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Publication numberUS1993460 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1935
Filing dateApr 3, 1933
Priority dateApr 3, 1933
Publication numberUS 1993460 A, US 1993460A, US-A-1993460, US1993460 A, US1993460A
InventorsSteuernagel Harry A
Original AssigneeSteuernagel Harry A
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Toothbrush and tumbler holder
US 1993460 A
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March 5, 1935. H. A, STEURNAGEL l 1,993,460

I TOOTHBRUSH AND TUMBLER HOLDER v Filed April 3, 195s l 2 sheets-sheet 1 [2z venan- Hrg A. Stell/677W@ 3.? fs Aorney 'March 5, 1935 H. A. STEUERNAGEL l ,93,460 TooTHBRUsH AND TUMBLE1= l HOLDER Filed April :5, 1,935y 2- sheets-sheet 2 fis Attorney Patented Mar. 5, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT orrlci:

1 Claim.

This invention relates to combination tooth brush and tumbler holders. Various formsV of such devices have beenmade heretofore and used as convenient lavatory accessories but a common 5 fault of the arrangement has been lack of sanitary separation of the brushes and tumbler so held in close proximity. The primary object of my invention is, therefore, the provision of means whereby a tumbler and a brush or brushes may be supported in a single holder of simple construction but with a complete and effective partition between the articles so held.

In the accompanying drawings illustrating preferred forms of embodiment of my invention,-

Figure l is a side view with certainparts in section and others indicated as broken away.

Figure 2 is a plan View of the anged disk element shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 3 isa side view of the holder element shown in Fig. 1 as associated for support with a shelf, a portion of the latter being shown in section.

Figure 4 is a front View of another modified form of the invention.

Figure 5 is a plan view of the holder shown in Fig. 4. Y

Referring to the drawings (Figs. 1 and 2) a sheet metal member is shown to form a support for a tooth brush or brushes as 2. and a tooth paste tube 3. This member comprises a disk 4 having suitable slots as 5 merging to form an opening through which .the articles illustrated may be initially passed and thence directed into an appropriate slot for their support. rThe tongues 6 formed intermediate the slots preferably have their extremities slightly deected as shown so that they will serve better to retain articles placed in the slots. At its periphery the disk is provided with a flange 7, which is formed in a plane slightly above that of the disk, with a shoulder 8. For covering the articles supported by the disk the cup 10 is provided. It is inverted for support on the disk and is located and held over the slots by the engagement of the cup rim with the lower part of flange '7, that is to say the part below the shoulder 8. While this inverted cup may be readily removed for occasional cleaning it is intended solely as a protection for the articles therewithin and their separation from possible contact with the inside of the tumbler 11 which is supported thereover by the shoulder 8 while the upper part of the ange serves to substantially centralize the tumbler with the cup to maintain a neat appearance.

The inverted cup may be advantageously employed as a chamber for disinfecting brushes placed therein. For supporting disinfecting material at the upper part of the chamber a resilient clip as 12 may be provided.

The device illustrated in Fig. 1 is shown associated with a wall plate 13 to which the flange of disk 4 is secured as by the rivet 14. The Wall plate is perforated to receive screws as 15 for holding it to a wall as 16. In Fig. 3 the disk member is shown without a wall plate'and supported' by a shelf 17 provided with an opening 18 of suitable contour to engage the outer surface of shoulder 8.

By referring to Figs. 4 and 5 it will be understood that my invention may be readily embodied in a suppo-rt constructed of wire. When thus made, the equivalent of the article receiving slots shown in the disk described above, is Aformed by the looped wires 30 which terminate in forks 31 occupying a common plane except that the free ends of the Wires are bent slightly out of the plane to form retaining shoulders to engage the brush handles and prevent theiraccidental displacement. The looped portion 32 of Wires 30 is spot welded to an encircling wire 33 with the loops defining a flange rising from the plane of the supporting forks 31. The wire 33 may be twisted upon itself and formed at its ends into eyes 34 and 35 for the reception of screws by which the device may be secured Vto a wall. Within the flange defined by the loops 32 a wire 36 is secured at the base of forks 31 to form a shoulder to support a tumbler as 37 and also to form a locating edge for engagement with the rim of inverted cup 38.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is,-

A tooth brush and tumbler holder including in combination, a disk having slots therein and a flange which is formed, above the plane of the disk,rwith a shoulder adapted to engage the rim of an inverted tumbler, and an inverted cup supported upon the disk to form a chamber over the slots. y


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