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Publication numberUS1997241 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1935
Filing dateFeb 13, 1933
Priority dateFeb 13, 1933
Publication numberUS 1997241 A, US 1997241A, US-A-1997241, US1997241 A, US1997241A
InventorsWilliam Templin
Original AssigneeBriede & Rogovsky Inc
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Display case
US 1997241 A
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April 9, 1935. w. TEMPLIN 1,997,241

DISPLAY CASE Filed Feb. 15, 1953 Patented Apr. 9, 1935 William .Templin, Glen Ellyn, in, assignor a g Briede & Rogovsky, Inc., Chicago, Ill.,"a corporation' of Delaware Application February 13,


This invention relates to cases particularly intended for carrying or shipping samples or the like, andbooksor circulars to accompany the same and for displaying such samples. A particular use for which the invention is intended is in connection with samples or swatches of cloth for tailors or merchants taking orders for clothing; I Q

The objects of this invention are to provide an improved case and display device of samples or the like; to provide a device of this character which may be'c arried and which may be set up on a table or stand to display the samples. in an attractive manner; to provide a display case which maybe opened todisplay a considerable number of samples in vertical position and other samples in horizontal position; and to provide such further advantages and improvements as will appearmore 'fully from the following description.

In the accompanying drawing illustrating this invention,

Figure l is a front view of the case shown opened to-display the samples;

Figure 2 is a plan view with parts broken away to show the inner construction; Y

Figure 3 is an end view of Figure 1; Figure 4 is an end view showing the case closed for carrying; and

Figure 5 is a detail showing the construction of one of the dividing or partition members, and is taken on line 5-5 of Fig.2.

My improved case as shown, comprises a body portion 6 having a bottom 1, rear 'wall 8 and end Walls 9. The front wall H1 is hinged at H to the forward edge of the bottom] and is adapted to swing down as shown particularly in Figure 3, to expose the contents of the box or body portion. The body 8 has a longitudinal horizontal partition i2 which is spaced from the bottom I to provide a recess [3 for receiving style books, circulars or the like. The partition l2 has one or more slots I l for receiving vertical plates or guides !5 which are preferably formed of sheet metal and which have flanges I6 engaging with the lower surface of the partition I2. These plates are securely held by means of rivets I! which pass through thepartition l2 and the flanges l6 as shown in Figure 5. In the arrangement shown, the plates or dividers l5 divide thebody into three sections of suitable size for receiving samples or swatches as indicatedat l8 which are piled loosely in the compartments and are readily visible and accessible to prospective customers.

The body is provided with a cover section l9 193s, Serial No. 656,550

whichis hinged theretoby. hingeslll, the cover. sectionalso being recessed or in theformof a shallow box. The inner face of the top, ofthe cover. is provided with a plurality. offasteners or brackets 2| for holding swatches,,.orasamples mounted-on cards 22., The br ackets; 2l:comprise strips'which are riveted to the cover'and-their ends 23 bent inwardly-to embrace thesides of, the cards as shOWIL. The hinges' areprovided with stops .24 so that the; cover section will -be held 3, so that the-swatches secured therein-willbe plainly visible from in front .of'thejcaseflaflwo wingsor plates are hinged. at,26 to. theqsides of the cover section and are, adapted. ,toifoldin :10 approximately perpendicular as shown in Figure over the front :of the cover sectionwhen the' case is closed-and to beswung out inali'gnment therewith whenv the case isopenedto display, position as shown inFiguresl and-zan-Thesewings-zor plates are also provided with brackets 2| and with bottom brackets or supports 21 for holding cards 22 which will-also be displayed in alignment with the cards in the cover section. The wings 25 are provided with any. suitable fastener such as a hook 28 and button 29 for holding them in closed position. The front wall or flap I0 is provided with a handle 30 and forms the top of the case when in closed position for carrying the same.

This wall or top is also provided with catches or fasteners 3| of any suitable type as for instance those ordinarily usedfor suitcases, which coact with complementary members32 for holding the case closed.

The main portion of the case may be made of any suitable material but is preferably formed of wood and covered with suitable fabric in order to make it durable and give it an attractive appearance.

The areas which are exposed when the case is opened to display position may be provided 'with any desired advertising or descriptive mat-- ter and are preferably decorated to enhancethe' appearance of the case so that when the swatches and cards are positioned therein, the

whole will present a pleasing appearance while" at the same time displaying the same in a conf venient manner to be examined by prospective customers.

Having thus described my invention which I do not wish to limit tothe exact form shown and described except as pointed out in the following claims, 'I claim:

1. A carrying and display case for swatch samples, comprising a body portion with a hinged front adapted to be swung downwardly, a horiv in closed position, and fasteners for holdingthe front and cover in closed position.

2. A device as per claim 1 in which the parti' tion is provided with'slots, said dividers comprising plates extending 'throughisaid slotsand having flanges engaging with the partition and rivets for securing the fiangesto the partition.

3. A display case forswatches comprising a main body portion adapted to lie in a horizontal position when opened, means in the body por- -tion' lor supporting aplurality of stacks of '-swatches,= said body portion having a front? which is hingedthereto and adaptedto be swung down- I *vrardly to open position to expose the: swatches a shal-low-cover hinged to the back of the body portion and'adapted to be swung :up to substantiallywertieal position, said-cover having a:-plu- -nlity otcentrally arranged-fasteningmembers for holding-swatchwards in alignment in the cover; thesides-"of-the.coverfurther serving to support the cards therein, wings hinged to the ends of t the cover: and adapted to be folded in towardeach other when the cover is closed and to-be-swung outi'nto alignment with: the cover when =the cover is opened, I each of :1 saidswings having fastening means for holding-swatch cards substantially in alignmentwiththecards in the cover; whereby all oithe :swatches will be :displayed in a convenient and attractive manner;

4. A combined carrier and display case, for tailors swatches and other articles, comprising a relatively shallow body adapted to be positioned on its side'for display purposes and having a hinged drop front adapted to be turned down when the device is to be used for display, a transverse partition in said body portion, a plurality of guides at right angles tothe partition to divide the space for receiving a plurality of sets of swatches, a hinged cover for one side of the body portion which is adapted to be raised when the device is used for display purposes, means for holding said cover in raised position, means for securing a. plurality of sets of swatch cards on the inner side of the cover, flaps hinged to. the opposite sides of the cover which are adapted to be folded inwardly when the case is closed and to be swung outwardly for display pur- Poses, and means for securing swatch cards to said flaps.

. 51A display case comprising a main bodyporti'onzadapted to lie in a horizontal position when "opened for display purposes, means in the body portion for: supporting and separating awplurality of articlesto bedisplayed, a cover hinged 25 to the back of the body portion and adapted to be-swung up. to substantially vertical position, said cover having a plurality of centrally arranged fastening members for holding display cards in alignment to thecover, wings hinged to the. ends of the cover and adapted to be folded intowardeach other when the cover is closed and to he swung out in alignmentwith the. cover when the cover is opened, each of said wings having fasteningmeans for holding display cards inalignment. with the cards in the cover whereby all of the display cards willbe. displayed inaconvenient and attractive manner.


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