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Publication numberUS1999563 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1935
Filing dateNov 7, 1930
Priority dateNov 7, 1930
Publication numberUS 1999563 A, US 1999563A, US-A-1999563, US1999563 A, US1999563A
InventorsGlasgow Chester W
Original AssigneeGlasgow Chester W
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Road marker
US 1999563 A
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April 30, 1935. c. w. GLASGOW ROAD MARKER Filed Nov. 7, 1930 2 Sheets-Sheet l ITIIIII INVENTOR. C/7es ter 14/. Glagg'ow A TTORNEYS Aprifl 30, 1935. C W GLASGQW' 1,999,563

ROAD MARKER Filed Nov. 7, 1930 I 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR.

C fieser W Gig grow A TTORNEYS UNITED STATES PATENT m ROAD MARKER Chester W. Glasgow, Detroit, Mich.

Application November 7, 1930, Serial No. 494,107

14 Claims.

My invention relates to road markers and has particular reference to that type of machine which is adapted to form guide lines or stripes on road surfaces.

The object of my invention is to improve upon structure illustrated and claimed in my copending application Serial Number 357,945, filed April 25, 1929, and to so arrange an assembly broadly similar to that disclosed therein that the scope of its usefulness may be. greatly increased. I contemplate constructing and arranging the paint spray mechanism so that it may be secured in position and its spray controlled from a remote location for the purpose of forming the guide lines or stripes hitherto specified on road surfaces, while at the same time permitting detachment of the spray gun so that it may be utilized for the purpose of painting other objects. In this way a substantially wider field of usefulness is created and what was formerly useful only for the purpose of marking the roads now constitutes a compact, movable spray painting machine.

Another object of my invention is to eliminate substantially all waste of the paint when performing the road marking operation and at the same time, and by the same means, form a neat,

clearcut stripe along a road surface.

As in my copending application above specified, I have providedmeans whereby the width of the stripe may be varied at will and in the instant application I provide improved means for securing this adjustability.

Still anotherobject of my invention is to insure that the edges of the stripe to be painted on the road surface will be sharply drawn and devoid of all smudges caused by overrunning of "paint. For this purpose I provide adjustable means for continually exerting pressure upon the road engaging spray limiting means whereby there can be no possibility of the paint seeping out over the road surface under the spray limiting discs.

A further object of my invention is to accomplish the above set forth advantages and improve- -ments with a unitary, compact structure comprising a minimum of parts.

Fig. 3 is a section through the wheel and disc supporting axle,

. Fig. 4 is an enlarged elevation, partly in section, of my improved detachable spray gun securing means,

Fig. 5 is a detail thereof, and

Fig. 6 is a perspective illustrating my improved scraper and container unit.

For the purpose of eliminating all unnecessary expense and procuring simplified structure I utilize a skeleton frame support for the various elements constituting my machine, this skeleton being formed of frame members it and i2, each of which are secured to a flanged base M which is provided with two forward road engaging Wheels I6 and i 8 and a rear swivelled road en-v gaging wheel 20.

Secured to the base it is a prime mover 22, which may be of any desired type, a gasoline or fuel supply tank 24! for said prime mover, and an air compresser unit 2%; A compressed air tank 28 is cradled between the supporting frame members i2, these members being braced by cross members 30 and 32. Supported upon a flanged platform 3%, which platform is secured to the flanged base it, is the paint container 36. Various connections extend between the compressor unit, the compressed air tank, and the paint container which need not be described in detail inasmuch as they constitute no part of this invention. Flexible conduits 38 and iil extend from the paint container 36 to the spray gun 42, the spray from which is controlled by manual manipulation of trigger element E4.

Secured to the flanged base element (1.4 by means of the straps 46' and 48 is the axle 50, upon the extremities of which the supporting wheels i6 and I8 are rotatable journalled. If desired, an additional brace member 52 may be utilized to provide rigidity of the axle in relation to the .fianged base It, which base is adapted to rest upon said axle as a support for the front end thereof.

One side of the axle 50 is provided with an externally threaded sleeve 54 which is adapted to extend between one outer edge of flange base II and the supporting wheel i6. Secondary sleeve members 56 and 58 are provided with annular flanges 60 and 62. A spacer plate 64 is riveted to each outer flange 6!), the adjacent faces of the flanges Bil and 62 being retained in spaced apart relation thereby. This construction also permits separation of the flanges for cleaning purposes. Two such secondary sleeve assemblies are threaded onto sleeve 54 and each is adapted to support between the flanges 60 and 62 a centrally ment I26 in which the butt I28 of spray gun l2 apertured disc 68. These discs are adapted to engage the road surface to be marked and by means of their threaded support may be spaced apart any desired distance. The central apertures 66 in each of the discs 68 is of greater diameter than the spacerplates 64 and for that reason a limited up and down motion of the discs is permitted, which motion permits the road engaging discs to conform to any normal variations in the road surface.

A bar consisting of a horizontal portion I0 and a depending vertical portion I2 is connected by the said portions to the frame channel I2 and the outer extremity of axle 56 respectively. The horizontal portion I0 constitutes a supporting guide for the scraper container elements broadly indicated by the numerals I4 and I6. Slidable along the bar portion I0, and adjustable at any position by means of the set screws 118 are elements 80, each of these elements supports depending cylindrical elements 82, each of which is provided with a centrally apertured closure cap 84 adapted to thread on to the bottom thereof."

Extending up through the closure cap 84 is a rod 86, which rod is provided with a transversely extending pin 88 which functions to seat a washer 90. This washer is adapted to form a seat for coil spring 92 which surrounds the upper extremity of rod 86 and is seated at its upper extremity against the element 80. Rotatably supported by the bifurcated end portions 94 of rods 86 are grooved pulleys 86 which are adapted to bear upon the peripheral edge of the road engaging discs 68. The constant pressure of springs 92 acting downwardly upon the rod 86 is transferred to the said road engaging discs, keeping said discs yieldingly but firmly in contact with the road surface which is being marked.

Each of the elements 88 likewise supports a depending rod 98 which functions to support the scraper container elements I4 and I6 respectively. The structure of these elements is clearly illustrated in Fig. 6 and includes a container. portion I00 along the outside upper edge of which there is a scraper element I02. A rear outer edge I04 of the scraper element is adapted to lie flush against the face of each inner sleeve flange 62 and the ledge portion I06 thereof is adapted to seat against the peripheral edges of said flanges. In this way the scraper I02 is positioned firmly and the scraper edge I 08 thereof will contact the inner faces of the rotating discs 68, thereby scraping oif whatever paint adheres thereto and depositing it in the container portion I0. Each container unit may be provided with a valve outlet IIO for the purpose of depositing at will the paint which collects in the container. The valve may be left open so that when the paint reaches a point approximating the half way level of the container it will flow out onto the line bein marked.

The mechanism for securing my paint spray gun detachably in position to form the road mark is supported by the angle bar H2 which is secured to the flanged base I4 of the assembly. This mechanism consists of a U-shaped bar N4, the lower arm of which is provided with a notch I I6 adapted to seat the nozzle end of the spray gun 42. The said spray gun is provided with a hook 8 which is adapted to be drawn forwardly by the co-operating spring pressed hook I 20 which extends through the aperture I22 in the base of the U-,-shape d bar H4. The upper arm I 24 of U-bar II I supports a saddle shaped eleis adapted to seat. The constant forwardly exerted pressure of the spring pressed hook I20 retains the butt portion I28 firmly seated in saddle I26.

The rear upper extremity of the frame is provided with handles I30 and I32 for the purpose of pushing the assembly, and manual means for controlling the volume and pressure of the paint spray are likewise provided. This manual means consists of a small lever I 32 which is adapted to actuate a flexible connecting element I34, the opposite extremity of which is provided with an elongated ring I36 which is hooked over the trigger 44 of the spray gun. A flexible casing I38 may be utilized to protect the connection I34. Thus it will be seen that for the purpose of removing the spray gun from the position in which it is adapted to direct a spray of paint between the road engaging discs 68 it is only necessary to remove the loop I36 from the trigger and press the hook I20 inwardly against the resistance of its spring. The gun may be then utilized for the purpose of spraying any object desired.

Having illustrated a preferred embodiment of my invention, other modifications will be apparent to those skilled in the art, and for that reason I intend to limit myself only within the scope of the appended claims.

What I claim:

1. In combination with a road marker, a pair of laterally spaced apart floating ground engaging discs, and yielding means constantly exerting a groundward pressure upon said discs.

2. In combination with a road marker, a plurality of laterally spaced apart floating ground engaging discs, means for adjusting the lateral space between said discs, and means for exerting a yielding downward pressure upon each of said discs during rotation thereof.

3. A road marker including, in combination, a plurality of road engaging wheels, a transverse axle rotatably supporting two of said wheels, a plurality of road engaging discs floatingly supported on said axle in laterally spaced apart relation, means for adjusting the lateral spacing between said discs, and means constantly exerting a yielding downward pressure upon each of said discs.

4. A road marker including, in combination, a movable supporting base, paint spray mechanism supported thereon, a plurality of floating ground engaging discs supported in laterally spaced apart relation, means for adjusting each of said discs laterally within predetermined limits, a paint spray gun connected with said spray mechanism and detachably supported to direct a paint spray upon the ground between said discs, and means for constantly maintaining said discs in contact with the ground.

5. In combination with a road marker of the class described, a pair of floating ground engaging discs adapted to limit the paint spray, scraping elements supported against the adjacent faces of each of said discs, and yielding means urging said discs against the ground.

6. In combination with a road marker of the class described, a pair of floating ground engaging discs adapted to limit the paint spray, and

scraping elements supported against the adjacent discs adapted to limit the spray of paint, means for adjusting each of said discs laterally, yieldable means normally exerting groundward pressure upon each of said discs, a scraper element supported in contacting relation to adjacent faces of each of said discs, and a single means for laterally adjusting said yieldable means and said scraper element in conformity with the lateral disc adjustment.

8. A road marker including, in combination, a movable base supported upon roller elements, paint spray mechanism supported upon said base, a plurality of floating road engaging discs adapted to limit the paint spray, said means including a spray gun, means for detachably positioning said gun to direct a paint spray upon the ground between said discs, means whereby said spray gun may be manipulated from a remote point, and means for detachably connecting said remote control means to said gun.

9. A road marker including, in combination, a roller supported base including a pair of rollers mounted on the extremities of a transverse axle located forwardly of said base, an externally threaded sleeve extending along a portion of said axle, a plurality of ground engaging discs supported upon said sleeve, the supporting means therefor being in threaded engagement with said sleeve for adjustment laterally therealong, yieldable means exerting a constant downward pressure upon each of said discs, paint spray mechanism supported upon said base and adapted to direct a spray of paint upon the ground between said discs, and means detachably connected to said gun permitting remote control thereof.

10. In combination with mechanism of the class described, a supporting axle, an externally threaded sleeve mounted thereon, a pair of internally threaded hubs mounted upon said sleeve,

and road engaging discs fioatingly supported upon said hubs.

11. In combination with mechanism of the class described, a pair of internally threaded component hub members having radially extending annular flanges, an annular spacing element separating said flanges and terminating inwardly of the outer periphery of said radial flanges, and an annular disc mounted between said flanges whereby the radial movement of said disc in any direction is limited by said spacer element.

12. Mechanism of the class described including a pair of floating road engaging discs, yieldable means urging each of said discs toward the road, scraper elements associated with each of said discs and including a portion in contact with the inner face of each disc, and means positioning the yieldable member and scraper associated with each respective disc operable as a unit to adjust the combination laterally.

13. In a highway marker, the combination with a spray gun for discharging marking material towards the highway, rotating discs for confining the application ofthe marking material on the highway to a stripe of predetermined width and means for removing excess marking material from the inside faces of the discs, of means for catching and storing the excess marking material removed from the discs.

14. The combination with a pair of spaced apart spray limiting road engaging discs of a scraper unit including a container portion supface of the disc to remove paint therefrom and discharge the same into the container.


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