Filing dateOct 16, 1933
Priority dateOct 16, 1933
Publication numberUS 1992743 A, US 1992743A, US-A-1992743, US1992743 A, US1992743A
InventorsAlbert L Durham
Original AssigneeAlbert L Durham
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US 1992743 A
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A. L. DURHAM P I TMAN Feb. 26; 1935.

Filed Oct. 16. 1933 Patented Feb. 2e, 1935 1,992,743


Application October 16, 1933, Serial No. 693,796

` 2 Claims. (Cl. 711-579) This invention relates to a pitman, and has 2 may be pinned together, if desired by the pin more particular relation to that type of pitman 15 which is tted through the adjacent ends ofv specially adapted for connecting a walking beam the sections 1 and 2 as shown in Figure 1, ale

to the crank arm of the power shaft. though this pin is not indispensable as there will 5 AYlOthGl' Object of the invention is to provide be very little if any relative movement of said 5 a pitman whose length can be readily varied. sections during the normal operations of the A further object is to provide a sectional pitpump, man WilOSe Sections are I1giillldnai1y adjuSt- At times it is necessary, when the pump is not able relative to each other so that the pitman can being Operated, to collapse the pitman so that it l0 be COiapSed When 110i? in 11Se The Pitman iS will not be in the Way of the workmen who may l0 specially adapted for use in connection with the find it necessary te Werk en or about the Opera/5- Walking beam 0f a pump Opera/ting IleChaIliSm, ing mechanism. In such case the sections of OI' COIlIleCtiIlg Said beam 60 the DOWQT- the pitrnan may be collapsed as shown in Figure With the above and other objects in view the 3 In Such event the pin 15 may be inserted invention has particular relation to certain novel through a Suitable Opening in the Section 2 adl5 features of construction, arrangement of parts jacent the head 4 above the upper end of and in and .set-9n exllet Oft Vltclhs given in this position, to rest on, the upper end of the section Speel Ca lon an 1 us m e m e accompanying l so as to hold the pitman collapsed and thus drawing wherein: i

elevated out of the way of the workman.

Figure 1 shows a longitudmal sectional view of The drawing and description disclose what is the itman.

Figure 2 Shows a side View. now considered to be a preferred form of the 1n- Figure 3 Shows al fragmentary View partly in vention by way of illustration only while the Section, showing the ptman collapsed, and broad principle of the invention will be defined Figure 4 shows a side elevation of a pump opby the appended Claims. 25

erating mechanism embodying the pitman. What I claim is:

in the drawing the numerals 1 and 2 designate 1. A pitman formed of telescopically arranged the respective sections of the pitman, the latter sections, a shank having an adjustable connection of which is shown telescoped into the former. with one section, said shank being provided with The adjacent ends 0f Said SSCOHS are provided a wrist pin bearing, a yoke on the other section 30 one with an internal annular shoulder 3 and the Shaped to receive a walking beam, one of said sec- Gililel With a head 4, engageabie WthfSaid Sh0111 tions being tubular to receive the other section der to prevent the separation of the sections but and having en inside Shoulder, Said other seeto permit their relative longitudinal movement. tien having a, head engageable with said shoul- The Section 1 has a Stllllp 5 `WhiCh iS engageable der and having a transverse pin bearing adjacent 35 over the corresponding end 0f the Walking beam the head, said sections being collapsible and a 6 and the OppOSte end Of the Section 2 S lntel'- pin insertable through said pin bearing and en.. nally threaded to receive the externally threaded gageeble with the end ef lthe other section when shank 7 which is screwed into the section 2 and the 13h-,men is in eehepsed position,

a lock nut 8 is screwed onto said shank and abuts 2, A ptman formed of telescopically arranged 40 the Corresponding 6nd 0f the Section 1 sections, a shank having an adjustable connec- The Outer 01' free end 0f the Shank 7 is pro' tion with one section, said shank being provided vided with a yoke 9 to receive the sectional bearwith a Wrist pm bearing! means on the other L ing 10 which is Secured in Said yoke by the Wedge' section for attaching said other section to a 40 like key 11' The power Shafi; 12 has. a crank walking beam, one of said sections being tubular .13 ,heren pmgldeq Wlth a Wrist' 14 which Works to receive the other section and having an inside mDng Ortl'n of the pump the Weight shoulder, said other section having .a head eno'f the pump rods will cause the downward movegageable with San? Shoulder and ha'vuig a fans' ment of the corresponding end of the walking Ve'Se bearmg adJaCent the head. sa@ setfons 50 beam and the upward movement of the opposite being Collapsible and Sto? means inse/able u-to end of Said beam and upon upward movement said last mentioned bearing and engageable with of the pump rods the load is lifted by the power the end of the other section when the pitman shaft and crank arm operating through said pitis in collapsed DOSiiOIlman. During this operation the sections 1 and ALBERT L. DURHAM. 55

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U.S. Classification74/579.00R
International ClassificationF16C7/06
Cooperative ClassificationF16C7/06
European ClassificationF16C7/06