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Publication numberUS1997484 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1935
Filing dateApr 10, 1934
Priority dateApr 10, 1934
Publication numberUS 1997484 A, US 1997484A, US-A-1997484, US1997484 A, US1997484A
InventorsCollins Henry Hill
Original AssigneeCollins Henry Hill
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Window shade
US 1997484 A
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April 9, 1935. H. H. COLLINS WINDOW SHADE Filed April 10, 1934 Patented Apr. 9, i935 .UNITED STATES 1 1 WINDOW SHADE v Henry Hill Collins, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Application April), 1934, Serial No. 719,936

' 1 Claim.

This invention relates to improvements in window shades and more particularly in that class of window shades composed of translucentmaterial.

A principal object of the invention isto pro 5 vide a translucent shade of practicable form hav ing superior ornamental characteristics. I

Another object is to provide a decoratedtranslucent shade in which the ornamental markings are protected from thedeteriorating effects of the 10 sun.

Translucent shades of the type nowingeneral use and of the usual construction are not adaptedto ornamentation. Ornamental figures imposed on such shades produce an undesirable splotched l5 appearance on the translucent background and color values are largely destroyed. Also the ornamental markings being exposedto the sunlight are subject to rapid deterioration and fading. Attempts to provide opaque areas on the body of 20 the shade as a suitable background for ornamental figures have involved such substantial changes in the structure of the shade or have so adversely,

affected the general appearance as to render the shades commercially valueless.

25 I have found it possible, by the present invention,, to provide a translucent shade having a marked and highly desirable ornamental appearance which in no essential respect departs from construction in that it is provided at the lower depending end with a decorated pocket 2, which may vary in width according to the character of the decoration. In this pocket is inserted a i l wooden strip 3 or strip of other opaque material;

which neatly fits the pocket. Without material modification in the standard shade constructiomI thus provide at the lower end of theshade an 5 opaquefarea of sufiicient dimension to receive an adequate ornamental design which being confined entirely'to the opaque section shows to full advantage, is not subject to fadingby sunlight, and does not adversely affect the appearance of the transparent main section of the shade.

Shades of this character may be readily manufactur'ed by printing, lithographing, orotherwise decorating detached strips of the shade material which arethen suitably attached to the main body. of the shade; or the decoration maybe made on the end of the shade itself. If the first method'is used, a section of the shade material may be printed in one operation with a plurality of relatively spaced decorated bands and subsequently divided to provide, the individual decorated strips which are attached to the body of the shade as described. The depth of l the pocket may be made to conform with the size and character of the desired design. It will be understood, "however, that the methods of forming the pocket and producing the ornamental design may vary without departure from the invention.

I claim: l l V A shade of flexible translucent material having a transverse pocket adjoining the depending. end, said pocket being of substantial depth,.a rela .tively stiff substantially opaque reinforcing strip fitting said pocket, and an ornamental design

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U.S. Classification160/387, 160/237, 112/423, 160/DIG.700, D06/576
International ClassificationE06B9/40, A47H23/02
Cooperative ClassificationY10S160/07, E06B9/40, A47H23/02
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