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Publication numberUS1993676 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1935
Filing dateFeb 10, 1934
Priority dateFeb 10, 1934
Publication numberUS 1993676 A, US 1993676A, US-A-1993676, US1993676 A, US1993676A
InventorsManny Raymond A, Rielly Joseph A
Original AssigneeManny Raymond A, Rielly Joseph A
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US 1993676 A
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March 5, 1935- R. A. MANNY ET AL. i,93,676

PANTIES I Filed Feb. 10, 1934 INVENTORS flaymondflflanwy ITNESSES 13 @Meph Ely-i614? WWW, xw ggzw ingiicturc he shouted or. 5, mos

PATENT oFFlcE PARTIES Raymond A. and Joseph A. Eielly, New Yfli'k, N. Y.

Application Fells id, 1934, S r

i No. 310,714

1 Claim (GB. 2-224) 'lhis invention relates to wearing apparel and psrtlculerly to on improved panties, the object coins to provide a construction which will set as e. covering garment and also present a comfortable i constricting structure for the hips without pra caution an unnecessary hulk at the waistline.

Another object of the invention is to provide a coir oi pnntim wherein it flexible or elastic webis pcmtioned to form an upper hand adapted to fit the waistline, wlzdle the remaining parts snugly ht the parts oi the below the A finthsr object. more specifically, is to provide s. panties with ample leg openings, an elastic oi w le webbing belt, and openings at the sides lcclow the belt which limit the constricting eflect oi the of the garment to the hips while the mildly tits and more or less const'd cts the we the accompanying drswins- 1: 3. is a. perspective view of o figure with s garment disclosing an embodiment of the invention applied thereto;

2 is a front view of the garment when 8 is s-vertical sectional view through Figure 2 on the'line 3+3. the garment being shown distended. f

I "w to the accompanying drawing by nuw r indicates s. body which is formed with clined sides when the garment is fist so as to pt s tapering structure from nesr the center thetop. and e substentisily tepec structure from the center to the bottom, said bottom taperthe edges are shaped and i leg openings 2 and he clearly shown 2, when the garment is lying substantially the pe -ts toner from at line drawn through points i and 5. The upper edge of the garment irons and heel; is formed this possess c, sold upper edge being stitched to the belt 5' when the is one more or less stretched, whereby when the belt is oi stricts, the suckers will fit. The helt l me? he termed merely of knit elastic yarn or y have to ynrn mo therein. as preferred, though s; t v 9. good grade of elastic lmit webbing without ruhcer yarn is used as it will produce the desired constricting action.

59 An important point also is the provision of the sessions 8 end 9 at the sides extending from the lower mse of the halt l downwardly spprozi= motely hnli-wey to the end 5. These ogs ere provided with an elestlc binding in which may be of sny elasticity and which allows the body of the germent to function free ly. The front end recs oi the sersnent merge into the crotch. estensions ii 12 which are flexible elastic material con-- stitched together st 13, whereby what may be termed a crotch strap 14 is presented. 'Byresson of the arc-shaped openings 2 and '3, as shown in Fig. 2, the garment fits the legs properly without causing the crotch strap 14 to bind or in any way to be uncomfortable. The respective openings 2 and 3 have their edges joined with somewhat elastic bindings l5 and 16, said bindings naturally stretching with the body oi the garment withdut undesimble tension, as these members are elastic but are preierably not provided with rubber ysrn.

It is to be understood that the garment is prefersbly rather snug fitting and is used by persons who do not use the conventional corset. when in use the garment acts as panties and, in addition, gives a slight constricting action which molds the time to a certain extent without discomfort. The band 7 is preferably formed of material which will stretch more than the body 1 and, therefore, the notches or cut-out hip portions 8 and 9 are desirable in order that the garment may be readily moved into place. The garment is --in the nature of a step-in end is consequently pulled upwardly over the feet and legs and the band '7 must stretch sumciently over the hips while at the same time snugly fitting the waist.

The garment is preferable made from knit goods so as to provide the desired elastic action without discomfort. In regard to the belt 7, this is made of goods known as Lastex which is s. hnit fabric having fabric and rubber arranged in a. desired way whereby there will be ample strength and yet an appreciable elastic action. instead of using a knit belt it is evident that a woven elastic belt could be used. Any desired ior'm of woven elastic fabric might be substituted for the knit fabric and desirable results secured, though the bit fabric of the material known as Lestex is preferable as it may he made to present a very pleasing appearance and one which will secure the mechanical action desired without discomfort to the person and without injuring any part of the garment.

- What is claimed is:

A panties formed with front and book panels tapering from a central line in both directions said central line being below the hip line of the person wearing the panties one end of the panels forming leg portions and the other a. body portion, said body portion having openings st the upper side edges between the hip line and the top of the garment, an elastic binding connected to said body portion ior each of said openings, said binding encircling said openings, and an elastic band connected to the upper edges of sold panels and extending beyond said upper edges on each side.


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