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Publication numberUS1997115 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1935
Filing dateJun 1, 1934
Priority dateJun 1, 1934
Publication numberUS 1997115 A, US 1997115A, US-A-1997115, US1997115 A, US1997115A
InventorsJr Frank J Merz, Clayton B Merry
Original AssigneeJr Frank J Merz, Clayton B Merry
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Toy balloon tire wheel
US 1997115 A
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. April 9, 1935. F 1I MERZ9 JR, Er AL 1,997,115

TOY BALLOON TIRE WHEEL Filed June l, 1954 gwuwntovs Ml Fran/Cd.' McrJ,r/I.' Cla'yan B. Merry Patented Apr. Y9, 1935 Frank J. Merz', Jr., and Clayton B.

Seattle, Wash.;


Application June 1, 1934, Serial No. 728,530

4 Claims.

Our invention relates to toy balloon tire wheels and construction methods, and Vcertain objects of the invention are to provide, as an article of manufacture, a toy balloon tire Wheel that is ex- 5 tremely light in Weight and which is particularly adapted for use on `model and toy airplanes. Further objects are to provide a novel and inexpensive method for constructing toy balloon tire Wheels. Y

With the above and other objects in view which Will appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists of the novel construction, adaptation, combination, arrangement and method hereinafter described and claimed. These objects are accomplished by devices illustrated inthe accompanying drawing; wherein:

Figure 1 is a group View in central vertical section showing the different elements arranged in their relative positions for the first step lin the assemblage of the tire wheel; FiggZ is a corresponding view showing the second step in the method of assembling the wheel; Fig. 3 is acorresponding view showing the third and final step in the assemblage of the wheel; and Fig. 4 is a View in side elevation of the completed tire wheel.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral 5 designates an ordinary toy balloon that is-made of thin rubber and is partly inflated. Theballoon has the usual neck 6. The iirst steps in assembling the tire WheelV consist in passing the neck 6 through a central hole 'I in a female hubr member 8 to a point where the neck joins the main body of the balloon, and in coating the interior Wall of the balloon, at this point', with liquid cement or other adhesive material as shown at 9 in Fig. 1 ofthe drawing.

'I'he secondstep in the method of assembling the Wheel consists in pressing the smaller end of a male hub member I0 against the central outer end portion II of the balloon 5'that is opposite to the neck 6 and in forcing said portion inwardly and through the hole 1 in the female" hub member 8 and into the neck 6 where said portion contacts with the adhesive material 9 and is thereby cemented all around to the inside of the neck as clearly shown in Fig. 2. In this operation, the

male hub member I 0 is jammed tightly into the female hub member 8 where it remains fixed, and the body portion of the balloon 5 is converted into an annular pneumatic airtight tire I2.

In the third step of the method, the outer end of the portion II of the balloon which projects through the hole I in `thefemale hub member 8, together with the neck 6, is trimmed off flush with the coinciding ends of the male and female hub members 8 and I 0. A thin hub cap I3 is then cemented or glued to said coinciding or flush hub ends. A small hole I4 extendsV centrally through the male hub member and cap for use in installing the wheel on the thin axle of a model ortoy airplane as Vwill be understood.' Adhesive Y material may also be usedv on outside portions of the balloon 5 for Vsecuring the male and female hub members in place'if desired. A

The hub members 8 andV IIIand thehub cap I3 may Abermade of balsam or other light wood, or

they may be made of thin hollov,r aluminum ory other material of Vvery light weight. The thin toy balloon, also being of exceedingly light Weight, makes the entire' device extremely light and particularly adapted for use on model and toy airplanes, The method of assembling or constructf' ing the wheelsis quitevsimple and comparatively inexpensive,Y and provides a pneumatic toy wheel and tire that is airtight, durable and serviceable for use on model and toy airplanes. Having thusY described our invention, what wey claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is:- A 1 n 1. An. article of manufacture comprisinga partly inflated thin rubber Vtoy balloon having a neck joined thereto,V a female hub member encircling the point of joinder of theballoon and neck, the central `outer end portion of the balloonV opposite the neck pressed into and extended through the portion of the neck that is encircled by the female hub member, means for securing said balloon portion within said neck portion to form an air tight connection, a male hub member extended into said balloon and neck portions and extending through and flush kwith the end of the female hub member, said balloon and neck 1 Yportions also terminating flush with the flush ends of said male and female hub members, a hub cap secured to the flush ends of said male and female hub members, and said male hub member and hub cap having a trally therethrough.

2. An article of `manufacture comprising a partly inflated toy balloonhaving a short neck, a female hub member encircling the short neck, the central outer end portion of the balloon extending into the neck and secured therein to form an air tight annular tire of the balloon, and a male hub member extendinginto` said shortA neck, balloon portion and female hub member.

ing a short neck, and the. central outer end por-` tion of the balloon extending into the neck'and secured therein to form an air tight annular tire.



3. As'an article of manufacture, a toy balloonY small hole extendingA cen-

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U.S. Classification446/465, 152/9
International ClassificationA63H27/00, A63H17/267
Cooperative ClassificationA63H27/001
European ClassificationA63H27/00A