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Publication numberUS1994579 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1935
Filing dateJan 23, 1931
Priority dateJan 23, 1931
Publication numberUS 1994579 A, US 1994579A, US-A-1994579, US1994579 A, US1994579A
InventorsHodgson Millard B
Original AssigneeEastman Kodak Co
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Chi-ray dental film package
US 1994579 A
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March 19, `1935.

M. B, HoDGsoN 1,994,579

X-RAY DENTAL FILM PACKAGE Filed Jan. 25, 1951 Patented Man'lQ, 1935 Y Unir starts X-RAY DENTAL FILM PACKAGE Millard B. Hodgson, Chicago, Ill., assigner to Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester', N. Y., a corporation of New York Application January 23, 1931, Serial No. 510,646 4 Claims. (CI. Z50-34) This invention relates to packages of sensitized i'llm prepared for use individually in dental X-ray work.

The invention is for use with X-ray Ydental 5 lm packages of the type described infPatent Number 1,293,323 of'February 4, 1919,V to Buck, Number 1,441,160 of January 2, 1923, to Lovejoy, and 1,437,827 of December 5, 1922, to Sulzer and Dewey. Y,

An object of the invention is to produce a hlm package of the general kind described inthe patents mentioned which may be used with greater comfort to the patient. This is attained by providing a cushion which eliminates the sharp edges of the packet. 1 l

This object is further attained by providing an absorbent backing which allows the film package to be held in place with greater security and greater comfort. Reference to the drawing will more clearly illustrate the invention.

Figure l is a view from the back of the finished iilm package.

Figure 2 is a cross-section of the package made on the line 2--2 of Figure l.

Figure 3 is a side view showing the absorbent backing partly detached'l In one embodiment of my invention I take an X-ray dental nlm package ofthe type described 3 in the patents mentioned and secure to one face of this package a layer or pad of an absorbent material. This pad, for example, may consist of one or more layers of pressed absorbent cotton.A

Such an absorbent material is found on. the market under the name of Cottonoid. This material consists of several layers of absorbent cotton which have been pressed into thin sheets and laid one on the other. -Any other material suitably absorbent and resilient may, of course, 40 be used. Thispad is cut to a size slightly greater than that of the nlm package. be sufcient to have this pad extend beyond the edge oi the film envelop by lg to $2 of an inch. I fasten this pad by a light suitable adhesive to the exterior of the iilm envelop on one face. in such a Way that it can be easily torn away. While it may be described as being detachable, it is understood, of course, that on tearing it away a portion of the layer immediately attached to the envelop may be left behind as indicated at 10 in Fig. 3, though this is of no importance and will do no harm.

The structure of the nished package is more readily understood by reference to the drawing, wherein like characters designate the same parts It will usually throughout. The finished product according to my invention is shown in cross section in Fig. 2 in which I take an X-ray dental lm package of the type described which consists of an envelop 7 surrounding a lm strip 5 and a lead foil backing 6 and sealed by a paper strip 8 and having attached to the face of the envelop the absorbent padfg. It will be noted that the edges 3 of the pad 9 project beyond the edges of the envelop ci" thelrn package 4 to a suicient extent to form a soft pad over the more or less sharp edges of the envelop. In Fig. 1 the edges 3 of the pad are again seen extending beyond the edges of the package or envelope 4. Fig. 3 shows the pad 9 partially detached from the nlm envelop 4 at one edge.

X-ray dental lm packages made in accordance with my invention possess marked advantages and increased comfort for the patient. The absorbent backing extends over the sharp edges of the lm envelop, thereby preventing the sharp edges from coming in contact with the mouth. The pad 9 having excellent absorbent qualities prevents the discomfort caused by an excessive flow of saliva and consequent slipping of the package.

The attached pad may be made of sterilized or antiseptic cotton which makes the package more sanitary. The pad may, if desired, be treated with a pleasant tasting antiseptic.

The package also has advantages from the standpoint of the operator, as the pads can be quickly torn oli as soon as removed from the patients mouth, the envelop being then stored, if desired, for development.V There is no danger from light leakV when the pad is torn off.

I consider as included within my invention all modifications and equivalents coming within the scope of the appended claims.

What I claim is:

l. An X-ray dental iilm package comprising an envelop and a nlm therein, said envelop having detachably secured to it a layer of saliva, absorbent material extending beyond the edges of said envelop.

2. An X-ray dental film package 'comprising an envelop and a nlm therein, one face of said envelop having detachably secured to it, a layer of saliva, absorbent material of uniform thickness 'and dimensions greater than that of the envelop, so as to cause the saliva, absorbent layer to cover the entire face and extend over the edge of said envelop.

3. An X-ray dental iilm package comprising an envelop anda lm therein, the face of said 2 1,994,579 Y Y envelop having detachably secured to it Vby suiting adhesively seored'to'one at surface of said able adhesive, a pad of absorbent cotton in the envelope a pad of absorbent cotton in the vformv form of pressed layers, the edges of the pad of pressed layers, said pad Vcoveringuniformly` extending beyond the edges of the envelop. said surface and extending beyondthe edges of 4. An X-ray dental lm package comprising a the envelope. closed at envelope and a film therein, there be- MILLARD B. HODGSON.' l

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U.S. Classification378/169
International ClassificationG03C3/00
Cooperative ClassificationG03C3/003
European ClassificationG03C3/00D