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Publication numberUS1998456 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1935
Filing dateJul 8, 1933
Priority dateJul 8, 1933
Publication numberUS 1998456 A, US 1998456A, US-A-1998456, US1998456 A, US1998456A
InventorsHanson Charles W, John Kowalski
Original AssigneeAmerican Smelting Refining
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Retort ventilating hood
US 1998456 A
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April 1935- c. w. HANSON ET AL RETORT VENTILATING HOOD Filed July 8, 1933' d ATTORNEYS Patented Apr. 23 1935 UNITED? STATES RETon'r VENTILATING noon Charles w. Hanson, Perth Amboy, J., in 1min Kowalski, Omaha, Nebn, assignors to American I Smelting and Refining Company, New

N. Y .,acorporation of New Jersey York,

I Appllca tion July 8, 1933, Serial nore'mgez 14 Claims. (orzes -rs') h h thereof is. set forth herein as is necessary to an This invention relates to hoods for'removing fumes from the vicinity of retort furnaces. The

invention is particularly applicable, for example, -:to r'etorlts for. recovering metal values from .ores,

I such as zinc ores, or from metal residues,'such as residues from the Parkes process for the desilverization-of lead, and provides means to remove the'lead, zinc. or other fumes which escape during the operation of the retorts in order to prevent contaminationof the {atmosphere of the plant and'to prevent loss of the metal valuesin gsuchfumes.

I, Theapresent. invention accordingly i at all times to prevent escape of such fumes into the air. The hood terminates adjacent the mouthof the retort and is movable 'so-as to follow .the mouth of the .retort when it is tilted for discharge purposes.

particularlyxipointedout in the claims appended,

hereto; the invention itself, as to its objects and advantages and the manner in which it can be carried :out, may be better understood by referring to certain preferred embodiments thereof which are shownin the accompanying drawing sufficiently close thereto to receive thelfumes and for purposes of illustration only.

'I 'In the drawing: 1 I Fig. 1 is aside elevation, partly in section, of

- a retortand hood constructed in accordance with the present invention;

Fig, 2 is-a'section taken on -Fig.l;and'

- Fi'g.- 3 isa section taken on the line 33 of 7 In the various figures like parts have been in-- dicated by likereference characters.

the line 2--2 of Referringto' the drawing more in detail, the invention is shown as applied to a retort it] which U tilted into the position shown in dotted lines for purposes of discharge. The retort I8 is provided with a mouth M which projects from'the front of thelfurnace II. The retort andfurnace are of any well known construction and 'only'so much provides a ventilating'hood which cooperates with the-retort The hood is providedwith a Econstrictedopening through which air is drawn at high velocityv so as to draw the fumes intothe 3 For recovering the fumes which 1 are emitted from the mouth It of'theretort Ill there is provided a fan-shaped hood1-I5 having a substantially flat side I6 and a convex side I'I, terminating respectively in a substantially straight edge I8 and a curved edge I9 which form an elongatedv opening 23 a'dapted 'tO be positioned above the mouthIIIoftheretort to receive the fumes therefrom. A strengthening rib; such as an angle iron 24, maybe secured tothe side Ifi'adjacent the elongated opening123 andmay-have a flange:

2! adapted to engage the front of the furnace I I .to prevent passage of gases, between thehood and the furnace, A similaristrengthening .rib 25 may be .securedtothecurved side I! to hold the same in .az-proper positionr The edge I8 of the hood 1511s supported; adjacentthe-front of the furnace I I, as. by a pair of brackets 2.6 which may besecured to the front of the'furna'ce I I by any suitable means and which may extend into the opening 23 beneath the strengthening rib 24., .Obviously the positionof these brackets'may be varied as; desiredaridthey extend within the mouth of the; hood: a suffici ent distance to support the same when the. retort is in tilted position asindicated in dottedflines'. I r

The elongated opening .23 is preferably held a sufiicientdistance. abdvethe mouth I 4 so as to (provide. clearancefforthe 'insertio n' of a condenserfor oth'er apparatus ,(not' shown). but

to prevent the same from beingdischarged into the, air. 7 v g a g I r The hood I5 is carried by'apipe 3Ilwhich is adapted to telescope within apipe3l' to permit the hood tofollow the'retort' furnace during 1 tilting thereof. A suitable damper 33 may beincluded within the pipet to permit regulation of the draft" The hood I5, and, the adjacent portion. 32 of thepipe 30 are'tapered from the flanges 38' between which rollers 39 may be mounted in anyconvenient manner to roll around the surface of the duct 36 for permitting the necessary pivotal movement of the pipe.

In the operation of the retort a condenser may be connected to the mouth l4 without disturbing the hood IS. The hood will, however, remove any fumes that escape from the mouth H. A suitable draft is maintained in the duct v 36 which draws: air andrany' fumes which. may .zbeppresent into the hood. "The constricted opening 23 maintains a high velocity which draws the fumes .into the hood before they can mix with the atmosphere.

When the condenser is removed and the retor is tilted for discharge purposestheihood-retains' its position with respect. to.the..=mouth ll 4. and prevents escape of fumes into the air. !..Itis to be noted that the hood remains at the predetermined spacing from the mouth of theretort at all times.

When the retort is tiled, the pipe 3| pivotsiabout the duct 36 and relative sliding movement of the pipes 1 30 and- 3 I -takes place to permit the hood to follow' the mouth ofi thevretort. Preferably,

the weight of the pipe- 36 and ofthe hoodfiw causes the hood to rest uponthe'brackets n and "The straight edge l6 and'thexflange 21 remain in engagement with the front of the 'furnace and prevent escape of fumes-between the furnace 'and'the hood. ThecurVed edge -I9 forms an opening of suiiicient width to "receive the fumes but constricted to causethe air to pass therethrough at high velocity. -Inasmuch as this open- F ingis located adjacent the' mouth 1 l l of the rea tort' In, the fumes from the retort are drawn into the hood before they have an opportunity to mix with any substantialquantity'ofair. Hence, the fumes are in a comparatively'concentrated form and 'maybe readily-applied toa metal recovery apparatus if desired. Furthermore by increasing the air velocity'at a point adjacent theretort mouth and-therebyreducing-the quantity of air which must be moved through theduct; 'thepower requirements are reduced to" a; minimum.

Although a preferred embodiment: of'theinvention hasbeen showmforipurposesof illustration,

* it is'to' be understood that variousfchangesrand modlfica'tlonsr'maybeimadgby person'skmed in provide an elongated opening -.:therebetween,

the .art, and" that the inventionris only to .be

limited ,in accordance withthe followingl'claims when interpreted .in viewfofjthe prior art.

"What is claimed is: .,1..In combination, aretortfurnacehaving a retort lthereinnneans supporting, said; furnace. for

, j tilting movement,aventilatinghood, a stationary exhaust .duct,..means attached to the.furnace for ing said hood andsaidduct while permitting the above movement. of said-hood.

2.1m combination, a; retort .fumace. having a retort. therein, .meansesupporting .saidfurnace for tilting movement, aventilating...hood having .an

. opening adjacent; and... above. the mouth of said retort adapted-to receive. fumes. therefrom and ahavingmeans engaging: the :front of. said furnace to-prevent passage of fumes-between-the hood and furnace and-means: attached to' the :fumace for mpivotally supportingsa-saidashood :for movement to prevent passage of fumes between the hood with said furnace whereby the same relative position of said opening to the mouth of said retort is maintained when the furnace is tilted.

3. In combination, a retort furnace having a retort therein, means supporting said furnace for 5 tilting movement, a ventilating hood having an opening adjacent and above the. mouth of said retort adapted toreceive fumes therefrom and having means engaging the front of said furnace 10 and furnace and means for pivotally supporting a'said hood onsaid furnace for movement therewith wherebythe same relative position of said opening to the mouth" of said retort is maintained vwhen the furnace is tilted.

l5 4..In combination, a retort furnace having a retort therein, a ventilating hood having an opening,"means-attached to the furnace for pivotally supporting the hood with said opening above and adjacent the mouth of said retort and means to 20 -tcause ahigh velocitylair cur-renttopass over the mouth; of said retort and through said-opening to thereby drawin; fumes emitted from: said retort. 5. :In combinatiom a; .tiltable: retort: .having a mouth, a hood :having a constricted opening,xand-'i 6. In combination; a .tiltable"retort.v having a mouth, a: hood adapted to icooperate' with. the

mouth means attached to the retort forpivotally supporting I the hood adjacent-said mouth-and a telescoping pipe connected" with-said hoodrand extending upwardly therefrom to permit vertical 3 movement-of said hood whenisaid. retortis tilted.

7. In combination, a tiltable zretortuhavingia ing said hood to said exhaust duct',1said;1ast means being adapted to permitsaid rhood toz'followf the tilting movement of said retort.

'8. 'In combination, a tilting furnace, a retort therein, a ventilating system ther'eforcomprising an exhaustduct, a telescoping pipe: associated therewith, a fan-shaped hood'associated with said pipe, said hood having a flat sideand a1curved-50 side terminating respectively in a, straight edge and a curved edge, said edges beingzspacedrto means engaging said straight edge to-ehold the same adjacentsaid furnace above the mouth 0131 said retort, and means to permit movement of said pipe formaintainingsaid hood in said-predetermined position relative to said. retort: when said retort is tilted.

9. In combination, a furnace from which fumes 60 are emitted, a ventilating hood having: a constricted opening adapted to receiveasaid fumes,

said opening having less cross-sectional area than said hood whereby a high velocity air current is caused to pass therethrough for :drawing the-.65 fumesinto said hood and-means attached to the furnace for pivotally supporting the hood thereon.

10. A retort ventilating system for aretort furnace comprising an exhaust duct, a pipe pivotally 9 mounted thereon, a hood carried by said pipe, said hood having a constricted opening through which gases are adapted to pass at high velocity .and means attached to the furnace for pivotally supporting the hood thereon.

11. A ventilating system for a tilting retort furnace comprising an exhaust duct, a hood having a constricted opening adapted to receive fumes discharged from said furnace, means interconnecting said duct and said hood, said means being adapted to permit said hood to swing outwardly,

and downwardly to follow the tilting movement of said furnace and means attached to the furnace for pivotally supporting the hood thereon.

the retort and a flange mounted on said hood adjacent said elongated opening, said flange being adapted to engage the front of said furnace to prevent passage of gases 'therebetween an exhaust duot'communicating with said hood, said duct and said hood having a greater cross-sectional area than said opening whereby air is caused to pass into said opening at high velocity. 14. In combination, a tilting furnace, a retort therein, a ventilating system therefor comprising an exhaust duct, a telescoping pipe associated therewith, a fan-shaped hood associated with said pipe, said hood being formed with an elongated opening, means for pivotally supporting the hood on the furnace with said opening above and adjacent the mouth of the retort and means topermit movement of said pipe for maintaining the hood in a predetermined position relative to said retort when the retort is tilted.


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