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Publication numberUS1996703 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 2, 1935
Filing dateDec 5, 1933
Priority dateDec 5, 1933
Publication numberUS 1996703 A, US 1996703A, US-A-1996703, US1996703 A, US1996703A
InventorsRonald Giuliano
Original AssigneeRonald Giuliano
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Beauty mask
US 1996703 A
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April 2, 1935. 7R. GIULIANO 1,996,703

BEAUTY MASK Filed Dec. 5, 1933 Patented Apr. 2,1935 I J j 1 Claim. (Glu1-28- 64) i V This invention relates to devices-intendedl-jto portio .2 -which fits;,oyerthe back fthehead; befwor'n on the head for-the general purposeof .and which yis',=i ;generally,,gspeaking, nearlysemii supporting themuscles of the face and neckand circular Thesethree; portions 10,11 and [2 are preventing sagging of said muscles 3 .St tG d secc s v lnto:.. a h.:o her v a 1' The general object of my invention-istopro- These:three-portions,;l l andwl zare made of 5 ,vide a hood or mask of. this general character elastic net -which is gknown on the market as which functions as a facial cream applicator,;a ffLastexflgahd;,thef-freelmargins} iofthese, three 1 hair; wave protector. and aichin and neck supe sectionslareyformed withany desiredornamental porter .combined, thus-providing means for keepborder or finishlz, 1

1o ing the, hair tidy, supporting the face, chin and -The-lower; .edge;-of he real iportion l2 is'proneck muscles in' 'position ,whileat the same time vided gwithlua ebindingesenclosingpan elastic l4; permitting the applications; of creams or lotions Theflnenet:formingvthesections '10, ll and. I2 to the faces I I i is elasticjntwo;directionst Thus this hoOdTPor- I A, further, object is to fprovideadevice ofthis tion.,consistinguof atheisections; H], II and I2; I

character whichmay be easily put, in,place,y,is mayzbe.stretchediepermitithe hoodto befap: l5

self-adjusting. very Y readily removed hand pliedioventhe headgandrwill thenjicontract close thoroughly sanitary. o

1 ly;.around the; contours of;the rhead.V

- Another object is .to provide a deviceiof this v Attached: to1 the:ends;of the middle 1 character which will adjust itselfsto the face, isthechinzbandslfawhich-isoi satimthe upper 2 0 neckand head contours, of the weareriand which andslower edges of-itheichinbandibeing 'curved 2o is particularlyso designed as todraw the, cheek as ishownfiintFigure 4,- the; ends of gthechinband muscles inward, thus smoothing out the wrinkles being'a's'titched tmthe' .endspfgthe middle section in the cheeks andiunderlthe eyes; and which. also Ilac-alongLthe rlineflfiu Disposed below. the chin portion ll,

acts to reduce double chins. band [Brisithefneclcbttnd '|1'I..;.-FI-hisisalso formed. .Other.objectslwillappear in the course of the tofasatinc The uppercedge-xofcthiscneckr band. is 25 7 following description. concavely curved at l8 to fit the lower or rear My invention is illustrated in the accompanyedge of the chin band and its stitched thereto at j 2 ing drawing, whereinzl9. The ends of'the neck band are concavely Figures 1, 2 and 3 are plan views of the sections cut away as at 20 so as to leave tabs 2| at the V forming the cap or head piece; lower corners to which ribbons 22 are attached; 30 Figure 4 is a plan view of the chin band; It will be seen that this hood or: mask is con- Figure 5 is a perspwtive view of the neck band structed of five pieces with tie ribbons 22 and r and g that thehead or crown portion'is constructed of Figure 6 is a perspective view showing the comthree sections, anterior, middle and posterior; plete hood or mask in use. reading from left to right in Figure 6, the ante 35 Referring to this drawing, it will be seen that rior section covering the forehead. It is to be my hood or mask comprises a head portion which particularly noted'that these sections extend en-i fits over the head and extends from the forehead 'tirely across the head so that there is nomedial just above the eyes downward nearly to the nape seam extending from the forehead to the lower V 40 of the neck, a chin supporting portion which exedge of the posterior section. V The chin band, it '40 tends downward fromthe middle of the'hood and will be seen, is attached to the mid-section of extends beneath the chin, a neck portion which the hood and disposed immediately beneath the 1 is disposed below the chin supporting portion temple, the anterior peripheral edge of the chin V and extends around the front of the neck nearly band running downward and forward under the I to the nape of the neck and at the nape of the lower lip or slightly above the projection of the 45 neck is provided with ribbons adapted to extend chin. The neck band I1 is in one piece and is v around the neck and hold the neck portion firmly attached to the posterior peripheral edge of the against the neck. chinband and to the posterior edge of themid The hood is preferably made of three parts, a section II. The free ends of the neck band cross 7 front section it which as shown in Figure 6 at the back of the neck so that practically the 50 is generally speaking semi-circular incontour; entire neck from front to back is covered. The jf a middle portion I i, which I will term the head ribbons 22 cross in the back of the neck and are ban which has convexly curved side edges, drawn forward and tie in front of the neck, thus I and which extends over the crown of the head eliminating any knots, at the back of the head and is sewedto the front portion l0; anda back which would cause discomfort while sleeping. g

The fabric which forms the band and the neck band is elastic in the directionof'the great- 'est' length. This elasticity acts to yieldingly draw the material of the chin band and neck band'up snugly againstthe outer surface of the chin, neck and cheeks softhat the flesh is held firmly in place and has aconstant' tendency to reduce H anysagg'ing'muscles, and there is also a constant 1 tendency to pull the flesh or skin at the cheeks and under the eyes rearward, thus fcolmteracting any wrinkles beneath the eyes'and any-downward sagging of the cheeks but acting to draw the ti toitheir natural position.

It will beseen that the neck band covers th fure neat over night and this is particularly' necessaryafter the hair has, J been dressed." This hoodor mask also protects thepillows and'bed clothes from'becoming-soiled with beautycifeam. 7 "As an applicator, this hood or'm'ask is used in' conjunction with the necessary creams and lotions, which a'idjin correcting flabbiness, toning up the muscles and feeding the 'skin with'desired creams and lotions, thus building up'the tissues and creating a youthful appearance; p

1 As before stated, the chin band and thence band are elastic each in the direction of its'length. The head band, however, which'is the portion II, has a two-way pull, that ;is;it stretches in' two directions, this being nece$ary iii-order: that the hood may be slipped over the hem- T Once on the head,- the hood: or head portion stays placed.

The chin band whichis attached "to the head band had a one directionalpull-along its length so that the v constant pressure exerted onl the chin muscles and'the cheek muscles by the will reduce the chin muscles and the cheek muscle s. :-,Tmsa1s applies to the neckbandll, that is, its elasticity is in the direction of its length so that the 'amountof pull on the "ties 22will:

exert a constantpressure' on the chin andineck muscles, thereby reducing these muscles. I

Creams, 1otions,;salves or any medicaments can be applied 'to the inner surface'of the chin and. V

neck band and then the device placed in position;

on the respective parts'of. the head. Thus this hood will serve as a medicinal applicatoras well as a cream applicator. V

This device may also be used for retaining the contiguous parts of fractures inplace and in, the

healing of fractures of the mandible and maxilla.

Whilc I have illustrated a particular construction of this hood, and illustrated this hood as being formed of five pieces, ,I do not wish to be limited thereto, nor to the .use of lastex or net in the construction of the hood as the head portion,flthe; chin and the neck band might be knitted inone piece or the head portion knitted :in'one piece and thechin and neck' band knitted in one piece and attached to the head portion t below the temple.

- Iclaim:-'-g i A beauty mask having a cap portion formed of a forward section, amiddle section and a rear section, allthr'ee sections being formed of elastic netelastically stretchable in two directions and being stitched to each other the rearsection having an elastic band disposed inits lower hem,

the cap being adapted to fit down over the forehead; over the ears and extend down over the back of the head nearly to the nape of the neck, a'chin bandattached at its ends to the opposite margins of the middle section only of thecap portion and formed of soft textile fabric elastic in the direction of itslength, and a neck band having a concavely curved upper edge, the band being stitched alongsaid upper edge to the chin .band and extending to the cap section and stitched thereto at itsupper' corner; the ends of the .neckband below the cap section being free and formedlto. overlap around the back ofthe neck, and ribbons attached tosaid lower corners,


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