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Publication numberUS199896 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1878
Filing dateFeb 3, 1877
Publication numberUS 199896 A, US 199896A, US-A-199896, US199896 A, US199896A
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Improvement in spice-boxes
US 199896 A
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T. W." BURGER. Spice-Box.

No. 199,896. Patented F'eb. 5,1878.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 199,896, dated February 5, 1878; application filed February 3, 1877.

To all whom "it may concern:

Be it known that I, THEODORE W. BURGER, of Plainfield, in the county of Union and State of New Jersey, have invented certain Improvements in SpiceBoxes, of which the following is a specification:

This invention relates to that class of spiceboxes on one end of which is provided a revolving plate having an inlet-opening capable of being brought coincident with another inlet-opening formed in the end of the box, the parts when in this position permitting the filling of the box, the box being closed by simply turning the plate to bring its opening away from the opening in the end of the box, the latter being closed by the solid portion of the plate.

As hitherto constructed this class of boxes has been found objectionable and defective, because of the liability of leakage of the contents of the box out through the inlet-opening in the end, through and between the plate itself and the end of thebox. This has arisen from the fact that the aforesaid plate, as hitherto constructed, has been provided with a circumferential flange projecting down upon, the sides or circumference of the box, and ,fr om its rigidity preventing the circumference of the plate from fitting snug and close upon the circumferential parts of the end.

My present invention is designed to obviate this drawback; and with this intent it consists in a box of the class specified, constructed with a movable plate having the usual inletopening, but wholl y devoid of a circumferential flange, and having its circumferential edge restin g direct upon the end of the box itself,whereby the object hereinbefore specified is elfectually secured, it being expressly understood that by this construction of the parts and their relative arrangement, in combination, as set forth, provision is made for the tight holding of the plate downward upon the top of the box by means of its central pivot, without that liability to the outward leakage of the contents of the box which occurs when the plate is made with a circumferential outer part or flange overlapping the periphery of the box.

The invention also comprises, in a spice-box of the class mentioned, a. detachable cover carrying a suitable closing andiopenin g plate,

having a large opening therein, and provided for operation in conjunction with a large opening in the said cover, and with a system of perforations, provided either in the plate or in the cover, whereby the opening and closing and the sifting devices aforesaid maybe wholly detached from the body of the box, and the box itself used for any desired purpose other than that for which it was originally intended.

Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a spice-box made according to my invention. Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same, showing the large openings of the plate and of the cover coincident with each other. Fig. 3 is a like view, showing the perforations of the plate coincident with the large opening in the cover; and Fig. 4 is a like View, showing the solid portion of the plate coincident with said opening in the cover to close the box.

A is the body of the box, and B the cover thereof, the latter being slipped upon the former, as represented more fully in Fig. 1. In this cover is an opening, a, of considerable size-that is to say, of such size as to permit the contents of the box to be poured out in a stream, that as compared with the capacity of the box will be full and rapid in emptying.

Upon this cover B is placed the plate (3,.

axially attached to the cover by a rivet or pin, 1), which holds the plate firmly down upon the cover, but permits the plate to turn upon said rivet or pin as upon apivot. In order to facilitate this turning, spurs a may be provided upon the periphery of the plate 0, to enable the same to be more readily grasped by the fingers. The opening a, may occupy, as it were, one-third portion of the plate 0. An adjacent third portion is occupied by a number of perforations, c, which form co] lectively a system of perforations. The re maining portion f of this plate is solid.

It will be especially noted that the group or system of perforations may be made either in the cover or the cap, the periphery of the plate resting snug upon the top of the box. forming, as it were, a compressed joint between such periphery and the said top, thereby closing the said opening against the outward flow of the contents of the box, and the escape of the contents from under the periphery is rendered impossible, thus remedying a defect and inconvenience in the cans heretofore made with a flanged or overlapping edge.

When it is desired to use the box as a dredge-box, the system of perforations c is brought coincident With the opening a, and the contents of the box may then be sifted out through the openings to and perforations c.

When, moreover, it is desired that the contents of the box shall be poured out more rapidly, as it were, in a stream of considerable volume, the large opening a* of the plate 0 is brought coincident with the opening a, thereby permitting such rapid outflow of the contents of the box.

Inasmuch as the cover B is itself detachable from the body A of the box, the former may be lifted from the latterwhen, for example, the latter is to be more rapidly filled than would be possible through the openings,

and when the latter are brought coincident,

as hereinbefore explained.

I do not claim a spice-box in which the top or cover is constructed with a plate overlapping the outer periphery of the box, the object of my invention being to remedy the defects found by experience to exist in a spice-box thus constructed; but

What I do claiJn as my invention is In a dredge-box of the class specified, the movable revolving plate having the usual inlet-opening, but devoid of a circumferential flange, and having its circumferential edge pressed directly upon the unmilled, unribbed end of the box, specifically as herein set forth.

rnnononnvv. BURGER.



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