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Publication numberUS1994827 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1935
Filing dateOct 4, 1933
Priority dateOct 4, 1933
Publication numberUS 1994827 A, US 1994827A, US-A-1994827, US1994827 A, US1994827A
InventorsSigmund Mayer Harry
Original AssigneeSigmund Mayer Harry
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Hand bag
US 1994827 A
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" March 19, 1 935. H. s. MAYER 4 1,994,827

HAND BAG Filed Oqt. 4, 1953 ATTORNEY Patented Mar. 19, 1935 UNITED STATES. PATENT OFFICE Application October 4,

4 Claims;

This, invention relates generally to handcarried containers and more specifically to .a type of container unassociated with frame pieces and having independent compartments provided with a common wall;

The main object of the invention is provision )f a hand-bag utilizing an intermediate wall member serving as a limiting wall for independent compartments and. serving the additional double function of a mounting for a handle piece and a reliever for the stress and strain attendant upon the other members of a hand-bag when the compartments are weighted with objects.

Further objects of the invention are provision of structure affording economy in manufacture, compactness in arrangement of the parts, minimization of the number of the parts, durability and convenience of integration and elimination of damage attendant upon bags provided with frames.

I hese objects and other incidental ends and advantages of the invention will hereinafter appear in the progress of the disclosure and as pointed out in the appended claims.

Accompanying this specification and forming part thereof is a drawing showing preferred embodiments of the invention and wherein corresponding reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

Figure 1 is a front elevational view of a preferred form of the invention partly broken away and showing the assembly of the hand-bag in accordance with the invention.

Figure 2 is a sectional view along the line 2-2 of Figure 1 and being in plan.

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view along the line 3-3 of Figure 1 and showing the closure element in operative condition.

Figure 4 is a similar View showing another preferred embodiment of the invention with a change in integration of the parts.

According to the invention and in accordance with the accompanying drawing, there is provided an intermediate wall member 10 of any flexible material but as shown comprises a comparatively stiff member 10 such as cardboard and being lined by a material such as fabric 11. Said fabric 11 preferably extends above the upper edge of member 10 to form the juncture designated by numeral 12. Pivoting about the longitudinal edge of juncture 12 are similar flexible flaps 13 and 14, the said flaps being preferably made of leather or any other like material. As shown in Figure 3 of the accompanying drawing, flaps 13 and 14 are made of one continuous piece and joined to the upper edge of juncture 11 along I 1933, Serial No. 692,061

the intermediate axis thereof by cementing, riveting or, as shown, stitching l6.

1'7 and 18 are the front and rear limiting walls of the hand-bag proper, the said walls forming compartments 19'and 20 in conjunction with the intermediate partition. Said walls 17 and 18 as shown are made of one continuous flexible material such as leather, and are adapted to be affixed to the lateral edges of the intermediate wall by means of gusset members 25, 26 and 27 and 28 10 respectively by any of the known means such as stitching 29 and 30. The said gusset members at the other free edges are affixed to the lateral sides of walls 17 and 18 as best shown in Figure 2 of the accompanying drawing.

Along the upper edge of flexible flaps 13 and 14 designated in Figure 3 as comprising a bead 15, spaced linear slits are provided for the insertion of a longitudinal handle member 21 with depending lugs 22 penetrating the said slits adapt- 20 ed to engage with juncture 12 and affixed therewith in a known and suitable manner. The integration of handle member 21, the intermediate wall and the flap members, although shown to be stitched as at numeral 16, may be accomplished in any other suitable manner, it being emphasized, however, that handle 21 supports the intermediate wall member to relieve the stress and strain of the walls of compartments 19 and 20 when the said compartments are filled with objects to be carried. 3

Flexible flaps 13 and 14 are detachably aflixed to the limiting members 17 and 18 of the handbag by any known means such as snap fasteners 23 and 24.

Figure 4 shows a modified and preferred form of the invention differing from Figure 3 in the integral continuity of the several parts for as shown, flaps 13 and 14' are merely outward and upper extensions of the lining for the intermediate wall member while 17 and 18 are the lower 40 and outward extensions of the said lining. Moreover, as shown in Figure 4, handle 21 is mounted to the intermediate partition by engagement with the inner surfaces of lining 11 at the functure 12'.

It is distinctly understood that the flexibility of the materials is a matter of choice in the working of the invention and that the particular method of attaching the several parts together is the usual one suited for the particular need. Furthermore, this invention contemplates the elimination of frames or frame elements about which the several parts heretofore described are attached.

Minor changes and variations in the place of 55 attachment of parts, in the material of the parts and integration of the several parts may all be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention and without departing from the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. As a new article of manufacture, a handbag comprising central lining portions, an intermediate wall member between said lining portions, said l n o t o tendin a c ns de able istanc a o the e e e 9; sa d n e mediate wall member to form a handle-attaching means, a handle secured between portions of said handle-attaching means, compartments at opposite sides of said intermediate wall member,and flaps over said compartments.

2. As a new article of manufacture, a handbag comprising central lining portions, an inter.-

mediate wall member between said lining porr tions, a handle member provided with depending lugs, sa dluss ex endin h tweer saisi tions, means rin sai lu t9 said $199. spmna trnent i9 2- is m ans op os sides of aid i termediat wa l mem er; a d i n mount d above said s mn rtmem iqrmin m an 3. As a new article of manufacture, a handbag comprising two central lining portions, an intermediate wall member between said lining portions, said lining portions extended at their bottoms to form upwardly-extending compartment extensions, said lining portions extended at their upper ends a considerable distance above the upper edge of said wall member, a handle provided with depending lugs, said lugs secured etwee t e at end pa t i se d l n n p tions above theupper edge of said wall member, and flaps integral with the lining portions above said wall member, substantially as shown and described. a

4. As a new article of manufacture, a handbag comprising an intermediate wall member, a lining entirely' surrounding said wall member, ,said rli-ning extending a considerable distance above said wall member producing an abutting double-layered portion, two integralflaps folded pm said la b ayered part es e mi s a he said bea s 1P Pr v d w th s a ed l nea slits a hand e with two a d saidlae seemed said linea slit su stantially as shown and described SIGMUESDMAKEB-

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