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Publication numberUS1998791 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1935
Filing dateJun 27, 1934
Priority dateJun 27, 1934
Publication numberUS 1998791 A, US 1998791A, US-A-1998791, US1998791 A, US1998791A
InventorsGeorge H Schanz
Original AssigneeGoodrich Co B F
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Sealing strip
US 1998791 A
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pointed Apr. 23, 1935 i 1,993,791.

UNITED-STATES PATENT OFFICE SEALING STRIP George H. Schanz, Akron, Ohio, assignor to The B. F. Goodrich Company, New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application June 27, 1934, sci-n1 No. 732,636 4 Claims. (01. 20-69) This invention relates to sealing strips such as The retaining lips l6, l6, when the strip is in are used to seal refrigerator doors or other cloplace, constantly press against the under face sure members. of slotted member and effectively seal the slot all The principal objects of the invention are to along the extent of the strip.

provide eflicient sealing of the closure member, I claim: 5

and to facilitate placing and removal of the strip. 1. A sealing strip for sealing the joint between Other objects will appear from the following a pair of relatively movable members, said strip description and he acco p y d awing. comprising a cushion adapted to lie along the On the drawing: joint and to be compressed between the mem- 10 Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a preferred form bers, a web attached to said cushion continuously 10 of the sealing strip. along its extent to enter a slot provided in one Fig. 2 is a view in section showing a portion of of the members, and resilient lip means attached the closure member and illustrating the method to said web and adapted by deflection to pass of applying the strip, the sealing strip being through the slot and therebeyond to regain its shown in section. normal attitude thereby retaining the strip in 15 Fig. 3 is a view in section showing the closure said slot. member and its jamb with the sealing strip in en- 2. A sealing strip for sealing the joint between gagement therewith where the closure member is a pair of relatively movable members, said strip closed comprising a cushion adapted to lie along the Referring to the drawing, the numerals l0 and joint and to be compressed between the members, 20 ii designate respectively the closure member and a web attached to said cushion continuously along the jamb. The closure member comprisesabody its extent to enter a slot provided in one of portion adapted to enter the jamb and a flange the members, and'a pair of resilient retaining lips adapted to extend thereover when the closure attached to said web only at its margin remote member is in closed position. The flange is from said. cushion and adapted to lie along said 25 formed to provide a slot l2 extending along the web when the web is pressed through the slot flange and about the opening to be closed. An and therebeyond to regain their normal attitude enlarged recess I3 is formed back of the slot ii to engage the slot throughout the extent of the to define with the slot a T-shaped channel in strip. which the sealing strip may eng e- 3. A sealing strip for sealing the joint between 30 Th lin s r p comprises a compressi l a pair or relatively movable members, said strip ushion port n H. p a y hollow d comprising a hollow rubber cushion adapted to S ped in ss- An integral Web P lie along the joint and to be compressed between 190175 from the tubular portion along the back the members, aweb integral with said cushion and thereof and terminates in a pair of rearwardly extending therealong to enter a slot in one of the 35 extending retaining lips IE, it, which normally members and resilient means hm edl t h stand away from the web l5 so as to engage the g y a M ed to b thin margins defining the T-shaped recess when the m 3:: 2s the slot for retaining the strip 3 g if :3 z gg zfi g gfi 4. A sealing strip for sealing the joint between 40 g g 2; z strip is or a pair of relatively movable members, said strip vulcanized rubber and conveniently may be comprising hollow rubber cusmcn adapted to mrmed by the extrusion method lie along the joint and to be compressed between w t sealing strip is t bplaced in posi the members, a web integral with said cushion a ,31,, ,5 if; iiifi iiitiri tfiifiiir3312332233232 illustra inFig., ec onpo one flattened sidewise toiacilitate placing of the strip. p i s y at ac ed to said web d dapt d when the lips It, IS have passed into the chanto seal the slot throughout the extent of the strip. nel IS, the cushion portion is released and assumes the position shown in Fig. 3. i GEORGE H. BCHANZ. 50

DiSOLAIMER '1,-998,'791. Ge0rge H. Schanz, Akron, Ohio. SEALING STRIP. Patent dated April 23, 1935. Disclaimer filed August 11, 1937, by the assignee, The B. F. Goodrich Oompany.

Hereb enters this disclaimer to Claims 1, 3, and 4 of said Patent N 0. 1,998,791.

Gazette September 7, 1937.]

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U.S. Classification49/489.1, 277/921, 16/86.00A, 29/451, 49/492.1, 16/86.00R, 49/490.1, 220/378, 277/645, 220/DIG.300, 277/637, 49/498.1, 29/453
International ClassificationF25D23/08
Cooperative ClassificationY10S220/03, Y10S277/921, F25D23/087
European ClassificationF25D23/08B2