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Publication numberUS1995972 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 26, 1935
Filing dateJul 15, 1932
Priority dateJul 15, 1932
Publication numberUS 1995972 A, US 1995972A, US-A-1995972, US1995972 A, US1995972A
InventorsCharles Ehrlich
Original AssigneeJoseph Ehrlich
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Toothbrush holder
US 1995972 A
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March 26, 1935. Q EHRUCH 1,995,972

TooTHBRUsH HOLDER Filed July 15. 1932.

1 5 A CHHRLE-s Emu/'ICH INVENTOR BY myfwf@ Patented Mar. 26, 1935 ,UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE TooTHRUsH HOLDER Charles Ehrlich, Jamaica, `N. Y., assgnor to .i Joseph Ehrlich, Brooklyn, N. Y.A

Application July l15, 1932, serial No. 622,768

' 3 claims. (o1. 20s-15.1)

This invention relates to toothbrush holders.

AOne of the objects of the invention is the provision of a sanitary, simple, economical and efficient toothbrush holder.

5 Another object ofthe invention is the provision of a toothbrush holder vconstructed to conveniently hold a toothpaste tube. Other objects will be appreciated from a reading of the following vspeciiication 1 The invention will be fully and comprehensively understood from a consideration of the following detailed description when read in con-r nection withthe accompanying drawing which forms part of the application with the understanding, however, that the improvement capable of extended application and is not cor1-r iined to the exact showing of the drawing nor to the precise construction described andpthere' fore, such changes and modifications may be made therefrom as` do not affect the spirit of the invention nor exceed the scope thereof as expressed in the appended claims. f

In the drawing:y A Fig. lis a perspective view of the toothbrush holder of my invention. n

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectionof the brush holder shown in Fig. 1, thisview showing 'ai toothbrushfheld in place and showing in dotted *lines a raised position ofthe cover; and

Fig. 3 is a sectiontaken on line A2 3 of-Fig. 2, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Referring to the drawing'for a more detailed Adescription thereof, the toothbrush holder comprises a body rportion to which is pivotally connected a cover 5. adapted to be swung laterally relative to the body portion. Said cover is pivotally connected to thebody portion at points 6. The front point 6 is in a. vertical strip 7;`

that leach pair acts as a clip adapted to holdv a toothbrush in place. The lugs 13 are struck up from the front and back of the apertures 12 and the lower ends of the bristle bodies are adapted tofrest on a lug of each pair of lugs.

The coverr comprisesya concave top 15 so formed as to retainingly `hold thereon ak tube of toothpaste. 'Ihe cover further comprises end walls 16 and 17,'a front wall 18 and a rear wall 19, said walls being shown as provided with ventilatng apertures 20. `The end wall 17 is inclined downwardly in anfinward direction to point to the right of the pivotal points 6 soas to permit the cover to befswung laterally when the left end of the cover is pressed downwardly,

the left end of .the cover being to the left of a the pivotal points 6 so that these points provide a fulcrum whereby the cover Amay be conveniently raised as described, itbeing understood that the cover may be raised yto a position higher than that shown .in dotted lines in 1i'ig.\2,-

It will be readily appreciated that the structure described provides a toothbrush holder fuly lling lthe objects mentioned,jthe same being easily cleaned andA particularly adapted to prevent exposure of the toothbrushes'to dust and dirt. f

What is claimed y 1. A toothbrush holder comprising a body portion including a bottom," a rear wall and a rvertical strip integral with anfextending upward'v ly from the bottom at one end of the latter, `a

cover pivotally connected to the body portionl at opposedpivot points located in the rearfwall and the front strip respectively, vsaid cover in` l cluding a top, end walls, a front wall and a rear wall, the end wall adjacent the pivot points being inclined. downwardly in an inward direction so as to permit the cover to be swung laterally when the end wall of the cover' adjacent the `pivot point' is presseddownwardly. g y

' 2. A toothbrush `holder comprising a body part' including a bottom, a rear wall, a front portion extending upwardly from the bottom, a closure `for said body part pivotally connected therewith adjacentv one end at pivot points located .in the rear wall and frontportion respectively,

said vclosure including a top and an end wall depending therefrom adjacent thev pivotal points, said endwall Abeing inclined downwardly in van inward direction so as to permitthe, closure to be swung laterallywhen'the end wall of the cover adjacent the pivot points is pressed down-V l wardly. i

3. A toothbrush holder comprising a bodypart including a bottom, a rear'wall, a front portion extending upwardly from the bottom, a closure f for said'body part pivotally connected therewith adjacent one end at pivot points located inthe' rear lwall and :frontv portion respectively, said closure including a top and an end walldepending'therefrom adjacent the pivotal points, said end wall being inclined downwardly in an inward direction so as to permit the closure to be swung laterally` when the end wall oftheA l cover adjacent the pivot points is pressed down-` wardly, the bottom of said body part having a kseries of aperturesfor receiving toothbrush handles, and a pair of clips adjacent each aperture n and extending abovesaid bottom. A


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